Top 3 49ers News (Week 8/15/19)

Top 3 49ers News (Week 8/15/19)

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, going to be
talking about the San Francisco 49ers as always. Doing another Top 3 video.
This time, talking about the biggest news for the 49ers from August 15, 2019. Some
big ones I guess you want to call it, a lot of injury updates. A lot of just
nitpicking stuff, but other than that, just a quiet news week. Preseason is
coming up for the Denver Broncos this Monday. They’re going to have joint practice
sessions as I mentioned in my last video this week. So that should be interesting.
That should be good for the 49ers and the Broncos, so they can learn from each
other and hopefully both teams will get better. Going to be talking about that.
Talking about news. Should be a fun time. Hopefully you guys do enjoy this. Before I
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Thank you guys so much. Let’s get this video started. The Top 3 49ers news,
week of August 15, 2019. Number three, ex-teammate of Tom Brady
thinks that he might join the 49ers in a year or two. This is a wow story right
here. This is just for fun. Ex-teammate talking about Chris Long. He played with Tom Brady for a year or two in New England. Won the Super Bowl against the
Atlanta Falcons and then the following year, went to the Philadelphia Eagles and
won a Super Bowl with them beating the Patriots. There you have it right there.
Anyways Chris Long, just making this wild prediction saying that Tom Brady might
go home to the Bay Area and play the rest of his years with the 49ers. Maybe a
year or two, which in my opinion that would not be a good idea to be honest
with you just because of the fact we have Jimmy Garoppolo as our quarterback. The
only thing that the 49ers can ever consider Tom Brady as their quarterback
right here right now is if they think Jimmy Garoppolo is just going to stink up
the joint for the rest of the year and the future he’s not the guy for the
49ers. They can just get rid of him. Get Tom Brady some way, shape or form. That’s
probably not going to happen, but this is just some wild thinking right here. This
was Tom Brady from years ago probably, but he’s almost at the end of his career.
I know he’s been playing really well, but at the same time, we have to think long
term and I think Garoppolo is our long-term quarterback. We can win a
Super Bowl with him as the starting quarterback for the 49ers. I believe so. A
lot of you guys might not believe it, but I do believe that Garoppolo is the man
in San Francisco. This is kind of just of a fun news right here. Would have been
interesting to see Brady play for the 49ers years ago, but I think now it’s a
little too late. He’s almost getting up there in age. This
would be only a short-term thing right here and then we would have to find a
quarterback ourselves. That would not be a good thing right there. Now I don’t
know if we would’ve won a Super Bowl with Tom Brady with the 49ers. He’s won Super Bowls with the Patriots, but can he win a Super Bowl with another team? Probably
not going to happen. We’ll probably never see that because Tom Brady I see him
retiring as a New England Patriot no way, no how. Brady, 49ers? That would
have been an interesting story. Chris Long just putting some wild predictions
out there. Probably not going to happen, but it is an interesting what if and I could
probably do a video like that had the 49ers drafted in him in 2000. That would have been cool. Number two, football analyst Daniel Jeremiah believes the
49ers can make a push for a playoff spot. Finally another 49er supporter. We’ve had a lot of hate for some reason in the Bay Area. Guys like
Nate Burleson and Mike Sando talking about bad things about the 49ers. They
think they’re not going to do good at all. Maybe go 3-13, 4-12 or
something like that, but Daniel Jeremiah along with Peter Schrager. Got some nice
support for the Bay Area, but yeah. Jeremiah’s just saying that with a
good quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo. Hopefully he stays healthy. The upgrades that
they made on the defensive line with Nick Bosa and Dee Ford coming to this team.
Like this team can make the playoffs this year in 2019. I believe so. For me
just everyone staying healthy for the most part, that’s the biggest factor I
think for the Niners making the playoffs. Jeremiah is just banking on Garoppolo
being the all-time great quarterback that he can be and the defensive line
can be just a staunching defense, just tearing quarterbacks apart and I believe
that’s going to happen for this whole defense for the Niners. Not just on
the defensive line. The linebacking corp as well. You got Kwon Alexander coming
back hopefully soon. Dre Greenlaw, he’s looking like a great rookie so far. Fred
Warner, I mean he’s just a great dude. Secondary a lot of question marks right
there, but I think with Tarvarius Moore doing pretty good for the most part in
2019, Richard Sherman being able to play a full season. I mean this defense looks
pretty loaded for this year. They made a lot of investments in this defense. I
believe that it will pay off definitely in 2019 IF everyone can stay healthy. So
going to be talking about that in a second. That’s just the biggest factor for me in
my opinion is just can everyone stay healthy? If everyone can, I think the
49ers, they’re an unbeatable team to be honest with you because you
look at last year, we could have had a better record than 4-12 had Garoppolo not get hurt and if we just close out a couple of games, we would
have had a better record than just the four wins that we had
last year even when Jimmy was out for the rest of the season. I think with
Mullens and Beathard, they could have made some awesome season had they’ve been
able to close games and not choke it out and the defense not getting gassed out
the last couple of minutes of the game. This team has a lot of potential, but a
lot of people in San Francisco or I should say outside of San Francisco
don’t see that, but I see it personally. I’ve seen them for the past couple years.
They have a lot of potential. I know that’s not really a positive word to say
because you can have a lot of potential, but you might be ended up crap as a team
later on. For me personally, I think they’re going to just be awesome for 2019
if everyone can stay healthy. Daniel Jeremiah, you have my approval. You have
everyone else in San Francisco’s approval. Hopefully you are proven right
and we have a good season and make the playoffs at least this year. The biggest
news for the 49ers of August 15, 2019 is just some injury updates. The two
biggest guys notable in this article from is Jimmie Ward
and George Kittle. Going to be talking about Ward first. He is coming back from a
collarbone injury that happened earlier in the offseason, which is very
unfortunate. This guy is always getting hurt at the wrong place at the wrong
time. Looking like he’s going to come back soon. He probably won’t be practicing
with the Broncos this week, which is kind of unfortunate, but it is what it is it.
Can’t rush injuries back. If I’m the 49ers definitely, I would not be rushing these
injuries back at all because hohoho, injury history, but yeah. Ward himself, he has an
injury history as we all know. The funny thing about this article is they saying the
49ers coach, they believe when healthy, he’s the best defensive back that we
have. I’m like wow really? We have other guys. I think Marcell Harris,
I think Richard Sherman those guys, they’re much better than Ward, whether
he’s playing corner or safety. I think Tarvarius Moore is even better than Ward to
be honest with you because Moore has shown a lot of problems at the free
safety position this year. I think he could overtake him for that spot. Ward is
more like a role player to be honest with you. He’s not a starter anymore. I
mean even when healthy, he wasn’t really a good defensive back in my opinion. He
was an all right one, but he wasn’t anything to be like Hall of Famer or Pro
Bowler or anything like that. Just a nice serviceable defensive back. That is
disappointing for a first rounder, but hey. I got to speak the truth. He should be
back maybe by week one from all accounts, but I don’t know yet. They really haven’t
said anything. George Kittle next guy up, he has some calf tightness for his
injury, whatever you want to call it. I don’t know what’s his timetable to come
back. He’s definitely going to be back by week one against the Bucs, but is he going to play
against the Broncos for the joint practice and the game on Monday? Not sure
yet. The Broncos, they probably would be happy from this article just because he threw for a lot of yards against them in the regular season
meeting in 2018. So hahaha. That’s great right there. Kittle, he should be okay.
The 49ers they’re not concerned, but they do want to take precaution because hoho,
injury history for everyone. Also some other guys. Dee Ford, Nick Bosa, they’re
making some progress. Bosa’s out of his whatever you want to call it, his straps or
whatever. He’s just fully free to practice now for the most part. He’s
going to take it slowly. I’m pretty sure that the 49ers are doing their due
diligence to make sure Bosa is as healthy as possible because he really
needs to be healthy for the season. I don’t want a news during any week that
Nick Bose is going to be out for the rest of the season. That would not be fun. Also
Dee Ford, I don’t want him to be out for the rest of the season as well. We made the
investments for these two guys and hopefully they do pay off definitely.
These two guys, they look like they’re going to be okay. They’ll be ready for a
week one against the Bucs. Some notable things. Dre Greenlaw didn’t practice on
Wednesday due to a stinger. Just some precautions there. Jullian Taylor missed
Wednesday because of back tightness. It’s just some knick picking things right here,
but other than that, everyone seems to be doing okay for the most part. We haven’t
had any ACL or Achilles tears. That would be the worst thing to happen for
the 49ers, but yeah. Everything is looking pretty good. Hopefully everything is
ready by week one against the Bucs. Preseason it is what it is, but I’m just
hoping everyone’s going to be 100% by week one in early September.
That’s it guys. Biggest news for the 49ers this week of August 15th. Hopefully you
guys did enjoy this. Please let me know any reactions to these news. I’d like
to hear what you guys have to say in the comments below. If you guys like this, please
“Like” and Subscribe to support my channel. That is going to help me out a lot. I’ll be
catching you guys up tomorrow on a Friday. I’ll see y’all then.
Bye guys. Love y’all. Y’all have a great rest of your day. Go Niners all day!

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  1. Any reaction to these 49ers news pieces? See you all tomorrow Friday! Inching closer to 2K y'all. Thank you!

  2. 1.Our niners will be ready for the Broncos this upcoming Monday 2.Speculation Tom Brady will join the ninerss!! In 2 years from now 3.Our ninerss!! Will make the playoffs this year in 2019 nd go for that 1st round Bye throughout the playoffs this year with our revamp defense nd offense this year nd everyone stays healthy too let's go ninerss!! Whoohoo!

  3. I dont want to hear about Jimmy G throwing 5 ints when Kyle Shanahan was the one calling the defense. The guys knows his own offensive system. So get over it, Jimmy is going to win MVP

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