This is a story of how we met Let that sink in for a second. Okay. This is a monumental time in our lives anyways February 16 through in Simplot Games in Idaho I came from California I came from, Utah The Bojo I flew this time But then I had to land and Somewhere in Utah and then how to drive I think boys Probably ways doesn’t matter so we both get to the track meet in Idaho is called the Simplot Games. It’s amazing It is amazing and the crazy thing was I wasn’t gonna go to this meet like we had a dance that weekend at school and I really am NOT an indoor track person something You know what? I don’t really need to be there and then my buddies convinced me to go so I ended up You know going to the moon I saw him warming up for the 400. I was warming up for hurdles and I just like saw him and I was like Harry’s dad at the time. I didn’t know he didn’t have legs I Was wearing pants yeah heard some sweats he was doing some like soybeans you Doing that. Yeah, I Kinda just like stared at him for a little bit and I was like, well, this is awkward before this she’s taking a picture and my best friend’s in the background and that Is the best friend that I told cuz we were watching her race two hurdles before and the 400 and I was like, yeah dad girls fine I’m gonna marry that girl and there’s also a text that I Sent to Tucker who’s like one of my best friends I said, this is a girl man to marry and then Then the next day was the 400 and that that’s for this story. Yeah, the 400 was up And I watched him run. Do you like finish the race and like after everyone finished the race? They like come off the side of the track and like I was like standing there Waiting for him and like it’s kind of like gave him a hug Yeah, I don’t even really realize that I gave him a hug. He was kind of just like in his own little world like Huffing and puffing to be fair. I just ran a 400. Okay, and I got the track and I was dying and she just walks in and she’s like I just need a hug. Yes I went back to my best friend Tucker that I was telling you about I said guitar Davis walked up to me and hugged me and he’s like dude you’re lying. No, she didn’t Yes, and we talked about it for a while. I guess that’s really how a man that was kind of it Yeah I Came up to her later at like the awards dance when I was getting my medal for the foreigner and she was getting medals for long jump and hurdles like I don’t know. We have a small conversation. Yeah a small don’t breathe Nothing crazy and then afterwards I told my mom I was like, oh my god. Mom. This guy’s so cute Blah blah blah what happened? The night I was like, oh my god, like right after that’s like, oh here I just talked to hunter This girl so I started walking around simple at this big stadium to try to see if I can find her and I found her When she was with her parents and her grandparents, so I got scared So I just walked to hey, I was gonna go say what’s up, but I got scared so I walked away And I was kind of hit that’s all we talked about really and then we got home And this is just hitting on the fact that if you’re a girl and you like a guy you can make the first move Just how I made all the room. I might be first, dude I went to hug him and the second move and then we follow each other on Instagram and Twitter So the first time I DM do I think is that one night where you’re uh, yeah, so he was up tweeting On some like weird mumbo Jumbo’s type said whatever And I was like, why are you up? It was like an 11 o’clock. Okay, it wasn’t that late I don’t stay up that late I was like, why are you up and he’s like, I was just waiting for you to respond or something like that I’ll see if I can go find the damn. It was a year. It was over a year ago I was like, oh you’re just I had some moves I Mean, I I wish I could have like a little short conversation. He’s like well, I gotta get a bed. Good night Okay My DMS, it’s been a little bit of game I had to go I had to balance alright that I See how it is. I think the next day I got your number Yeah, and we texted snap chatted a little bit and then a few months down like we didn’t talk for that long A few months down the road. We would like talk here and there and then we like hung out at Arcadia. Yeah Okay. So Arcadia, this is like we Started talking. Yeah, no one stopped. Yeah every day all the time. So in April Yeah, we were taught. I’m we hung out there I invited him to this party goin to a party here a bunch of noobs were it was not comfortable with I Am through with you were not I had three friends with me who were not coming with the party So we left I said we left. Okay. We’re there for like 20 minutes. Maybe I said This is a great time car. I got it I got a bounce and I was like so butt hurt and I was look at the time one of my best friends Was there he came to my track meet? maybe hunter thought that like we were dating most definitely though they were dating and we weren’t like I was like dang I got played cuz we have been talking like all the time like every day and I was like kidding But he did that Kristin if you’re watching this Christian shout to you, bro. He asked me for my autograph Don’t we go to gym until June Yowie we’re gonna do because our whole entire relationship has been distance Actively. So in June is when I was I was back in California San Diego training doing the training center and Tarah where he goes again. Tarah at 6:00 a.m Woke up and drove two and a half hours to see me in San Diego and we hung out. We had a great time That’s when we had our first kiss first kiss which days all that good It was absolutely amazing and then from then on is just like I Wrote it this time. Let me say that we go to LA, Tijuana I don’t even know how many states we’ve been to how many close to ten at this point ladies if you see you guys Make that move to move, you know, don’t be scared about it And thank you guys for being on this crazy journey with us. It’s gonna go some fun places We’re gonna do a lot of fun things. Hey, give us some 1 million two hundred can propose. Thank you. Not on me Thank you guys so much for watching. Let us know in the comments what you guys want to see next Also leave a like because that really helps us to see for what we’re doing is the good stuff You know, it makes your subscribe and turn that notice bell on as always. Oh you guys next time? Mayson value in for some solo

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