Thermaling tips for paraglider pilots (part 3 of 4)

Thermaling tips for paraglider pilots (part 3 of 4)

Now, while focusing so much on this thermal you also want to be looking around for other thermals, other signs of lift. I’m
straightening up into wind and the climb is improving, perhaps we kind of drifted out
of the thermal. I’ve got up a little bit now I’m only like a few hundred meters above
takeoff not really high enough to go cross-country yet so I just need to keep
working. I can see some other gliders climbing but as today is quite cloudy it
feels like a very gentle slow day and then I just carry on milking this little
thermal rather than rushing off quite yet. now I can see the gliders around me
seemed to have all dropped out, it’s like this thermal is fizzling out so it’s
probably time to move on. now looking around, I’m looking back at takeoff where you can see Angelique and ahead there are some gliders climbing a little bit on the
slope there in front of me out in the valley is a
nice cloud and see Grita under a cloud the white glider, maybe too small for you, but
underneath her I see a red glider that’s climbing reasonably well. I’ve got a
choice: either go out in the valley for the red glider or I come back to the
hill. I’m gonna glide out. I can also see from the landing field below,
Ronald’s got a little bit low but he’s got a core and he’s climbing up so I’m
gonna glide out. It’s much better to have gliders climbing up from below because you can reach above them and it’s much more likely you’ll actually get their lift, whereas if you
glide underneath gliders climbing it’s quite possible that you’ve missed there climb, you’ve missed the boat. Ronald’s climbing very nicely from being
quite low he’s almost at the same height as me. I’m guessing by the time I
get to meet him he might even be above me. so that was a good climb let’s go!
so there’s Ronald in front with two vultures. now quite often as you go into the
thermal it can be a bit bumpy so expect that. yeah, there’s the little surge in
the push as I go into the climb. now I’m joining up …
here’s Ronald and two friendly vultures. Oh yeah there’s the core look at that!
there’s a nice climb. well I’ve just flown through it. now gone up to three meters a
second. right so now we’ve got a climb 3.4 meters a second and
it’s really nice and smooth. Because the day is humid (I’m guessing it’s really quite
humid today) the thermals seem to have much softer edges than they did when we
were in Roldanillo and the other days where it was drier and the thermals were
really punchy and quite turbulent at times. this is just lovely! Like flying in
England (on a good day). brilliant! so what I’m doing while I’m thermaling I’m mainly thermaling by feel, to be
honest, but I’m also glancing down on my instruments to see my rate of climb here I’m looking to see my
rate of climb on my averager which is set to 20 seconds and it gives me an
idea of how well I’m climbing if I’m the best bit of lift. by adjusting my turn and
experimenting a little bit I can find the best rate of average climb. I’m just
getting up to cloudbase. Can’t turn quite as quickly because I’ve got a camera in my hand. yeah, just gliding out.
Often as you go out of the thermal you get dropped, you feel your stomach drop a little bit. okay there we’ve now got up to base and
now we’re ready to go cross country I’ve already got the next cloud right in front of me – in fact I can glide to cloudbase. that’s the nice thing you can do
sometimes I mean don’t go in, always try avoid going into cloud.
sometimes you can get caught out. When there’s a little fluffy cumulus like
this it’s okay to just go around the edge of it you know your airspace is
clear here’s the view back at launch I think
I’m gonna glide back we’ve no no hurry to push out yet so now I’m going to
glide back towards launch. below we can see there are some glider climbing up, so it looks like this thermal is still working. Ronald’s having some fun spiraling down. so now I’m coming underneath them and
they’re going up, like I said, I’m not sure I’ll actually get the climb. I’ll hunt around a
little bit. I haven’t got birds around me to show me the way. It feels to me like I’ve
missed this boat, the climb has kind of gone through, the cycle has finished. there’s a vulture climbing to my right
towards Crispin and now Crispin is climbing better than me. so yeah while
you’re flying around, when I’m flying I’m always looking at other gliders trying
to see who’s doing best, looking for signs of lift birds, cumulus clouds. there’s something
going around in this area, can I get it? Am I gonna be in time, that’s the
question. now I’m getting that lovely shove you get from the thermal. Got a gentle climb here. days like today where it’s a little bit unstable and humid you have
lots of little bubbles all over the place. On days that are more stable you tend to have big gaps
between the climbs and then more concentrated strong climbs in
concentrated areas, whereas on these like more slightly low-pressure humid more
unstable days you have lots of little bubbles all over the place, so you often be thermaling in one place and then not far away from you
there’s somebody else turning in another little gaggle. Whereas on the
high-pressure days you tend to have one climb for kilometres around. yeah this one’s a
bit weak, I’m going to go back for the house thermal. if you look at the terrain
in front you can see the road that runs up the spur. The thermals tend to do a
similar thing, you’ve probably heard the theory about dipping the terrain in honey
and then turning it upside down but here you can imagine the honey running up
that road and then it pops off on the
corners and the high points, the bumps. there’s a place where there’s quite a
reliable spot, then you get a house thermal, like here.

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