[Music] hello my fellow footballers today I’m gonna show you five pabre skills and I promise you that dabbing is not on the list number five stop and chop this move is great for changing direction and it works everywhere on the pitch when the balls in front of you stop it with your strong foot now do the chop with your weak foot and accelerate away from the defender [Music] [Applause] [Applause] number four the soul roll cuts this is another perfect move for changing direction quickly when you feel like the timing is right do a soul roll with your strong foot while jumping to tap the ball again you need to be able to shift your entire body weight in a heartbeat for the move to be most effective [Music] number three drag back Panna this move was made for humiliating that defender who’s a bit too eager just as the defender is closing in step on the ball and drag it back and aim for that beautiful not much try to do the move in one fluent motion [Music] number two the elastico chup this is wonderful if you want to be a bit flashy while still protecting the ball do an outside inside occur while jumping forward to make the ball go behind your standing leg let’s watch it in slow mode [Music] number one the poor back flick to around the world now I have seen Papa do this while he was warming up but I didn’t pay enough attention because instead of an inside around the world I do an outside around the world I hope you can forgive me drag the ball back with your strong foot and catch it again behind your standing leg to a small lift so you have time to get into position for the around the world now it’s up to you if you want to do an inside around the world or outside I hope this was useful and you now have the confidence to try some of these in a match you can watch some of our other skill videos such as Messi cr7 Neymar and more if you stay tuned to our Channel I’ve won

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