The WORST Performances By Team USA In FIBA World Campionships!


NBA season is coming soon, but for now we’re
left enjoying the international basketball scene in FIBA World Championships. On Tuesday Team USA barely won against Turkey
in the FIBA World Basketball Championships. Today they meet with Japan. Going into this tournament we already kinda
knew it wasn’t gonna be as easy to win as it usually is for Team USA. A lot of NBA stars declined their invitation
to participate in this tournament while other countries managed to get their best players
to perform. Even though Team USA isn’t overwhelmed with
all-world stars this year, it’s still Team USA. They just should win, right? Even if the team is built with second-tier
stars and yet-to-be all-stars. After all, in last 2 FIBA World Championships
Team USA went 18-0 and won gold medals in both tournaments. Up to this point, it hasn’t been as easy
and yesterday’s narrow win got me thinking. What were some surprising losses for Team
USA in FIBA World Championships? Hey Guys. PRPLPRNCH here and today, we’re looking
at some unexpected losses suffered by Team USA Basketball. Right off the bat I want to say that I’m
looking only at the FIBA World Championship tournament, not Olympic Games, not Americup. Also, there’s no real order here based on
the severity of the loss and we’re looking at the last 40 years of USA Basketball. Let’s start. 1982 World Cup After an underwhelming 1978 World Cup where
Team USA conquered only fifth place of 14 participating teams, the 1982 World Cup did
have some more expectations. It really shouldn’t have. Team USA was made out of mostly college players
and some players who played overseas. Or in other words, there was no future legend
on that team. The best player on the 1982 USA team was Glenn
Rivers. You might know him better as Doc Rivers. And when your best player is still in college
and afterwards is a role player in NBA, you can’t expect big results. Which was exactly what happened. Team USA suffered it’s first loss against
Spain in Group round, 99 to 109. Then in the semifinal round, Team USA , somewhat
surprisingly beat Yugoslavia, then Colombia, squeezed out a narrow win against Canada,
and then beat Soviet Union and Australia. The last loss Team USA would suffer in this
tournament was the hardest. They lost to Soviet Union in the Finals by
one point – 94 to 95. They lost to a team they beat just 2 days
ago, but the luck this time wasn’t on USA’s side. They ended up with silver medals. 1986 World Cup When you look at the 1986 World Cup rosters
you finally start to see some better known faces. Brian Shaw, a young admiral David Robinson. Steve Kerr. And I’ll tell you right away, Team USA won
this tournament. They barely slipped by Puerto Rico in the
group stages, but that was their only problem there. In semifinal stage, they lost their very first
and only game in this tournament to Argentina. A narrow loss, 70 to 74, but still a loss. Team USA went on to win every game going forward
and in the finals redeemed themselves by beating the Soviet Union 87 to 85. 1990 World Cup Fresh off a gold medal in the 1986 World Cup,
the USA National team was once again favorites to win the cup in 1990. They didn’t have the easiest group either
as they had to battle Greece and Spain for a chance to continue the tournament. This team featured a young Alonzo Mourning,
Christian Laettner, Billy Owens and Kenny Anderson. USA beat Greece in overtime, then demolished
South Korea 146 to 67 and in the last group stage game beat Spain. In the second round, Team USA lost to Puerto
Rico in the last group game, but made the semifinals where they lost to Yugoslavia. In a game for the 3rd place USA beat Puerto
Rico by 2 points and secured themselves a bronze medal. 1998 World Cup After finishing the 1994 World Championships
without any losses Team USA went into the 1998 World Cup with probably the worst roster
yet. Team USA featured no future superstars, no
future legends, no NBA players, instead focusing on building team with overseas players. It didn’t pay off. USA suffered it’s first loss already in
the group stage against Lithuania – 82 to 84. Then it was smooth sail until quarter-finals
where they barely beat Italy 80 to 77. In the semifinals USA met with their former
rivals, the former Soviet Union, now known as Russia. The game was a close one, but Russia managed
to beat the United States 66 to 64. In the bronze medal game – USA beat Greece
pretty easily – 84 to 61. 2002 World Cup The 2002 World Cup was probably the worst
performance ever in FIBA World Cups. And there was absolutely no reason for that
kind of performance. After all, with all the teams before you had
some doubts because of player experience, no NBA players, but in this team, all players
were from the NBA and there are a lot of well-known names, legends and hall of famers here. Just listen – Baron Davis, Andre Miller, Jermaine
O’Neal, Antonio Davis, Paul Pierce, Reggie Miller, Shawn Marion, Ben Wallace, Elton Brand. All very very good players who had very very
good careers. But in the World Cup, this team just didn’t
mesh. And the group stage was very good. They beat all the teams by at least 17 points
and there was absolutely no signal whatsoever that something could go horribly wrong. Even the second round was started with a bang. They beat Russia 106 to 82, then demolished
New Zealand 110 to 62. The first hiccup happened in the last game
of the second round against Argentina. Sure they had Manu Ginobilli, Luis Scola,
Andreas Nocioni, but in reality that team should never beat future NBA Legends. But they did. They beat team USA 87 to 80. Team USA then lost to Yugoslavia in the quarter-finals
and now were playing for the fifth to eighth place. They beat Puerto Rico to qualify for a chance
to get the fifth place, but in the game for it, lost to Spain – 75 to 81. A very very disappointing tournament for Team
USA, considering the talent that was on the roster. 2006 World Cup
What do you do when you disappoint? You come back with probably an even better
squad next time around. And that was the case with the 2006 FIBA World
Championships Team USA roster. Just listen to the names – Joe Johnson, Kirk
Hinrich, Lebron James, Antawn Jamison, Shane Battier, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Chris Bosh,
Dwight Howard, Brad Miller, Elton Brand and Carmelo Anthony. You probably figured out who was the weakest
player on this roster, but the fact is, absolutely every position had a superstar. Sure, they were still young, but already dominating
the NBA, and Dwyane Wade, was coming off an NBA Championship and a Finals MVP award. The preliminary rounds were great. In the first game of the knockout stage against
Australia, they beat them by 40 points. In the quarter-finals, they beat Germany by
20 points, and then came the crash. In the semifinals against Greece. Of all the teams you have Greece. A team which featured good players, but no
NBA players. Vassilis Spanoulis led the way with 22 points
for Greece, but 3 more players scored double digit points, and absolutely every player
on Greece scored. For team USA Carmelo scored 27, Lebron James
added 17 and Dwyane Wade added 19. Chris Paul had only 3, Joe Johnson had only
3 and Elton Brand was left with a goose egg. In the end, a loss to Greece – 95 to 101. In the game for bronze medals Team USA beat
Argentina pretty soundly – 96 to 81, but the tournament was a fail anyway. What makes this all worse is that Greece was
so bad in the gold medal game against Spain. They lost 47 to 70. No competition at all. And here they were 2 days ago and everything
clicked for them. That was the last loss for Team USA in the
FIBA World Championships. 2010 and 2014 were dominating years, but this
year, they don’t look so dominating. Will see if they catch a loss on the way. Thanks for watching guys. Who in your opinion was the worst roster that
Team USA assembled? Do you see Team USA winning gold medals this
year? Whatever your thought is, please leave a comment
below. I’ll appreciate every comment coming my
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