Top 10 Overused Songs In Movies And TV

Top 10 Overused Songs In Movies And TV

Not that song again! Couldn’t they’ve used something else. “Okay let’s rock.” Welcome to watch and today we’re counting down our picks
for the top 10 overused songs in film and TV For this list we’ve picked those overplayed and overused songs that always seem to find their way into a movie soundtrack or onto television shows We’re not only talking numbers here but
also considering the quality or rather lack there of, in the common
usage of the songs we’re excluding purely instrumental
songs and film scores, so don’t expect to see songs like 0’Fortuna, the theme from Jaws, and the Nutcracker Suite on here Number 10: All Along the Watchtower, the Jimi Hendrix Experience. of this song usually denotes that something epic is
about to happen when you hear it on-screen. “I think it might be narcotic“
`Is that so` That epicness usually involves someone tripping on
drugs for the first time ` Wow …That is very cosmic I don’t understand wow` but the best uses of all along the
watchtower have deviated from that very obvious hippy sentiment Case in point, Battlestar Galactica uses
the song throughout the series, to mark major events for the characters The psychedelic rocker has also been
used as a marker to let audiences know that it’s the
nineteen sixties and has basically become the unofficial anthem for the period. `There must be some kind of way out of here` We’ll always be looking for this guy
named Charlie Number 9: Gimme Shelter, the Rolling Stones casino boss`s wife were killed they both question Nicky Martin Scorsese’s movies probably count
for half of the plays this song gets on screen. `No one gives it dear, you have to take it` Like Gimme Shelter. also has a reputation
for meaning that something intense is about to happen. That can be emotionally and romantically
intense as it is in Layer Cake, or that everything is about to hit the
fan, like it does in the bus sequence of GoodFellas. `Took me about a week of
sneaking around before I could unload the Pittsburgh stuff but when I did it was a real score` The Stones have
so many incredible songs we’re thinking this one might deserve a
retirement party soon. Number 8: Walking on Sunshine, Katrina and the Waves. This song may have been the group’s
biggest hit, but it`s also guaranteed their spot in pop culture. The pop-rock number sounds like Sunshine,
Rainbows and Everything Nice, so it’s always played
to make sure we know that an on-screen character is feeling good. The most creative use of the Katrina
and the Waves single, must be in American Psycho though during the
scene in which Patrick Bateman listens to it after a successful night of killing. Walking on Sunshine has appeared in
dosens of projects, including films, TV shows, video games and
more but maybe it’s about time that it walks away. `Listen to me, I wasn`t supposed to find the….` Number 7: Bad to the Bone, George
Thorogood and the Destroyers. `Then it hit me, if I was the bad boy, then I was going to
be the baddest boy of them all` Isn’t most unlikely person about to rebel ? If so, cue this song. “We can have sex again” this song seems to appear everytime
middle-aged men wanna be badasses old people go on a trip, or kids feel
the urge to rebel. “I’ll take a whack at it” Before I had such an ironic use, after the bomb was used with sincerity.
`…is one thing I know I really know, and that is there no such thing in the world as a bad boy, I’m sure of that` For example, it plays in Terminator 2
Judgment Day after the t-800 suits up in his leather
motorcycle outfit. the tracks opening guitar riff makes it
instantly recognizable and alerts the audience to watch out for
whoever’s on-screen. Number 6 : Sweet Home Alabama, Lynyrd Skynyrd. This Lynyrd Skynyrd track seems to
be the only tune about the South that Hollywood knows about . and if the on-screen setting isn’t
actually in the south filmmakers seem to use it when they want
the audience to know a character is a backwards country hick done only make a stop Sweet Home Alabama may often be used to
stereotype but its two best uses were in scenes in
which was used ironically in Conair. `Be fine irony
Bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song made famous
by a man that died in a plane crash.` And humorously in 8 Mile. `Because I live at home in the trailer…. Mama coming home to you` `Oh..Break it down, oh` Number 5: Kung Fu Fighting, Carl
Douglas. The inclusion of this funky disco tune
means we`re about to engage in some whacky fighting. `Good to see you again brother` When this Carl Douglas number
comes on it pretty much guarantees that no one in
the scene actually knows kung fu or even a good fighter. ` I may not be the
best ninja, I may not be one with the universe but I will tell you this, no one messes with my brother` everybody with or if they can fight it or if they can fight it is almost by miracle. Interestingly enough
this song was originally recorded as a b-side so the producer decided to
go over the top with the Asian theme grip in the background. we were trying set me up, pop ` `Everybody was kung fu fighting..` Well, Kung Fu Fighting was fun at the time of its release, now
it seems way past it’s due date. `…Everybody was kung fu fighting..There never …`.` but yeah `There’s only one thing a kid can do at a a moment
like this, Strike !` Number 4: Stayin` Alive, The Bee Gees. Originally created for the
Saturday Night Fever movie soundtrack this disco tune seems to have really
outgrown its source. sure. When older viewers hear the Bee
Gees crooning they immediately think of John Travolta striding along the
sidewalk, but there have just been so many other on screen uses up the chart topper to
denote when someone thinks he’s a pretty cool customer. Especially when other people do not.
`Hey, you`re out of town princess remember It certainly has a great vibe but its also one of the biggest
earworms ever, so more often than not it can be quite
distracting. `You, idiot boy, go cover the cash register…. Idiot boy, go cover the cash register! ` Number 3: Over the Rainbow, Judy Garland. The filmmakers behind The Wizard of Oz
probably never thought this song would become such a standout track and a cultural phenomenon`. .
`Don`t stop Mikey, keep crooning` `Some day over the rainbow.. There’s no denying the ballad was a
beautiful addition to the musical fantasy but it now too often been advertly
used to make the audience feel a sense of
nostalgia I wanted it to be you over the rainbow has appeared in one
hundred on-screen projects and shows no signs of slowing down, it
may go down as one of the most emotional songs ever but its also often cringe-worthy too.
`Dreams really do……. come true……` `Special song on after you……. right now` Number 2: What a Wonderful
World, Louis Armstrong. ` I see trees of green……. ` If you want viewers to cry, then this is the song to put in your sound track. Every time What a Wonderful World
plays it pretty much means that something
awful happened but that we should still have faith in humanity. `Well that that’s good, yes that’s.. that’s
good ` or, that something truly beautiful has just happened. `I think to myself….. what a wonderful ……` Either way Louis Armstrong’s traditional
pop tune has become too emotionally manipulative and its
on-screen inclusion seems unoriginal at best. `Welcome to the world ` Movies like Journey 2, the Mysterious
Island attempt to make it new by offering alternative versions of the
original. be easy but we see what they’re doing. Stop. Before we unveil our number one pick
here are a few honorable mentions. `Ooooh…..` `Ready` `….Oooohhhhh` ……Close your eyes…. good boy…` Close your eyes…. Good boy ! `Something happening here…..` `One day, we was out walking like always, and then just like that, somebody turned off the rain and the
sun came out` `I feel the bad moon rising…….. I see trouble on the way` Number one: Born to be Wild, Steppenwolf. You can almost hear a motorcycle revving
up each time this song comes on originally and masterfully used in Easy
Rider the hard rocker truly captured the spirit up sixties counterculture a sense
americana and the quest for freedom however the entertainment industry has
pretty much ruined those positive connotations with the Steppenwolf song by including it in close to a hundred
other productions know it’s also appeared in movies
featuring: or about animals Born to be Wild is now too often used in
a very cliche way to represent someone who feels
liberated. Do you agree with our list? Which song do you think is
overused on-screen For more can’t miss Top 10’s published
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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Overused Songs In Movies And TV

  1. I'm glad that London Calling by Clash appear on the list.
    I don't think it's overused, but whoever choose it, have good taste.

  2. AC/DC's songs are also used in a lot of movies. I'm not from America or Europe but I've heard them in many movies.

  3. I love Pete Townshend to pieces, but "Let My Love Open the Door" is used in EVERY SINGLE romantic comedy movie/trailer since about the year 2000. Stop the Madness!!

  4. #1 should be Bohemian Rhapsody. I’m so sick of that song. Staying Alive never gets old. That bass line is the coolest ever.

  5. Shenanigans fortunate son is number one without a doubt. is such a trope that multiple TV shows and cartoons have made fun of this y'all failed

  6. The fact that "Fortunate Son" wasn't in here is a travesty. Y'all called "All Along the Watchtower" a theme song for the 1960's but come on, every movie with even the slightest hint of 60's nostalgia or anything to do with the Vietnam War had Fortunate Son.

  7. Overused or just so good that movies can make it work without a second thought? Some songs can only work with certain movies or scenes

  8. Can you name a song better for those scenes? And also show me a movie where the songs aren't used as a parody or to have fun. Stop shittong on a good thing.

  9. Still remember when the Red Sox won the World Series back in 2004. I was hoping ESPN would use Killswitch Engage's End of the Heartache because it was actually being played on the airwaves. Instead, they lazily went with "Waiting is the hardest part" by Tom Petty. Yeah, like I really needed to hear that noise again.😡

  10. NBC is doing their best to keep me from wanting to watch NASCAR with some blonde girl covering Tom Petty's song about a dream. Yeah, I didn't even take the time to care what the name if the song is it's over used that much. How about SilverStein's "Your Sword vs My Dagger" instead? Oh too graphic for you? I find the fight for a chance of racing with legends and icons to be more relevant when they have the swords and you're a nobody with a dagger.
    The chorus says it all

    "I wasn't asking for the world
    And you know that I'm not one to follow through
    All these city streets
    the people look the same
    And I can see your face,
    and I can hear your name
    I wasn't asking for the world"

    Doesn't that just sound like someone just fight for a chance in an uphill battle? I find this more related to Dale Earnhardt's attitude when he tried to get in than anything.

    "I'm cutting through, you're bleeding out
    And I would tell the truth, but I can't help myself
    Red rushes out, dissect this nerve
    And I'll stop myself before I reach my cell

    I wasn't asking for the world
    And you know that I'm not one to follow through
    All these city streets the people look the same
    And I can see your face, and I can hear your name
    I wasn't asking for the world

    You're stabbing in. Permanent scars
    And you'll justify it all inside yourself
    You've finished me, my pulse is gone
    And you're satisfied to put this all to hell

    I wasn't asking for the world
    And you know that I'm not one to follow through
    All these city streets the people look the same
    And I can see your face, and I can hear your name
    I wasn't asking for the world

    Drink the poison, when you think it's over
    (Drink the poison)
    Stabbing yourself, when you think it's too late
    Tragic endings are your thing, you love them
    (Tragic endings)
    You love letting go, the ending's the same
    Drink the poison, when you think it's over
    (Drink the poison)
    Inevitable, Verona lives inside of you

    I wasn't asking for the world
    And you know that I'm not one to follow through
    All these city streets the people look the same
    And I can see your face, and I can hear your name
    I wasn't asking for the world"

  11. Forgot back in black…highway to hell…don't stop believing…thunderstruck…don't stop believing…and any other song that make people say they are fans of a band but only know the 3 most popular songs by the band

  12. Watch mojo: we take the simplest things and stretch them to 15-10 minutes
    Viewers: We'll just spam the skip 5 seconds button

  13. The Snap – Power
    Journey – Don't Stop Believing
    Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
    James Brown – I Feel Good
    Smash Mouth – All Star
    Queen – Don't Stop Me Now
    Simon and Garfunkel – Sounds of Silence
    The Baha Men – Who Let The Dogs Out?
    Dean Martin – That's Amore
    Kanye West – Power

  14. I agree with your descriptions of the musics and their use..

    But I don't think they are overused, infact.. I think they've become part of our "Vocabulary"

  15. We can't forget Stayin Alive is used for CPR training. And I had a job as a pool gate attendant, they actually do play Stayin Alive when they instruct you on CPR.

  16. I’m surprised that Thunderstruck is not mentioned. It’s somehow played every time a sport comeback is inevitable.

  17. Paranoid? Iron Man? Back In Black? Paint It Black? Sunshine of Your Love? White Room? Black Dog? Whole Lotta Love? All should have been included.

  18. I'm kinda surprised kiss me by sixpence none the richer or any smash mouth song (mostly Allstar) wasn't on here. Lol. I love all of these songs though, I don't mind that they've been used so much 😊

  19. Sympathy For The Devil? Fortunate Son? Dust In The Wind? The entire Suicide Squad soundtrack? Free Bird?

    Btw, that was White Rabbit you played in the honorable mentions, feed your head.

  20. I've only heard someone of them played over and over. Judy Garland really is the only person that could sing it right in my eyes.

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