Titans Media Day Fall 2017 Volleyball

Titans Media Day   Fall 2017  Volleyball

As the 2017 Eastern Florida volleyball
season gets underway head Coach Andrea Rasmussen and some of her team met with the media to discuss the upcoming season and the challenges of playing and a new Conference. I think that, it’s definitely gotten more difficult for us. It’s going to be a challenge, but with the team that we have this year I think that we’re in a position to make a run. Every year that I’ve been here, with with out last year, we have upset one of the top ranked teams in our conference. Two years before this we beat Miami Dade for the first time in school history, and I think that we are in a position this season to upset some teams at the right time and put us in a position for a playoff run for the state tournament. I think we have to stay consistent because we had a lot of shining moments last year but a lot of the time we just couldn’t get the job done because we weren’t consistent within ourselves. It didn’t matter what the other people were doing on the other side of the court. It was ourselves getting in our own heads. So I think that consistency is going to play a big role in how effective we are the season. I think we need to find a tempo. We need to stay with the same speed of set. We need everyone needs to trust everyone. The setters need to trust that they’ll be a pass and not cheat the base and the hitters need to, you know, always better the ball, and we always need to be on our toes ready for everything. Well, I really like the different parts of our team – like we don’t let the ball hit the ground. So it’s a very important thing. And we also have a really fast game. It was perfect now. We have a lot of strong keys and very, very good I think. I can tell just by the first meeting we had that the whole chemistry and atmosphere as a defensive team. We’re a bunch of goofballs. We all get along. Everybody wants to work hard. We come into practice and everybody wants to see a difference in our program. So check the website for game dates and times and come out and support your Titans. Admission is free. We’re very dynamic. Very athletic. We jump high. We run quickly. We are very athletic. There’s not a ball that touches the floor in our gym. So I think that if you want to see some fast-paced great speed offense, then we’re definitely the ticket.

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