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  1. I kinda need help with chipping, I've seen your video about chipping but I still can't do it, and my brother told me my feet is weak…btw I have soccer try outs tomorrow for my school team ๐Ÿ™‚ nice video!

  2. I need help with shooting laces with my weaker foot, with my strong foot I barely apply power and its a good powerful shot, but with my left i apply power but the shot is powerful but its on the ground it wont go in the air

  3. Trying locking your ankle more when you swing on your chip. Good luck at tryouts! Watch my tryouts advice video for help!

  4. This video was filmed in the Spring in Louisiana. It was originally made for Disney's youtube channel. I'm now able to release it on my channel.

  5. Your technique is great on your dominant foot, that's why. Work on your technique on your weak foot but be patient. It takes time.

  6. It's not easy to make it look easy. Takes lots of practice. With practice you will be making it look easy soon too ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. LOL! It's for branding purposes. Don't worry next week I will have a new shirt on… it will still be orange ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Next week the Believe in itยฎ shirt will be making it's debut in a training video! This week's video was an old video I originally made for Disney this Spring for their channel. I'm now able to release it on my channel so I did. Next week it will be out!

  9. I'm hoping I can get this part of my game under grasp, RECEIVING. Here's what I got planed: checking shoulders, taking a touch into space( not just straight), and playing with my head up! Here's what the drills are: wall passing with shoulder check an touch into space for about 30minutes, maradona skill move about 5 minutes, dribbling around a circle with cones in it with my head up for about 15 minutes. Cool down and juggling. Everyday for the next nine weeks. You think I can get most of that..

  10. I retired because I tore my labrum in my groin/hip region. After two surgeries and lots of physical therapy I just wasn't the same player anymore and not good enough to play pro. It was time to retire. You can read more about it on the OnlineSoccerAcademy(dot)com blog by going to the blog and clicking the "retirement speech" category on the right hand side.

  11. It will take some time. It will happen for you same way you don't think about tying your shoe, you just do it.

  12. Being nervous is natural. For tryout advice, click the "View All OSA Videos" button on your Online Soccer Academy profile (it's free, sign up if you aren't a member) and then search for the video titled "Soccer Tryouts Advice – Soccer Tips". That will help you a lot. Then go out and practice! Or search that video on youtube. Good luck!

  13. Also… Click the "View All OSA Videos" button on your profile and search for the "How Not to Be Nervous Before a Game" video. That will help a lot!

    Also watch the "How to be Confident" video.

  14. Hey Jared, I'm not sure if you've done a video on this before but I was wondering how to take the ball past the goalkeeper, I've been trying the same tactics that I use to beat defenders, but it just doesn't work with a goalkeeper, what's your advice?

  15. I'd say for the most part pass it in low and hard as they are coming out, don't always try to beat them. If you do try to beat them give a fake like you are going to shoot, see if they plan their feet or get down low, then touch it around them and pass it in. Key is you do this much earlier then you would on a regular defender because if you are too close the goalie will just dive on the ball where as a normal defender couldn't reach it. Hope that helps!

  16. Never heard of Americans retiring too early… You heard of Brad Friedel? Dude's like 40 something. I will say that Brazilians decline faster than anyone else in my opinion. I think it's because they start on a professional level so early. But again, that just my opinion.

  17. A little dap is a cooler way to say hello. Figured it was cooler then trying to give the screen a handshake! It's my way of making you feel like an individual watching this video, not me just talking to thousands.

  18. Then move it to the side. You control your knee, it doesn't control you. Take your time, get technique right, then try it with the ball.

  19. Hi, i am 12 years old, i live in sweden and i am pretty good at soccer do you think i can be proffesional? I will start at a football school maybe in 2 years. I love your vidz ๐Ÿ™‚

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