Top 3 Greatest 49ers Seasons

Top 3 Greatest 49ers Seasons

What’s up guys? It is Bryan here. Today, going to be doing the greatest 49er seasons in franchise history.
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but doing the video on the 3 greatest 49er seasons in franchise
history. This should be a fun ride. A little bit of note, these are mostly
Super Bowl seasons, but the one right now that I’m about to talk about is not a
Super Bowl season because that would be pretty boring if I did that. Hope you
guys enjoy this and yeah, let’s just get to it. The top 3 greatest 49er seasons in franchise history. Coming in at number
three, I have the 2011 49ers. Now you’re wondering, Bryan. Why would you put the
2011 49ers on this list? They didn’t even make the Super Bowl in the first place.
Well Charlie, I’m going to tell you a reason why they should be the number three
greatest team. One, I needed a modern team. I didn’t want to put all 80s and 90s
49ers. That’d be kind of boring if I did that and plus, I didn’t want to put every
single Super Bowl team. I could have just made a whole list on the top Super Bowl
teams in history. Maybe, that’ll be for another list, but right now, I want
to do this because of the way that Jim Harbaugh just turned this team so
instantly from losers over the past eight years from 2003-2010 all the
way to winners. Going 13-3. Winning the NFC West and going to the
NFC Championship Game. One Kyle Williams muff away from a Super Bowl. This was
just a fantastic season, although they didn’t have the best statistics in terms
of 3rd down conversions and everything else because they were only 30% 3rd down
conversions in the regular season. Only 18% in the playoffs, but still. They found
a way to win. Also, this was the Catch II or Catch III I should say from Alex
Smith to Vernon Davis. One of the greatest plays in 49er history folklore, which
was freaking fantastic and also, you have to mention. This is the NFL lockout
season. So, Jim Harbaugh did not have a lot of time to establish his culture.
Establish everything he needed for the season to start and with very short
offseason, he was still able to make fantastic change. Going 13-3. Took the
49ers out of hell for the next two other years. In 2012, when they made the
Super Bowl. Almost beating the Ravens and in 2013, when they almost beat the
Seattle Seahawks to make it to their second Super Bowl. So yeah. A little
disappointed they didn’t win the Super Bowl, but at the same time, just the way Jim
Harbaugh was able to transform this team so instantly from college to NFL, freaking
amazing and he used the most of his talent, especially Alex Smith. Alex
Smith was struggling mightily for the past couple years with all these
offensive coordinator changes, but with him and Greg Roman, they did a fantastic job.
Just look at the talent on this roster, wow!
Freaking amazing. Also, Vic Fangio. Got to give him credit for the defense.
They went from the average defense to a very, very good defense and you got
credit the coaching staff. Just imagine the coaching staff is the biggest
difference for any team and this proves it. From Mike Singletary, all the way to
Jim Harbaugh. Wow, fantastic. Coming in at number two, I have 1984 49ers. Now, this
team was just freaking on blast mode and I mean that in a good way because they
went 15-1. An astounding 15-1. I think that’s the first time in NFL
history a team has won 15 games and I think this is the first team that’s won
15 games in a regular season. Only lost one game to a very close Pittsburgh
Steelers. Won the Super Bowl and pretty convincing fashion I would say against
the Miami Dolphins and Dan Marino. You got to remember Dan Marino was just
lightening the NFL world on fire in his second season in the NFL. Made it all the
way to the Super Bowl, but Joe Montana had to stop him in his way and Dan
Marino never got his Super Bowl that he rightfully deserves, but it’s whatever. I
can’t really do anything about that. This team was freakin amazing. You got 10 Pro Bowlers during this whole season. 10 Pro Bowlers and Joe Montana was named the
MVP for the Super Bowl. The reason I put this at number two. One, they went 15-1 and second, they defeated the Miami Dolphins. A very high-powered offense in
pretty convincing fashion. I think the defense for the 49ers in general during
this dynasty season always gets underrated. We always talk about the
offense with Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and what have you. Well, Jerry Rice wasn’t even on this team. This 1984 squad, but we always talk about the offense, but we
never give the defense enough credit for what they have. Led by Ronnie Lott, Eric
Wright and Keena Turner. Those guys, they led this defense into greatness. Ronnie Lott is one tough sob. Yes he is and I’d like to
talk about him another time, but right now, just want to talk about the 1984 49ers. Awesome! Joe Montana had a great season. Dominated the Miami Dolphins. going 15-1. I could really say anything else. Great season for the 49ers and one of
the best in NFL history. Coming in at number one as the best 49er team in
history for the 49ers, I’m going to be talking about the 1989 squad, but before
I talk about them. I want to do some honorable mentions. Going to be naming all other Super Bowls as the greatest team in 49er history. So the 1981 season, the
1988 season and the 1994 season with Steve Young. Want to mention those real
quick. I would put them at number three, any of them, but that’d be kind of boring
because I didn’t want to put top three Super Bowl seasons in 49er history. I’ll
probably do that another time, but just want to talk about the greatest seasons in my
opinion in terms of regular season and kind of postseason, but the 2011 49ers.
I wanted to include them just because of the quick turnaround that Jim Harbaugh
did as mentioned before. So, there you have it. Other teams that are mentioned
right now for the honorable mentions, all those Super Bowl teams, they deserve it,
but 1989. You want to talk about the 1984 49ers? This team was on steroids,
especially in the postseason. They just absolutely dominated every
single team. It’s kind of sad because this wasn’t under Bill Walsh. This was under George
Seifert. As much as I love some George Seifert. As much as I want to give him
a lot credit, this was Bill Walsh’s team. Unfortunately, he wanted to leave.
Couldn’t really do anything there, but George Seifert, got to give him some credit for leading this 49er team into dominance. I’m looking at the statistics
and everything for Joe Montana in particular. Just absolutely amazing. 11
touchdowns, no interceptions in the postseason. I think the only other
quarterback that’s ever done that is Joe Flacco in 2012, which unfortunately,
he did beat the 49ers in that Super Bowl, but anyway. To the point. Joe Montana had one of the greatest seasons in NFL history. 26 touchdowns to 8
interceptions. A 70% completion, which is very rare back in those days. He had a
passer rating of 112.4. Pretty impressive there. Just the way they
dominated the playoffs, I can’t really say anything else. I mean, look at the
Minnesota Vikings, 41-13 in the Divisional Playoffs. The NFC Championship Game, the Rams had no chance 30-3 and the Super Bowl? Absolutely no chance for the
Denver Broncos to beat this 49er squad. They ended
up winning 55-10. Yes, you want to talk about the one that just happened a
couple of years ago with the Broncos and Seahawks in 2013, 43-8?
This is 55-10. Remember, this is one of the most lopsided wins in Super Bowl
history and rightfully so. Joe Montana just dominated them. Jerry Rice, Ronnie
Lott. Every other player, Roger Craig. Ah! Wow!
Couldn’t really say anything else there and I think that’s probably the reason
why they’re ranked higher than the 1984 49ers. Just the way they
dominated the playoffs, although the ’84 49ers did dominate the playoffs and they
did win more games by one. Going 15-1, but I just feel like with this team and
I guess with George Seifert. I don’t know if people thought they were going to dominate the way that they would back in those days to win this Super Bowl because of a
brand new head coach. I mean, George Seifert was a defensive coordinator, but
at the same time, this was a new coach. This wasn’t under Bill Walsh or anything.
So, oh wee! Just dominance. That’s all I could say for the 1989 squad and every
other team that I mentioned on this list. So yeah. That’s going to be pretty much it
you guys. Please let me know what you guys think about the top teams in 49er history in terms of seasons and what have you. Please, I’d like to hear what you guys have to say. Comment below and if you guys like this, please “Like,”
Subscribe, do whatever you want with this and I’ll be catching you guys up another
time. So, I hope you guys have a nice day, nice weekend, nice whatever and I’ll catch you guys
up another time. Bye guys. Love y’all!

6 thoughts on “Top 3 Greatest 49ers Seasons

  1. Let me know what you think are the greatest 49er seasons in history.
    Also, SUBSCRIBE if you're new and Like to help my channel. Love y'all!

  2. You're wrong the best season has to be last year, the 2017 season. Why? Well because even though we started 0-9 we were very close to winning most of those games and I wasn't as bum out as I should had been like in those awful Tomsula & Kelly era. I saw the direction we're going and for the very first time I can see the light. With the emergence of Jimmy G, he has given us Niner fans hope. Something we haven't had in a long long time since Steve Young. Kapernick was good but c'mon I'm tired of 20+ season without a Superbowl. With Jimmy G I can feel that he's the one who will deliver. He's undefeated as a NFL starter and he came into our young and inexperienced 49ers team and went 5-0 without any knowledge of the playbook or an offensive line. Who can do that? And with that I can say, let's go win a SB next season. If not next season then it's ok, not to worry, we still have Jimmy G, we can go win it the next following season or the season after that, so on and so on…etc etc. Lol! Go Niners!!!

  3. my top 3 greatest 49ers seasons are 84 ,89, nd 94 when they'v won there last Superbowl this team was so dominant back in the 80's nd 90's I can see us being dominant again this year in 2018 like we use to back in the hayday teams should be aware of us this year cus wer'e looking better nd sharp this year #Questfor6# here we come

  4. Generally agree…The 2011 team definitely is the greatest turnaround in 49ers history. Their passing game left something to be desired, though. They ranked near the bottom of the league in passing yards and touchdowns. With a better QB they may have won a SB in the Harbaugh years.

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