Time Vault Soccer – Tabletop Football Card Game – First Play

Time Vault Soccer – Tabletop Football Card Game – First Play

Howdy cyber web people, my name is Scott, I’m Adam and we’ve been asked by a number of you for a play through video for the Time Vault
soccer tabletop card game. The game with time machines, shouting knee sliding and…sulking and they’ll probably be a lot of sulking, for you are the manager of
your football team, you build it and then you challenge your opponent to a game
of football. You win by scoring the most goals, now
we’re gonna be playing the Time Vault Soccer debut, 60’s vs 70’s Starter
Deck, which has everything in it you need to get up and running. It has the basic
rule book and two preset 16 player squads, one featuring the 1960s which is
captained by the legend that is Bobby Moore and then the 1970s which captained by
geezer called Pele. Now Adam has played a couple of games before but he’s new to
the rules I’ll be recapping them as we play. We have both already picked our
starting eleven so all we have to do now is the first that we should
declare our teams to each other it’s like handing in your team sheet before a
proper game of football so you know who you’re playing. So without much further
ado eyes to the table… I’m playing the 60’s deck, I’m playing a 3-5-2 formation
which is three defenders, five midfielders and two attackers and of
course a goalie, every team can have one goalie. In terms of my key players
I’ve got Bobby Moore captaining the side he’s got the “Inspirational” special skill
which means he gives a boost to all my one star weaker cards. I’ve got Danny
Blanchflower in midfield, controversial he’s not my captain, he’s got the game
changer “Intelligence” skill, he lets me change the cards I’m holding in my hand
for maybe better cards during the game. Cliff Jones has got “Electrifying Pace”,
he will tear one of Adam’s defenders a new one, as they say and make
him move around his defenders which he won’t like very much, and the mighty
Jimmy Greaves up front he’s got the “On Fire – Confidence
Skill” and if Jimmy Greaves scores a girl he gets a +2 bonus to his attack rating
and that’s accumulative, so if he keeps scoring he keeps getting stronger, Adam
will be trying to stop him scoring during the game. Who have you got Adam? I’ll be playing a 4-3-3 one of the most standard setups, I got West Ham’s Mervyn Day between the sticks and my back line comprises of
Claudio Gentile and Ron Webster on the left and right respectively with
Franz Beckenbauer and Alberto Tarantini in central defence. The fearsome
Tarantini, he doesn’t take any prisoners! Exactly he’s one player who can do
what I suppose is called, a full blooded tackle, but he can be prone to a yellow
card, so you don’t wanna be losing him that’s for sure and Franz Beckenbauer
can switch from a defensive move into an attacking move across the deck so one
who could maybe pop in a bit of a surprise during gameplay. In midfield
we’ve got Jeremy Walker Renko smoke okay and Jupp Kapellmann with the powerhouse that is Charlie George ex-arsenal. Georgie! …in the midfield a real orchestrating
playmaker where he can add +2 to the scores of the other players included in
that move. Up front we’ve got John Toshack and John Radford and with the
mighty Pele spearheading the attack. So with your team sheets in shuffle
together your team to form your Match Deck from which you’re going to draw and
then take turns to play cards to build attacking and defending moves. Now to
play Time Vault Soccer you’re gonna need to know four very basic rules. The first
one is when shooting you need to combine at least three cards into an attacking
move and you have to play a card into that move that turn. All you do simply
add the moves attack ratings as printed on the cards, then add any special bonuses. Now rule number two, in response to a shot, you can play up to two cards from
your hand into defense to make a more powerful defending move. If it’s more
powerful you simply total the moves defend ratings printed on the card and
again at any bonuses. If you can’t make a save i.e make a defending move that
has a higher defend rating you don’t play anything at all but of
course you will concede a goal! Now rule number three concerns goalkeepers which
are special cards in the game. All goalkeepers double the printed face
value of all the other cards in the same move. So in this example, you’ve got
Ranieri on a 6 and Zozimo on a 5 that totals 11. If I now play my
goalkeeper, Dominguez, it doubles that 11 to 22, plus you add Dominguez’s own 5 so
that defensive move would now total 27. and the last rule you really do need to
know is your deck consists quite deliberately of pairs of cards but as no
player can be in two places at once you cannot have both copies in play at
the same time. Think of it when you play cards as telling your players where to
go on the pitch you can’t tell Jimmy Greaves to go both in attack and defense
or attack down the left and the right so just make sure you shuffle your deck
really well because managing your hand is part of the game. So the decks have
been shuffled, we now have to cut your opponent’s deck… oh that was a batey cut!
…and you draw your top 5 cards to make your hand and you will play cards from
your hand… Tossing the coin, heads or tails? Heads! Unlucky! It’s a bad start. It’s tails, so I’ve got two options when I kick off the game, I either start an attacking move to my
right here and play a card here or I start a defensive move and play it to my
left in this particular case I’m looking at my cards and I’m thinking mmm he’s
got a Pele, so I’m gonna play cautious I’m going to send Bobby Moore, my skipper
back into defense, now he’s got the “Inspirational” skill any one star card I
play in defense, doesn’t have to be in the same move as Bobby Moore, gets a +2
bonus to his defend rating. After I played i pick up so I’m always playing
with 5 cards in my hand. now it’s Adams turn he’s got three
options: He either starts an attacking move to
his right here, or he starts a defensive move he’s left here, or if he’s got a
counter play card and because he’s declared his team I know he’s got
Alberto Tarantini he could try to counter play a one or two star card that
I’ve already played. In this case Bobby Moore’s a five star card so I know Adam
won’t be counter playing Bobby. Ok we’ll mirror your first move there.
we’ll pop Claudio Gentile, just to do a little bit of shoring up, at
the back there. They’ve gone defensive already. It’s all gone quiet over there. It’s made me think, it’s an unusual game, starting defensive, but I get it, it’s being videoed so people wonder who’s gonna win, batey,
batey. Antonio Simoes will go forward, he’ll have a little probe
at Claudio Gentile , see what he’s got to offer in defense? Is he up for it today? is
he focused? Okay, Charlie George joins the attack, special skill there “Orchestrating The Play” he adds a +2 on to all other cards that go into
that shooting move. So the more cards you add to Charlie, the more powerful the move
gets. Now at this point you can see we’ve got options here. My options are I play a
card into attack into the same move as Simoes to build that attacking move,
remember you need three cards to take a shot or I play another card on top of
Bobby Moore to increase that defending moves power, or I start a new attacking
move, or a new defensive move. So I’ve got four options now and on this case, or in
this case, Charlie George worries me a little bit so I’m going to send the Zozimo
back in defense. same move or different move? He’s panicking! Pele is a worry so Zozimo is on top of Bobby Moore, so that defensive
move here is 8 plus 5 in its power, so that would total 13 plus two
for Bobby Moore’s special skill, would be 15. …and I pick up so I’ve got five cards. It’s
Adams turn, he’s got the same options either builds on Charlie George builds on
Gentile or he starts a new defensive move or a new attacking move. OK… Well he says OK is it? (Laughter)… I think… Gerrie Muhren… schmoke and a pancake. It’s a schmoke and a pancake! He’s going to join separate attack. Two attacks, I can sense,
just sense a Pele somewhere around here. When you see two attacking moves go down,
you know…you just know. But Danny Blanchflower is no respecter of
reputation he mills forward by himself in midfield,
getting a lot of space. Danny Blanchflower’s got the “Game Changer” special skill, which means that at any point during the game I can put the
cards in my hand back into my Match Deck, shuffle and re-draw. So if Adam
shoots and I’m lacking a goalkeeper and I want one, he gives me a chance to get a
keeper or another card that I may be waiting for. He helps me manage my hand. OK, Ron Webster is gonna… just tie things up at
the back there. A Derby County player? Just Derby County, he’s fine, he’s
made the squad. Derby County? OK, so Adam’s got four players out, I’ve
got four players out in two separate moves in attack, we’re mirroring each other
as it turns out, doesn’t often happen like that but it is now… but that is TVS
no two games are ever the same so Aristide Guarneri in defense as a
separate defending move, I’m risking it I’ve got eleven different players, remember I can’t have two players down that are the same, down at the same time and I’ve got five of
that eleven down. So I’m now thinking about, am I managing
my hand properly, am I gonna get caught with too many copies of the cards? It’s gone quiet, I can hear the the brain working and the
clatter of old bolts (Laughter) and rusty things found at the bottom of the garden. OK… John
Toshack… is going to surge forwards… just put a
little bit more pressure on your defense there. I’m not worried about Toshack! You
wanna be! If I was you I’d be more worried about the power that is Ian St John, Jimmy Greaves best mate, never far away from Jimmy… and he’s also
teaming up with Danny Blanchflower in midfield on an overlapping run.
7 and 6 would be a 13 move with no bonuses… but looking menacing. (Smug giggle from Adam) Adam has a little look over at Ian St
John. Just checking… or was he checking out Simoes with his “Through Ball” special
skill? I was just checking out his star rating, whether I want to kick him into row Z or not. Tarantini could kick Ian St John out
the game but he would be booked for it, he’d receive a yellow card and give away
a Free Kick… and that’s because Tarantini’s defense is 5 and Ian St Johns
attack is 6… I don’t think I’m gonna risk a Tarantini yellow… and I’m just gonna play him… as… a
separate defense. Oooo that’s a three-man defense there so
Adams parked the bus. If you look here… on a move which is 16 by the looks of
things with no bonuses attached to it. Parking the bus Choo! Choo!.. But Adams got to watch he doesn’t tuck up his hand here. Now I’m gonna send
Bertie Auld… into attack we’ve still got separate moves there’s two fully fledged
moves on the go… I’m attacking down the left with Bertie Auld and Simoes and I’m
attacking down the right with Danny Blanchflower and Ian St John they’re running runs
everywhere, can Adam mark them all? I don’t think so… OK. There hasn’t been a shot, it’s been a bit batey start to the game… I think… we’re gonna drift Beckenbauer into a separate defending move… but special skill, he can make the hop. He can
make the hop and that means that any point, and it’s not a turn for Adam, he
moves Beckenbauer into attack. Beckenbauer can join an existing move or
he can start a new move himself, so you got to keep an eye on Beckenbauer… and that is exactly what Pat Crerand is going to do… give Beckenbauer and his mates something
to think about Crerand is shooting, because you can’t counter play me
as Tarantini’s already down… shooting on… Total up your printed attack ratings
Simoes 4, Auld 5, Crerand 4, 13, no bonuses on this move.
Crerand is being waved forward, surprise shot from outside the box!
Current score for this defensive move… is currently… I wonder why he’s doing
this because he knows it’s saved… so he’s trying to clear the boards over this side,
so my scores on the face values are 6 a 5 and a 5 totaling 16. The shot is saved! Pat Crerand is blocked by Alberto Tarantini who clears it
out the box but the ball is still loose, and sitting outside the box is Cliffy
Jones he picks it up, he drops his shh no he doesn’t, he does, he’s got to do that. The bowels are loosening! He does drop his shoulder
but there’s no two cards there to split but there are no two cards to split, has Cliff Jones gone too early… so he is shooting still nonetheless and he’s shooting on… the
printed face value 7, 6 and a 6 would be 12, 19 and I pick up, Cliff Jones shooting on 19
but he’s not using his “Electrifying Pace”! What are we looking at? 19… (Girlie yelp from Adam)… Cliffy Jones! There’s nothing I can do! He’s squeezed through, the keeper is un-sighted, Beckenbauer is in the way! Cliff Jones sends it in 1 – 0, he stays put. If you can’t field a successful defending move… then no
cards are discarded, only the shooting cards are discarded and of course you
lose a goal, the 70s are now 1 – 0 down. Franz Beckenbauer un-sighting his own goalkeeper. Cliff Jones on the score sheet would you’ve
believed it… and it’s Adams kick off… on a kick off Adam, the only thing you can’t do
is shoot, so you wouldn’t be able to play a Pele there or another card there to
make it a three pass shooting move …you just have to play a card. OK better try and
shore things up at the back we’re a little bit bereft there! 1 – 0, 1- 0, 1- 0 (Scott singing). We’ll pop Claudio Gentile into a second defensive play. 1 – 0 down and he continues to defend, the fans baying at
the manager… what sense is that man! Your one goal down, go forward!
mmm Jimmy Greaves hasn’t even appeared yet Jimmy’s gonna get ya! Jimmy’s gonna get ya… Pat Crerand back in defense am I parking the bus, Cliff Jones has put me one up is
it all I need to get me over the goal line? OK Franz Beckenbauer he’s gonna make the move to join Toshack and Charlie George. It doesn’t count as
his go but of course he can’t be the shooting card. … he is gonna be joined by a surging run forward…from the boy Pele! It’s Pele again, not using his Thunderbolt but using his stamina. So with face values of 6 sorry 7, 6 and 4 which gives me 17 +
Pele’s 8, gives me 25, + Charlie George + 2 to each of those remaining three, 25 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 as a total. That’s a mamoth shot! It’s a massive effort. Charlie George pulling the strings, Toshack stepping back, Beckenbauer on the overlap down the middle, Pele strolling through just strikes
the ball smoothly at goal! You have to remind me of the score? 31! 31, I hoping it had changed to something like 22. 31 I have got, Bobby on an 8, Zozimo on a 5, 13 +2 for Bobby’s inspiration is 15. It’s not
enough to boys need help at the back… Dominguez! The keepers there including
Bobby’s bonus, plus 7 for Dominguez is 22 plus the keeper bonus of 13 it’s 35
thanks to Bobby Moore and Rogelio Dominguez my goalkeeper that doubles my defending rating.Smashed it! Pele looks frustrated he’s berating his own midfield, give him more
time on the ball. It’s your play Adam my move was saving… so play is with you.
OK, Ron Webster joins the defense trying to shore things up at the back… He’s still insisting on defending despite being a goal down. Bobby Moore in defense.The bus looks like it’s getting parked. If it’s not there yet, you
can hear the engine revving! John Radford joins a schmoke and a pancake. The Arsenal
forward underrated… great header at the ball. … Let’s give the lad something to think
about, I think Danny Blanchflower strolls into attack, still got the “Game Changer”
skill, I can put my card back into the deck and redraw it once a half, if I want
to, with Danny in play. Oh Danny Danny Danny Danny, Danny, Danny, Danny, Danny Blanchflower… Kapellmann joins the defense. (Scott exasperated sigh) Your dedication to this arcane law of defending at all costs! The manager will be in the
office Monday morning. Don Revie would be proud of you! Antonio Simoes steps
onto a ball from Danny Blanchflower, be warned Simoes has got the “Through Ball”
special skill should I play a player with pace on him
Simoes gets +2 for the pass and of course Cliff Jones has “Electrifying Pace”…
and then of course there’s Jimmy Greaves. Where’s Jimmy?
We’ve seen Pele. Oh Jimmy, Jimmy… Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy Greaves! Charlie George. Has he gone mad?
Joins the attack. The seventies fans have no idea what’s happening on that
side of the park. Does the manager know what he’s doing?
Oh… let’s give him two things to think about. Ian St John into a separate attacking move. Adam with six of his eleven players
in play, is he tucking up his hand. No, John Toshack is gonna launch one! Oh an attack of 6 for Toshi. It’s not going to be very impressive an attack. We’ll still have to see what Scott’s got in the locker there, but it’s just,
despite the special skills of schmoke and a pancake and John Radford, it’s
still only gonna be 16. Is Adam also trying to clear my defense out the
way to make way for his remaining Pele card. Something smells a bit Pele-ish around here. What are you shooting on? 16!
we’ve got 11, plus 2, plus 2 for Bobby Moore which would be 15. I only need a
little tap back to clear that and see that off. That’s exactly what I’ll do
with Bertie Auld with a 4 that gives me 20 plus. So Toshack frustrated by Bertie Auld
who just leads him down a dead end. He made a quick surge forward to no avail. Play is still with you my go wasdefending that move and seeing Toshack off. Now where is Pele? You’re 1 – 0 down
Adam, I don’t care it’s only your second game. I’m taking the win if I can get it. (Laughter). Franz Beckenbauer. I know what Franz is going to be doing, he’s going to be legging it forward. Is it enough? is… it… enough? Hmm
Zozimo goes back with Bobby Moore. He’ll get a +2 bonus to his 5 so he’s on a 7,
Bobby Moore’s on an 8…so, 15 in defense. The referee looks at his whistle, he
indicates we’re moving into stoppage time. I’m out of cards here this
indicates that the game has gone into stoppage time. While Adam or your
opponent still has cards to play I can decline my go until Adams used his Match
Deck up as well, and we’re just both playing from our Hands. It’s your play Adam, you’re 1 – 0 down going into stoppage time. Gerrie Muhren, schmoke and pancake. He’s had a lot of schmokes and a lot of pancakes. Fresh from the last attack, joins yet another one with Charlie George. Now he’s got a crossing
ability, Gerry Muhren and if he’s the penultimate card to the shooting card,
which is the last card in your move he gets +2 doesn’t he? And Charlie
George is also giving every card +2. Adam is brewing a monster! (Laughter) … but what’s he got left to defend with? … this is the question! Have I parked the bus too early? I’m only one goal up… oh, this is important
but I’m gonna have to play it it may not be the options that I want but I’m forced to do it. Cliff Jones is on the run through, he’s
using his electrifying pace this time. Is there a counter play from Tarantini? There is a counter play! He will take a yellow card a giveaway a Free Kick. At this stage of the game, I’m gonna risk the yellow card, were playing Tarantin!
OOOH! Jones is brought down… it’s a good move from Adam because if he lets Jonesy
through, because of his “Electrfying Pace” Adam would have to move one of his
defenders, out of a move into a separate move, which weakens his defense. So
TarantinI is saying “not today sunbeam”. He’s going to take one for the team.
However, the referee looks at his Linesman Alberto Tarantini’s defend is 5…
whilst… Cliff Jones’s attack is a 6… because
of that ruling it means the Linesman has indicated it is a Free Kick. A direct
free kick from outside the box! To take a free kick, these cards
aren’t discarded from your hands but I have to play my best attacking
card from mine and Adam plays his best defending card. If my attack’s higher, I
score if Adams is higher or he’s got a goalkeeper he saves it! No big surprise Jimmy Greaves claims the ball. He steps up, because it’s outside the
box top right, shooting on a 7 … KEEPER! Mervyn Day parries it away! Greavsie hasn’t found the back of the net this time. The ball has fallen loose in the box! Now, I do have to play because you’ve used up all your cards… so Jimmy Greaves straight away on the rebound takes a peek! if you let Greavsie
score, he gets a +2… at the moment he doesn’t get anything. There’s no bonus on
this so the face values are 14 + 4 is 18. Greavsie is shooting on 18. 1 – 0, 1 – 0, 1 – 0
I could do with an extra goal cushion. KEEPER!.. So you’ve got
11 doubled to 22 + the 5 is 27! Greavsie’s foiled, he sinks to his knees, wondering what he has to do. Easy save. He had the Free Kick he missed the rebound! Play is with me, your last move was making the save. hmm, you’ve got four cards left, I’ve got
three. Have you got enough to get a shot away? You’ve also got a Pele…
you might have two shots in that bag. Are the bowels loosening? My bowels have never loosend more in my entire life! There was a lot of confidence there earlier. but let’s see if you can still make a save? Jimmy Greaves, this time drops deep for Ian St John, and he’s screaming for the
ball, he’s got a plan! I have two cards left I need one to shoot. I’ve got Bobby
Moore back here, have I used both my goalkeepers? I can’t remember? Do you feel
lucky… Punk! no one’s got up for half time yet. No one’s going for pies and beers they’re
all watching. They’re baying or at least the Sixties are baying for half time to get
into that dressing room 1 – 0 up! Kapellmann surges forward from midfield
and has a shot! It’s a three man shot but it’s not a Pele! What’s he shooting on? we are shooting on… 7 from Charlie George, + 5 from schmoke and a pancake 12, + 4, 16 and Charlie George’s skill adds another
+ 2, + 2 so we have 20 in total! 20 to beat that’s a slick, slick move. I’ve got
Bobby on 8, I’ve got Zozimo on 5 that’s 13 + 2 for Bob’s “Inspiration” I’m 6 short here. Charlie George is bringing it! Gerrie Muhren, sticking over a peach of a cross
from the left and Kapellmann, Kapellmann’s come absolutely out of nowhere… and… you’ve still got a Pele! (Smug chuckling from Adam) Was there method in my madness or was it just pure luck? …but you can’t make a save my little furry friend! Aristide Guarneri comes back, he makes the save with an 8, 5 and a 6, + 4 for Bobby Moore which would beeee 21, 22, 23… YEEEEES! Guarneri sorting it out at the back! Come on where’s the Referee, blow the half time whistle! Only a 1-0 lead but I’ll take it. The rebound comes out. John Radford surges forward. I gotta play my last card and it will be a SHOT!
The keepers been pushed forward! The keepers gone forward, shooting on 6, 7
& 1 which is 14. No bonuses to this move. …Currently riding at 12, but Scott certainly hadn’t read my deck, coz it’s KEEPER!… He’s got a keeper, and it leaves him with… oh no! The ball’s broken out of the box. It’s pumped forward to John Radford. HE LOBS IT ON! OUTSIDE THE BOX! IT’S PELE!!! A POWER DRIVER, THE KEEPERS NOWHERE! C’MON! (Scott sobbing)… couldn’t hold on to his 1 – 0 lead… The last card. Pele pulls it out the bag, the Ref blows they trudge off… both Managers… slightly apoplectic about what happened in that half of football. Join us next week for the second half! Can the Sixties hold on to their lead again? Can they get back in front again? Who knows, tune in next week… …and that’s how you play a basic
version of Time Vault soccer of course if you want to play the second
half then just reshuffle your Match Deck draw 5 cards and play through again.
Carry over any yellow cards from the first half and then combine the scores
from both and that will give you your match winner. It’ll also by default give
you your designated Match Sulker. now if you want to get your hands on the game
then please go to the Time Vault soccer.com website where you can buy the “60’s vs 70’s Debut Starter Set” which
have just been demoing and also… the 50s booster pack which includes Stanley Matthews, Duncan Edwards and Lev Yashin and the eighties booster pack which includes Socrates, Marco van Basten and Tony Adams now all of these players have new and unique skills which help develop your football strategy. They also
annoy your opponents more because they don’t know if its cards you’re going to
be attacking them with… finally there are some pro rules you can look at if you want to make the game even more realistic and true to real-life football. If you go to Time Vault soccer.com website and look at our learn page, you’ll be able to
see how to host tournaments, substitutions, suspensions and anything
else you can think of within football. Finally we are looking at pulling
together some more how-to films. We’re probably going to focus on some of the
card skills and how to use them but also show you how some of the pro-rules
actually work in action but if there is anything in particularly you want us to
cover then please drop us a line you can get us on any of our media we’re on
Facebook, Twitter, our own Website and YouTube pop us a line and we’ll give it
our best shot, now… I think I’ve more or less covered everything… so I think we’re
done so I think all that’s left to do is… Jog On!

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