There Is No Event More Important to Football Fans Than the Pro Bowl

There Is No Event More Important to Football Fans Than the Pro Bowl

– Super Bowl of course
coming up this week, Anthony. – Who cares?
– But first headline. – Who cares about
the Super Bowl? – Is from the Real Bowl,
it’s called the Pro Bowl. It went down.
– The only bowl I care about I eat my cereal with my hands, ’cause the only
bowl I care about (laughter) is the Pro Bowl. I just throw dog
food on the floor. (laughter) ‘Cause I’m all
about the Pro Bowl. – Lot of the football
world this week. – I don’t own a toilet. (female laughter) – Just shits on the ground. In the corner.
– There’s only one bowl I care about and
it’s the Pro Bowl. It’s what the NFL season
is geared towards, it’s what it’s all about. Everything is just
all about the Pro Bowl and you know what, that
wasn’t always the case. Back when it was in Hawaii
after the Super Bowl, it wasn’t that big of deal, now that it’s in between
the end of the playoffs and the Super Bowl
and it’s in Orlando, the best of America,
now it’s number one. – There is some
concern this week that the Pro Bowl
was so exciting, people are really not going
to be into the Super Bowl anymore.
– It was, it was. I mean, everyone talking
about the one play. You know and we’re
not gonna get into it. We’re not gonna get
into the xs and os but it was a
beautifully coached game and the players
showed a real passion. I think that’s what people
are gonna be talking about, even during the Super
Bowl, is how much passion. I mean, those guys left it
all out there on the field. – All on the field. You often talk about oooh
there’s not as much pass rush in the Pro Bowl,
not this Pro Bowl. – Oh my God, this Pro Bowl. It was almost like the
offense was pass rushing. Do you know what I mean? They were so into it and just the stats,
I mean, unbelievable. It was like, the thing
about the NBA All Star Game, how much fun that is and
how much offense there is and then you think like
the NHL All Star Game. Imagine if the
basketball players had to put on ice skates. That’s what this
Pro Bowl was like. – And what a tough week
really for Stephen A. Smith who’s famous for
being a Cowboys hater and Jason Garrett,
especially is a guy, the coach of the Cowboys
that he picks on quite a bit. After watching what
Jason Garrett did on Sunday night in
Orlando, case closed. – Jason Garrett saved his job, probably saved a lot of
jobs during that Pro Bowl and, you know, I don’t have
the final score in front of me but it was amazing. (laughter) I just love the Pro
Bowl more than anything. I wish they could
play it twice a year. And the skills competition,
are you kiddin’ me? All those skills,
every one of them. There wasn’t a single
skill that I was like that’s more luck or a
gift, it was all skills. – What throws.
– What throws what catches. – What catches.
– Oh my god. – Some diving plays. – They really put the pro
in Pro Bowl this year. – John Coughlin was a two time
United States pairs champion in figure skating, Anthony,
died by suicide last week in Kansas City, Missouri. He had recently been suspended
from U.S. figure skating. He was 33 years old. – So this had nothing to do with the Kansas City losing
to the Patriots, this was just, do
you know why he? – It happened shortly
thereafter, yes. – And what was he suspended for? – Officially there’s
not a reason, but there has been
some reporting that there were sexual
assault allegations that he was suffering from. – Yes, I love, listen suicide
is an important topic, a very serious topic, but
when someone’s just like “I screwed up so bad that
I’m pulling the plug.” I think it’s great. I always think you’re just like I don’t wanna go
through a trial, you know what I mean? I don’t wanna have to
explain this to my mom. I’m just gonna go. I always think that’s great. ‘Cause at first it was
like, “Oh what happened? This is some horrible tragedy.” This guy was like a
champion and worked with, you know, trained people. I’m sure kids were
involved in some way but you’re just like
“Oh, you guys want me to get punished for this? You know what, I
got plans of my own and I’m just gonna
see you all later. See you on the other side.” I find that delightful. – I was wondering
where you could find the lightness in
this story going in, but I do find myself
laughing at your ridiculous statements.
– Like I believe, when people are like, “Oh this
person’s a child molester, why didn’t they just
kill themselves?” I’m like, yeah, I understand
that, I agree with that. But when you kill
yourself afterwards it’s just kinda like “I’m
not gonna let you guys win. Yeah, I sexually
assaulted all these people and I’m not gonna face any
punishment for it, I’m out. I didn’t even like
ice skating anyway.” – Let’s move on to
a lighter subject. Let’s talk about a nurse
in the Phoenix area who was arrested this week after it was found out he raped
and impregnated a woman in a vegetative state. – Yep, a couple weeks
ago you probably heard about the story, there
was a woman in a coma and she got Kill Bill’d. She was in a coma and all
of a sudden she’s pregnant and they’re like “Oh,
uh, we’re in trouble. The hospital is in
trouble, we’re gonna get to the bottom of this.” And you knew they were
gonna solve it right away because all you do, is you
look for the happiest nurse. (laughter) There’s only so many people
going in and out of that room, which one’s the happiest? He did it. I’m surprised this guy
didn’t pull a figure skater and just be like,
“I’m not gonna. I don’t wanna have to
answer these questions. I don’t have to look someone
in the eye over this.” But I’m glad they did get him. Although, like, okay.
– It was at one of those facilities, like
an assisted care facility. – Sure, you’re in a coma, I’m a big fan of like, if
I’m in a coma, pull the plug, I don’t wanna live like this. Even if they’re like, there’s
some rough possibility in 20 years they’ll
figure it out. If I’m asleep for
more than 24 hours, I’m out, you know what I mean? – Who’s in charge right now? Do you have it
written down that? – I do not have a living will, I’ve just told enough
people that I hope that they would be like,
“He wouldn’t want this.” But when I do do a
will, I will say, you know, pull the
plug immediately. – Get on that.
– Yeah. But if I was in a
coma, you know what, do what you want. (laughter) You know what I mean, maybe, I’m not gonna say
that it’s a good thing, but I’m not worried about it. It’s like necrophilia. Who’s the victim, you know? – Well maybe the
families of the body. – If you see it, yeah, sure, otherwise, you have no idea. But necrophilia’s
better than having sex with someone in a coma. – Like in what way?
– Because the one person’s dead and
one person is alive. But, uh.
– What? – It’s less of a victim thing,
do you know what I mean? So you guys are telling
me if you were in a coma. Maybe I’ll do this,
I’ll have a living will, but if I am just in a
coma for a little while, do what you want to me. – That’s part of the will.
– Or would you guys be like, “Don’t touch me.” – I mean.
– Would you let someone have sex with you
if you were in a coma. – Probably not, I
mean I’d hope not. That woman’s impregnated now. – Yeah, that’s true. I mean, that’s a bummer. – If you’re gonna have sex
with someone in a coma, use protection. – That’s a bummer for that.
– It finally occurs saying “Well, that’s
true, that’s a bummer.” – Yeah, I didn’t
think about the kid who comes out of it. I just assumed the pregnancy
wouldn’t go that far. – No, she just had the baby. – She just had the baby? – Is she still in a coma? – Yeah.
– What? – I just like that when
– The baby’s doing well. – When they saw the bump they were just like, “Oh, jeez. Oh we’re getting a talking to. There’s gonna be a meeting
at corporate over this.” You can’t do it, nurses. This is why male
nurses get a bad rap. ‘Cause whenever a nurse
kills a bunch of patients, it’s always a female nurse but whenever a nurse
knocks up someone in a coma it’s always a dude. Why is that? (intense rock music)

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  1. R: "John Coughlin… died by suicide last week in Kansas City, Missouri… he was 33 years old…"
    J: "This had nothing to do with Kansas City losing to the Patriots?"

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