Tony Parkers AMAZING buzzer-beater in Game 1!

Tony Parkers AMAZING buzzer-beater in Game 1!

L’action internationale du jour est
sponsorisée par la NBA League Pass. Miller défend Parker.
Maintenant, Bosh le défend. Parker se lance, il a failli
la perdre. Il dribble toujours. Parker n’a plus que deux secondes. Il la lance juste à temps ! Et il marque ! Quel tir de Parker ! Il s’élève et donne quatre points
d’avantage à San Antonio. Ils vont vérifier pour s’assurer que Parker a tiré avant la fin
du temps réglementaire. C’était vraiment moins une. Il tombe. Ça a l’air correct. Toujours dans sa main. Ouah ! C’était vraiment moins une ! Souvenez-vous, les arbitres
disent que c’est bon. Voyons voir ici. -Je ne sais pas.
-Ici, je crois qu’elle quitte ses doigts.
Sur l’autre, on dirait… -Mais s’ils…
-Juste là. Mais s’ils n’ont pas
de preuve définitive, c’est d’office bon. -Ils disent que c’est bon.
-Mais ici, on dirait qu’on voit
un petit écart sous cet angle. Elle est partie, et elle revient. -Je crois que c’est bon.
-Je suis d’accord, Mike. Les différents angles,
et ils l’acceptent. Et c’est la bonne décision. Allez sur
pour voir les matchs NBA en direct.

100 thoughts on “Tony Parkers AMAZING buzzer-beater in Game 1!

  1. Even if he did( which he didn't ) it still wouldn't have mattered because spurs had already won the game. Complaining and finding excuses isn't going to erase this from NBA history. You're just a jealous Heat fan. Dude it wasn't travel or double dribble. Shut up and get over it. Spurs won.

  2. Why don't you try a different angle it looked like that because he was behind LeBron shut up and except it Heat bandwagon fan

  3. check this angle /watch?v=UFUh4toTS5k … @ 0:15 right before he goes down, holding the ball with two hands, how's that angle for you?. Dont HATE. I live in Miami, is my home team… HEAT fan way before LeBron, way before Wade and Shaq got their championship buddy…

  4. I never complained… I didn't even start any of these comments either. In fact it was a great game for the Spurs and they deserved the win. Some people are just to arrogant to accept mistakes (like you) and admit that he in fact double twice (and traveled as well). Even I, being a Heat fan, was not commenting to support the Heat, but of the game of BASKETBALL itself and its fairness. If it was LeBron instead of Parker… ahhh can't even imagine the controversy. Now, that's jelously…

  5. Sure I'm the one that cant except mistakes. Yet here you are continuing to say that it was a double dribble and travel. How about you accept that it was neither of them. Let go and we'll see what happens next.

  6. Skip to 0:13 and focus on tony parker. Look closely at his left leg. His left leg is his pivot foot which he used to swing under LeBron's arm. He clearly pivoted then jumped off his feet at the very end which is not a travel or double dribble in anyway possible.

  7. he did not start dribbling again after he holds the ball he uses his pivot foot to spin on LeBron and make the shot

  8. Lebron is an American with a French name and Parker is a French with an American name…but anyways both are great players.

  9. well, technically, tony parker is american, since his dad is american. but he's born and raised in france. and his name is william lol

  10. My mind is blown. How do people actually think this is a travel or double dribble? not even close. I cant see how it is. Retarded imbeciles

  11. Tony Parker was born in Belgium, and raised in France. If we're talking technical here then Tony is a Belgian, dude. But I guess different people and countries place the technicalities in different places, so you're just as right.

  12. He's just an excellent three point shooter. That's all. I feel Leonard is a more significant player than him.

  13. Does anyone else notice this buzzer beater and Ray allens from last night both stopped EXACTLY at 5.2?!

  14. Level's of Buzzer beater–
    Level: Justin Bieber
    Level: Very easy
    Level: Easy
    Level: Rookie
    Level: Normal
    Level: Hard
    Level: Very hard
    Level: Realistic
    Level: God
    Level: Chuck Norris
    Level: Parker

  15. I like how no one give credit to this shot. There was 0.03 seconds left. That's faster than you can blink.

  16. This and the the two maybe even more incredible shots he hit in game 6 will not be remembered 5 years from now because they lost. Such a shame.

  17. and when he hit the shot it gave the spurs a 92-88 lead, then they won the game, when lebron hit his jump shot in game 7, if it gave the heat a 92-88 leade

  18. because it was an intentional flop boy..and what was funny is you've consistently replied to every body who have told you are complaining..get over with the game is over..

  19. This was really an amazing series. So many incredible moments from this to Ray Allen's shot. Sad my San Antonio Spurs didn't win, but Miami deserved it.

  20. Anthony your dumb tony did none of those and if he did who cares it was at the end of the game why trying to ruin the show

  21. Wonder why ESPN never brought up the fact Tony traveled on this shot. His LEFT foot is his pivot foot. He clearly jumped off with his left foot before shooting.

  22. One of the most under-rated guards in the NBA! Tony Parker doesn't get half the credit he deserves. If Lebron James did that exact same move there would've been a media fire storm and "The King" would've gotten tremendous accolades!

  23. This was. A tough play since he was guarded by bosh, wade, and lebron, without considering the importance of the game. If this was Derrick Rose, the media would say he is back to MVP form. Rose will never get to the finals so he won't have to worry about it.

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  25. A prime Tony Parker is one the best PGs in his era hands down 6x all star 2007 finals mvp possessed great speed and the ability to penetrate and get to the paint and make acrobatic shots and as his jumper improved he became nearly unguardable.

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