Top 5 Paulo Dybala Football Skills | Learn How To Play Like Dybala

Top 5 Paulo Dybala Football Skills | Learn How To Play Like Dybala

guys today we’re caving in to popular demand where we’re gonna teach you five wicked football skills that are usually done on the pitch by Paulo dibala now I might not have any wicked tattoos or a cool goal scoring celebration but if you pay attention you might learn a thing or two anyway number five is the dibala Double Trouble which is great if you’re really fond of the shoulder drop but instead of doing one shoulder drop you do two and use the defenders momentum to really put him off balance and if you do this quickly enough you’ll be able to waltz right past him with no questions that number four the topo pana used by both messy and dibala this is a pretty simple move that requires a lot of timing going down on goal and being closed down by the defender wait until your opponent lunges only then to tap the ball between his legs it’s all about the timing though so wait until you can see your opponent is gonna open up and then punish him for even thinking is gonna be able to take the ball [Music] number three is the trap and goal and it’s a great move if you receive a pass from a teammate with an opponent rushing on from this side and here you basically receive the pole with your strong foot and then you scoop it down behind you while you turn your body towards your strong foot it’s simple but it’s very beautiful [Music] number two is to step over to 90-degree turn which is another great move if you’re pinned down and need to create yourself some space if you’re running down this side with the defender to your side what you do is you tap the ball slightly away from you and a-sniffin the lunges you do an outside step over with your strong foot straight after this use the same foot to turn 90 degrees and move away tchau [Music] number one is the drag bag Panna and it might be the hottest trick but it’s also mega mega filthy with the defender approaching you wait until he actually goes for the pole and then you quickly drag it back and scoop it between his legs with the inside of your strong foot to absolutely take him to school [Music] so there you have it my friends five solid yet very simple skills that can make you look as smooth pitch as mr. silky skills himself Paolo Di Bala but if you want more cool videos like this you should do yourself a favor and go and subscribe with the notifications on of course by hitting the green bubble over my head and then did you go and learn some cool message skills by clicking the video right down here and with that said guys I’m signing off see you next time cue you

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  2. Thank u so much ..i practise …what u say ..and im very improved now …Im joining a club ..for learning like dybala

  3. This is the best skill teaching channels that ever I have seen. But I request you to show us how to do skills done by HIGUAIN of AC MILAN

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