These 3 tips will make you a better midfielder

These 3 tips will make you a better midfielder

guys and girls in today’s episode I’m
gonna give you three tips that will instantly make you a better midfielder
as long as you implement them to your game and actually even though you’re not
a midfielder which I used to be back in the days I’m sure you’re gonna learn
something watching this episode now these three tips are things that every
player should have in their locker but unfortunately they go unnoticed from a
lot of young players and today we’re gonna fix that let’s go my tip number one is having an open body positioning before you receive the ball let me
explain as often as possible you want to have your front facing forward towards
the direction where you are attacking simply for you to be able to see what’s
happening and perhaps spot some defenders who are rushing towards you
trying to steal the ball now I’m gonna demonstrate this to you guys with a
simple scenario I’m gonna play the role of a center mid and my friend Phil here
is gonna be my center back and I’m gonna show you two different ways on how you
can approach this number one yes Phil you get the ball you turn and you go
second example yes Phil now you guys could probably spot the difference right
away let’s go a little bit deeper into both models Phil in the first example
the first mistake here is that you have your back towards the direction where
you want to end up you’re basically looking into your own goal and you have
no idea what’s happening behind you in the area that you’re actually gonna try
and attack you gonna spend first of all a lot of energy and skill trying to turn
with the ball before you can lift your head up and see what’s out there this is
not ideal instead what you want to do you want to approach the ball and
already position your body facing the goal you are attacking towards in order
for you to see right away what’s happening you can approach the ball
making a little circle like this yes boom right off the bat you are
already ready to go forward and attack the goal you can see right away when the
ball is approaching with the corner of your eye
if there is a defender rushing towards you no more mess-ups with the ball
trying to make a fancy turn and losing the ball in the center of the park start
paying attention on how your body is positioned before you even receive the
ball tip number two is passing to the correct
side and especially the front foot of your teammate
let me explain we are all familiar with this scenario your team wins the ball
you have a chance for a quick counter-attack you as the center mid
receive the ball and you spot your left winger making a great run towards the
flank you pass the ball towards him but unfortunately it stays behind him he’s
gonna have to slow down his speed take a couple of steps back and in the worst
case scenario the ball is even gonna go over the line for a throw-in passing the
ball to the correct side and the front foot of your teammate makes the game
faster especially when you’re trying to bring the game forward so in this
scenario I would like to aim as he is my left winger to the left foot so he can
take it beautifully with the first touch in front of him same thing when he
passes the ball to me I would like to have it here on my right foot so once
again I have my front facing forward the second I receive the ball if I was to
give the ball to his right foot here he’s gonna have his back towards the
goal which is not ideal same thing here if I get the ball I’m attacking this way
we don’t want to receive the ball with our backs towards the goal the world’s
best footballers make this thing look easy because they’ve been doing it for
years at the world’s best academies Ajax and FC Barcelona from the youngest age
the players start learning the importance of passing the ball to the
correct side and the correct foot of your teammate don’t be satisfied in a
game situation just smashing the ball towards your teammate you need to be
able to pick out the pass that will move the game forward bring it to his
front foot every single time the last tip is scouting the pitch you
as the midfielder have the responsibility of being the engine of
the team and you need to know where both your teammates and the opponents are at
all times so when you don’t have the ball when the ball is on the left side
of the pitch you need to constantly keep looking and spotting what’s happening
out there on the pitch maybe your right back is making a great
run so when you receive the ball you already know what’s happening out there
and you can quickly pass the ball towards your teammate scouting the
pitch at all times makes you aware of what’s happening out there and it will
help you make better decisions as soon as you receive the ball so next time
you’re watching football on TV pay close attention to the midfielders their heads
are turning all the time when they don’t have the ball
they are scouting the pitch 24-7 and so should you so guys and girls hopefully enjoy
today’s episode and I truly hope you got something out of it that will make you a
better football player or in fact a better midfielder and I really need you
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100 thoughts on “These 3 tips will make you a better midfielder

  1. those are basic for midfielders, in which lot of midfielder around the world tend to forget that when they are being marked or pressed. The difference between quality and average midfielders is seen when the opponents challenge and mark so hard

  2. I play as a winger but I tried playing as a midfielder yesterday so I recognize am more better in this position and your video made me feel confident. Thanks💕🔥

  3. My team swaps me between midfielder and defender all the time and theise tips really helped me for when I'm in mid but the only problem is the boys in my team don't pass to the girls very often expressly me because i mess up ask the time. Any tips?

  4. I really enjoyed it and understand it very very well
    Thanks for your teaching and move to the next level

  5. As a midfielder, you want to develop great peripheral vision on the field and use it to your advantage. I love scoring, but being able to create a play and help your teammates setup for a goal is even better! My favorite midfielders to watch were Kaká (Brazil) and Ronaldinho (Brazil). This video is great, thanks for sharing!

  6. Just found this channel 2 days ago, decided to go pro and take football serioualy a week ago at my age of 18. This channel really aided that decision. God help my ambition

  7. I never even realized that i was positioning my body wrongly all allong. Now i can really start performing well as a midfielder

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