Top 10 Bruce Lee Moments

Top 10 Bruce Lee Moments

[Lee]: I’m warning you [Girl]: Ay, “Ar Lung” don’t bother yourself [Lee]: Lay off [Narrator]: He’s a legend for a reason Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 Bruce Lee’s moments Kicking off our list is the scene in which Lee’s character is ambushed and out numbered in an ice factory. Though unarmed, his attacker soon learned that they made a big mistake when he starts improvising. One of the poor saps even get thrown through a wall, Road Runner style. Seriously, with all those ice picks laying around, is this not the worst place to pick a fight with Bruce Lee? [Man]: Chinese Kung Fu. [Narrator]: In this flick, Lee is sent to Rome to help his family fight the local mafia. When he’s taking into a back alley to be rubbed out, Lee quickly turns the tide. Interestingly, the bad guys regroup, and are laughably ordered to kill him without using their guns. [Man]: Go and get him… but no guns [Narrator]: This allows Lee to pull two sets of nunchucks out of nowhere, and wope the thugs good and proper. No, for real though, where did he get those? When Lee finds his way into the villain’s top-secret undergound layer, he is forced to get topless and take out the countless henchmen in his path. This fight keeps intensifying as he upgrades his weapons with every defeated opponent. This include a stick, metal rod and finally, nunchucks. It’s almost a shame the bad guys eventually stop coming cause this could’ve gotten a lot crazier. Oh baby, here we go. It’s yellow jumpsuit time. In a high point of this posthumous film, Lee battles the shades wearing 7-foot-2 basketball player, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar At 5-foot-6, Lee looks positively dwarfish next to his opponent. As has happened in every Kung Fu movie… ever, the smaller Lee manages to use his opponent’s size against him and leaves him breathless. In this especially personal confrontation, [Lee]: Boards don’t hit back. [Narrator]: Lee comes face to face against the bearded, sadistic and facially scraced O’Hara in a martial arts tournament. The man who caused his sister to committed suicide, Lee beats him to a pop without ever taking a scratch. When O’Hara breaks the rules, Lee does more then hurt him, he goes right for his brains… both of them. This flick see Lee on a quest for revenge against those who killed his master. This leads him to face Petrov, a sinister, suspender-wearing Russian played by Robert Baker, one of Lee’s own Jeet Kune Do students. This fight is memorable for its punishing action and dry humor as Lee confounds his foe with smirks and blurry hand movements. He even bites the dude’s leg! What martial art school is that from? [Man]: So you wanna see how good you are, then you must be tired of living! [Man]: Surround him! [Narrator]: This is the fight that helped transition Hong Kong action flicks from sword play to bare-handed fighting. With Lee’s dead master mopped by a rival school, he shows up on their door step to teach them respect. This ballsy move pays off as he takes on the whole Dojo single-handedly. Of cause, he has to do this topless while creating a human hurricane, laying the beat down with nunchucks and ultimately making them eat their own words. [Lee]: This time you are eating paper, the next time it’s gonna be glass. [Narrator]: This classic see Lee as a man who has sworn an oath of non-violence, but is forced to break that pledge in a big way. Specifically, to confront the man who murdered his family. Ultimately, Lee manages to win by deflecting a knife throw before going Mortal Kombat and thrusting his fingers into his enemy’s chest. Striking with every bit of energy he’s got, ultimately collapses in fatigue. [Lee]: You have offended my family and you have offended the Shao Lin Temple. [Narrator]: In the last fight of his most famous film, Lee finally finds himself up against the claw wearing Mr. Han. A fighting which he acquire the scratches across his body and face that became the most iconic image of his career. The fight goes totally surreal when he’s led into a chamber of mirrors and forced to divide superstition. Taking the top spot on our list is cinemas ultimate East-versus-West showdown that pitted Lee against Lorries in the Rome Colosseum. Everything here is legendary, from Lee’s crackling preparation to systematically coaxing, taunting and tearing down his opponent. Under the watchful eye of a stray cat. A ruling encounter, neither opponent shies away from fighting dirty. Remarkably, brutal though their fight was, Lee cannot walk away without acknowledging a worthy adversary. Agree with our list? [Man]: How do you like that? Which Bruce “Freakin” Lee moment is your favourite? For more entertaining top 10s, be sure to subscribe to

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  2. Muito bom o vídeo e que bom tem a tradução em português, desejo boa sorte e sucesso no seu canal do YouTube.

  3. Il est venu à Hollywood est à impréssioné tout le monde. Bruce allé dans les tournages de films de Kung fu et reformuler totalement les scènes de combat à des acteurs hollywoodien réputé dans le monde des arts martiaux. C'est un maître une légende il est unique jamais plus il y aura de bruce lee

  4. It is really a shame that they turned him into a joke in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood! I will never watch that movie for that reason.

  5. He keeps mixing up the movies, calling way of the dragon instead of return of the dragon and fists of fury intead of the chinese connection and the chinese connection instead of fits of fury and on and on it went….

  6. 3:53 that punch really missed. Biting the leg is a smart move if you're losing. It doesn't have to be taught under the name martial arts in order for it to be a smart move. You could say it's part of Jeet Kune Do, where you adapt to the fight instead of only using certain moves or forms of one learned method.

  7. Bruce Lee first came to attention in the US as Kato from the Green Hornet. So that should have at least been on the list. But what particular segment would we choose? I'm going with his fight with Robin from the Batman 1966 TV Show.

  8. I'm not sure why but a moment that has stuck with me my whole life was in Way of the Dragon when the thugs show up to wreck the restaurant. They go outside and Jimmy gets laid out the Bruce steps in and fights the thugs in the back alley. At this point he unleashes his first kick the changes the game from this point on and says "Movement number 4. Dragon seeks path." Then he lands that second kick "The Dragon Whips It's Tail." Thug down. Bruce introduced. Movie underway. So good.

  9. Bro you said what martial art biting is from well that’s real fighting Brice Lee didn’t fight in the ring he fought for out of the ring in a real environment. Jeet Kune Do has point to the eye, stacking the groin, and biting. That’s real fighting.

  10. When a 13-year-old Irish girl comes to a Chinese Kung Fu School.

  11. Bruce Lee is weak and slow compared to me. I would win him easily. I'm so much better. Why does everybody praise Lee.

  12. His punching were like fucking drills. Nobody, nobody could knock him down (but he only had two good films: Enter the Dragon and The Way of the Dragon)

  13. All the fight scenes are so staged its hilarious, and I cant believe some fools still buy the Bruce Lee hype
    Some idot below says " they had to ask him to slow his punches so the camera could catch it HAHAHAHAHA
    They actualy play footage's faster make him look good

  14. No 8 should be higher purely cos one of the henchmen was a young Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee actually punched him, and then went to make sure he was okay after the take had ended…

  15. Which opponent do you think gave Lee the toughest fight, and came the closest to defeating him? Norris? Kareem? Wall?

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