This Is England Football (Soccer) Team Motivation Speech (Animatique Version)

This Is England Football (Soccer) Team Motivation Speech (Animatique Version)

I’m not angry I’m just disappointed as I
know this team is capable of much more. The glory of 1966 seems a million light
years away, but it’s only the end if you let it be. You will have two choices you can either
lay down and die as individuals in front of the world, or you can dig deep and find the schoolboy passion that got you into this beautiful game. Play as a team and become the champions you were born to be. Whatever the media may say you have an army of fifty million England fans behind you. It’s time to stand up ignore the doubts
and fight for your right to be champions. It may seem impossible, but that doesn’t
matter. When David faced Goliath, a giant of a an five times his size, did he cry his weetabix? NO! When Jerry Maguire got sacked and faced the end of his career, did he stop? NO! When Jon Snow stood on the wall at Castle black being attacked by giants, Wildlings,… and his feisty ex-girlfriend did he admit defeat? NO! When the Goonies faced eviction from their homes did they accept it? NO! They went out
there and they found one-eyed Willy’s treasure This is your time, when you finish this
match, you will stand at the foot of Mount
Olympus and Hercules will ask you for advice. When you finish this match Pele
will call you and congratulate you on the best football that he has ever seen. There are not three lions on your shirt… There are 300 Lions and army England fans behind you. When you go out there and face the might of the Persian Army You will say… This Is England!!

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