Tom Brown’s Schooldays – The Football Match

Tom Brown’s Schooldays – The Football Match

It’s School House against the rest of the school. Am I School House?
Of course you are. Look, stay behind the goal line
with the smaller boys and keep out of trouble. If the ball goes behind the line, touch it down
before any of the other side do. Come on, School House! Who is that? Who’s that?!
That’s Al Brooke. The greatest School House Captain
there’s ever been! He’s come back to hand over
to Frobisher before he goes up to Oxford. Still here, Brown?
Flashman! Why aren’t you playing?
I turned my ankle, Brookie. Most beastly luck. Come on, School House! Square up! Come on! Look lively! EAST: Stay there! Look lively! Boys! Good to see you, Johnny! Whooooaa! School House! Let’s get him up lads. Off to Matron with him, damn flunky! It’s a little fellow underneath it. Who is he? Brown. He’s new. No bones broken, Brown? You’re a plucky little youngster,
I’ll give you that. Victory to School House! Three cheers for School House!

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