Tips and Tricks – 5 Tips for Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy


[XBOX SOUND] Crash Bandicoot is back and he’s sporting
a few more polygons now! This remaster isn’t just a boost in render
distance with some anti-aliasing, this is a complete rework made from the ground up
and matches the original games perfectly! If you enjoy judging depth of field on a 2D
screen and a talking Mask straight out of a Chuck Russel film then this game is right
up your alley. We know Crash isn’t the easiest game for
casual players, so we here at Tips and Tricks have 5 tips to help you take down that wretched
Cortex! Tip #1: 3D Sidescroller
Crash may have some side scrolling and over the top bits, but you have to keep in mind
that all 3 games are still played in 3 dimensions. This can be a blessing as well as a curse. Crash games have a movement mechanic that
take heavy influence from 2D style platformers, however you’re still able to move crash
in any direction. This makes crash significantly harder, especially
when judging depth of field. Utilized correctly this third dimension can
be used for good. By jumping toward or away from the camera
you’re able to round an obstacle or avoid an enemy’s path entirely. It may feel like cheating but its obvious
the developers intended this to be a legitimate strategy as they’ve hid quite a few things
in these areas. Tip #2: Damage Jump
One mechanic players need to familiarize themselves with is the Jump that occurs when the bandicoot
siblings takes damage. Crash and Coco can’t handle being hit at
all, but when their friend “Aku Aku” is around they will be able to take a hit or
two. However when this hit occurs Crash or Coco
will do an automatic jump and if the player is not careful it can lead to a quick death. It is very easy to accidently jump off the
edge of a platform after an unexpected hit. Ensuring you have this unexpected Jump under
control can be your best bet at keeping your extra lives stocked. Tip #3: Perks of Sliding
An extremely helpful feature that was introduced in Crash 2 and kept for Crash 3 is the Slide
ability! There are three perks to sliding that make it tremendously useful. First, it is an attack and can be used as
such to take many types of enemies. Second, Sliding can allow you to jump higher
than Crash or Coco’s normal jump height, by sliding then holding jump while in the
animation, you will perform a “split jump” which will give you increased height to reach
higher up items and boxes, this jump also allows you to cover more distance and can
help you skip obstacles. Third, if followed up by a spin then you can
move at an optimal speed through the level achieving the best time and securing those
relics. Side Note: Spin Sliding is the fastest way
to maneuver at least until you obtain the running shoes. Tip #4: How to 100%
Now Crash games have never been lacking in their level replayability. These games can be difficult to 100% but can
be so fulfilling doing so. The first two items are easy to obtain, the
crystal is almost always along your main path and can be obtained easily in a normal run
of the level. While the White Gem can be obtained by destroying
every box in the level, this includes TNT and Nitro. TNT just needs a quick hop, while Nitro needs
an enemy launched into it, or you’ll need to find the green “!” box in the level
to explode them all. Now this is where things get tricky, you can
also obtain a colored gem in most levels, Most levels will give you a “Hint” on
the loadscreen to help point you in the correct direction. As for Relics, don’t worry about those till
you got the running shoes, life becomes a LOT easier once you do. Tip #5: …………Patience
We’re going to call this one the Wombat tip, cause its short and sweet. Patience is a legit virtue, and can be extremely
hard to keep when you’re running through a level after your 10th game over. But Crash games don’t always care for your
quick speed, much of the time you’re waiting for the correct cycles to match up to make
it through an obstacle and rushing through will just lead to more deaths overall. If you need to, go take a breather, then try
to conquer it again. You’ll get there with time. Its amazing seeing Crash in HD glory with
smooth animations and vibrant worlds. Toys for Bob did an amazing job recreating
the games that put so many kids through rage counseling! The sound design is so iconic, the boss battles
are still so fun, and all our favorite “exploits” as a child, are still able to be executed. The developers kept this so accurate to the
first games that it is only making us even more excited for their recreation of Spyro
later this year! In the meantime, lets crash and bash into
boxes, and try to take on Cortex’s wrath all while teaming up with friends and racing
for relics. Side Note: We here at Tips and Tricks would
love to challenge the developers to re-create a certain racing game. Eh? I mean, Hey you already have all the character
models. [XBOX SOUND]

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