ThoMats #3 – Part 1 | Football Golf Challenge | Müller vs. Hummels


„Heads up, everyone!” “Aha, did you win your driving license in the lottery?!” “Hi guys! You all know me now I think. I’ve come up with something very special for Mats. Mats, we’re not playing football today, or golf. We’re playing ‘football golf’. Here are the rules, this will be our hole, that’s where we’re aiming at.” “Important – there are no rules.” “Anything goes! Including slide tackles.” “Good to go? Then let’s head to the first one.” “In true golfing style!” Right, let’s see how you work this.” “Handbrake down!” “Does it have a horn?” “Aha, did you win your driving license in the lottery?!” “The fairway is here on the left-hand side, so we’ve got a tricky chip to do to start with. I’ve thought of something clever since we’re starting here for our first tough shot on this PGA FC Bayern course. I’ve made a kind of tee using the sand.” “But do you know what the problem was?” “But it’s over there.” “Hey that was in, nice one!” “Hey Mats, be careful. You also need to eat some of the sand.” “Let’s just move that away.” “What about fair play?” “Oh yes!” “Yes!” “That was six metres over!” “I made it easy for him. I had to take mine off a tee buried in sand, so I can live with this result.“ “This way I think, reverse outwards right?” “How do we go backwards? Here?“ „Oh yeh, we’re back on the move.” “I’d just like to remind you that it was my driving that was criticised on the way there.” “But I normally drive four-by-fours.” “I’m going to go over the right.” “That was probably a good decision.” “More to the left!” “Classic Müller, hits it badly but it still comes off.” Yeeees!“ “That’s the more direct way, no?” “Yes it is!” „Yeh that was a good one.” „Yes, that’s a good ball.“ “Ooh this will be a tough one.” „Ah, you didn’t hit it good!“ “The door needs to be opened so I can get it in! Heads up, everyone!” “Oh yes, ohhhhhh!” “It’s bouncing well!” “I was really confident of winning until right now but he’s really given me a beating today. I’m feeling the pressure again.”

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