Top 10 Peter Dinklage Performances

Top 10 Peter Dinklage Performances

He’s a Golden Globe and Emmy-winning actor who’s proven size doesn’t matter. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Peter Dinklage performances. For this list, we’re taking a look at those performances that show off this actor at his finest and/or most memorable Dinklage landed the role of Marlowe Sawyer on this drama in its 4th season. As the nanny of a plastic surgeon’s newborn son, his feelings for the doctor’s wife eventually lead him and Julia toward an unexpected affair. With a passionate delivery and the drive to alter his appearance so that he could look more “acceptable” to his new lover, this character was both multi-layered and three-dimensional not only due to the show’s clever writing, but also thanks to Dinklage’s powerful performance. This offbeat independent comedy about the trials and tribulations of a small time director cast Dinklage in a memorable role as a dwarf in a dream sequence. Sporting a baby blue tuxedo with matching top hat, Dinklage’s part in this film may have been small, but he left a lasting impression by outlining the cliché nature of his part to a tee. Not bad for his feature-length acting debut! Cast as a traveling puppeteer in this family film starring one of TV’s most famous dogs, Dinklage-as-Rowlie begins a slow and unsteady friendship with his canine co-star that eventually leads the two companions towards a genuine and heartfelt bond. It’s safe to say that it’s not easy to hold your own against this furry leading lady, but Dinklage pulled it off gracefully with sincere interactions that make working with animals look like an easy task. Based on the real-life story of the longest running mafia trial in New York’s history, this comedy crime film sees Dinklage shine as the lead defense attorney offering to help famed mobster Jackie DiNorscio. His commanding courtroom presence and ability to convey information important to both the plot and the courtroom case itself showed us how the actor could pull off a more confined role, while also convincing us he had a few years of Yale under his belt. Dinklage was almost unrecognizable under heavy make-up as Trumpkin in the film adaptation of the popular “Chronicles of Narnia” book series. Fortunately, both his wit and strength shone through his appearance as a powerful dwarf you don’t wanna mess with. This role proved that it takes more than some prosthetics to cover Dinklage’s power as a character actor, and provided a different look, delivery, and persona for him to further develop his amazing talents on the big screen. In this holiday comedy, Dinklage plays a children’s author who gets to lay a full can of whoop ass on Will Ferrell. After Buddy ridicules him in a naïve misunderstanding during a business meeting, Miles Finch gets to fight back against the stereotypes of little people everywhere – literally. Highlighting both Dinklage’s masterful comedic delivery and his fearlessness in addressing his stature head on, this is one role that remains hilariously unforgettable. In a departure from his more sympathetic roles, Dinklage was a memorable addition to this bridging film in the X-Men franchise. As the head of the mutant hunting company Trask Industries and the creator of the Sentinels robots, he gave a subtle yet somewhat menacing portrayal of both personal fear and businessman sensibilities. Bolivar Trask was the flame that lit the fuse for mutant genocide and Dinklage pulled off the role masterfully. In this dark British comedy, Dinklage plays a “friend” to the recently deceased father of the main characters. When they meet, this friend presents the two brothers with photos that leave little to the imagination as to the true nature of his acquaintance with their father. What happens next involves blackmail, hallucinogenic drugs, and mis-interpreted death, with Dinklage at the center of all the chaos. A role he reprised in the 2010 American remake of the same name, this is one hilarious character that didn’t only highlight the actor’s comedy chops, but also left audiences dying with laughter. This heart-wrenching tale of a man who feels ostracized by his community due to his differences landed Dinklage on the map as an actor who could make us both laugh and cry simultaneously. Portraying a character that is anti-social by choice, Dinklage’s performance as a melancholy man who discovers himself through unlikely friendships is extremely powerful. It didn’t only enlighten us to the benefits of daring to be vulnerable; it also helped us understand that what we perceive as flaws might actually be the things that make us special and unique. Before we reveal our #1 pick, here are some honorable mentions: In an epic fantasy drama filled with many unique characters, this is the one character who stands apart from the rest. Dinklage earned both a Golden Globe and Emmy award for his portrayal of the intelligent “Imp” of the Lannister clan thanks to Tyrion’s biting wit, confident demeanor and the fact that he’s the voice of reason we’ve all grown to love. With a layered and spectacular depiction of a man who’s often disregarded yet highly capable, Dinklage continues to show us the extent of his immeasurable range and acting prowess in this role that captivates us on a weekly basis. Do you agree with our list? Which Peter Dinklage role is your favorite? 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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Peter Dinklage Performances

  1. Penelope…
    Nowhere does Peter portray being an intellectual voice of reason, a loathsome jerk, and an understanding and compassionate person, all at the same time and… while showing the closest thing to perfect comidic timing that you will see in your life time.
    Most comments are about how well he portrayed this persona or that persona. In Penelope, he portrayed many personas, all at the same time. Now there's an actor.

  2. I think this actor is way overrated and overcast just because of his size. His voice is almost always overacted while his facial expression and body language are way underacted.

    He's good in Narnia, I can even see him being good in Death at a Funeral although I've never seen it and I like him in Elf. Most of time when ever he's on screen I start cringing at how hard he's trying with his voice while the rest of him seems completely sedated and emotionless. Like the opening scene to Tropic Thunder when Ben Stiller as Four Leaf gets his arms blown off the voice and the dialog just do not match the actors ability to show emotion… change the scene or change the actor.

  3. In 2015 he starred in a German low budget picture called "Taxi". I don't have a clue how they managed to get him as he was already famous at this time and I doubt they could afford his usual payment. Nevertheless I enjoyed every minute of this movie – Peter was just fantastic – as always.

  4. The first time I heard about Peter was in a MARIE CLAIRE article about his performance in THE STATION AGENT when the film first came out

  5. He's really great at stealing the best scenes in movies especially when he has limited screen time. Makes it count.

  6. We all knew how this was going to end before it began. Although his role in Infinity war should have been included….The defining role of his career was Tyrion. He may pad his resume with some good roles post thrones but he simply can't top it.

  7. 00:06 Peter is a great actor, we know this, hence why the video exists. There's no need to highlight he's a dwarf. He's an awesome actor and that's why we are watching, and acting is not affected by dwarfism. The more people talk about how he's 'overcome' something the more they demean the issue rather than normalise it. I like him for being him.

  8. One Peter Dinklage's more recent roles Hervè Villechaize in my dinner with Hervè. " being famous is like being drunk only the world is drunk with you."

  9. WHY did they not mention his role in "The Boss"? I thought he was awesome in it, though I suppose he is pretty awesome in all the roles he takes on, not enough tops to list them all lol

  10. Peter is so good that despite him being my favorite character in GoT, he made me hate him at X-Men Days of Future Past.

  11. The first time I saw him in "A Little Bit Of Heaven" he blew me away with his presence. That said, "My Dinner With Herve" was astounding!

  12. I never knew him before GOT. He's a good actor but he will never beat the Tyrion Lannister character. That was the best character in the whole show.

  13. Such suspense. What role could possibly be #1?
    He would have been great in a remake of The Ballad of the Sad Cafe playing Cousin Lymon.

  14. Arthur Ramsey in Threshold should have been 1 of 10 roles Dinklage roles. This was my first time seeing him in a movie or tv series. As an ensemble series like GoT I couldn’t get enough of his character in Threshold.

  15. I don’t get it tho. In Game of Thrones, wouldn’t that be an era where you would kill people that look different? Like the disabled.

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