The Season: Ole Miss Football – South Alabama (2017)

The Season: Ole Miss Football – South Alabama (2017)

– [Narrator] Last week on “The Season”. – There’s only one thing I can tell you. Is that on September 2nd at 6:30, we’re still gonna put our jerseys on and walk down that tunnel. – Marquis Haynes reporting
for fall camp day one. It’s finna be a breeze. Then come back to me later on, watch how much I’ll be dying after this. – It’s real confident swagger. And that’s what I wanna see man. We earn everything. Don’t expect any hand-outs. We don’t want any. Don’t waste a rep! Don’t waste a rep! Oh yeah, oh yeah! Oh yeah Marquell! – Shoulder pads, first day in pads. – Yeah, they a little hyped
up ’cause pads on today. So we gonna give them
what they asking for. We gonna beat up on them a little bit. (team cheers) – When you come down to the box, come down in the box! You a linebacker now! You scared of contact? Well get down in there! (rock music) (inspirational theme music) – [Narrator] While the
Rebels stitch together their last week of practice before the home opener
against South Alabama, multiple groups in Oxford work seamlessly to make sure
there are no loose ends. – I been doing the jerseys
for Ole Miss about five years. It’s my favorite thing in the world to do. It’s my favorite thing about this job. I have to iron it out to make
sure it’s nice and smooth. We’re putting on numbers today. They give me a list from
the athletic department of the particular jerseys
they’re bringing over and what number goes on
what jersey, the size. And I just put them on. They have to be centered, and
they have to be exactly right. Everything has to be perfect. I’m measuring everywhere. I measure the side and the center to make sure everything is just right. Has to be perfect for my boys. They’re normally pressed on. Nike does the majority of them but there are walk ons,
transfers, and maybe some guys that didn’t make the team before were brought up to be on the team so they have to have a jersey. Sometimes the jerseys get torn or messed up so bad that I can’t fix them. I do the game day jerseys
also, the repairs. I guess the funniest
repair I ever had to do was on Bo Wallace’s jersey. They tore the numbers off
the back of his jersey. I’d never had that happen before. That meant, he must’ve been running like the very daylights
to get away from them to go to that goal line and
they were trying to catch him and all they could get hold of were the numbers on his jersey. (sewing machines whirring) Looks great! It’s perfect, like it’s supposed to be! – [Narrator] While square
alterations is worried about the Rebels’ appearance on the field, Coach Luke has sewn together a little surprise to make
the team stand out off of it. – What’s up Rod? – How y’all doing? And I want my fit tailor-made now. I know I’m a big guy but I like it. – We got fabrics. You
gonna pick your own fabric. – Alright. (mumbles) – Kinda excited to get a little suit here. So It’s pretty cool. – [Interviewer] A little classy? – Yeah, never really owned one before so kinda excited to get one. (upbeat music) – [Coach] What do you got on him? – 46 XL. – Yeah, I’m too muscular for this bad boy. – Yup, I’m about to get fitted. Let’s do this thing. – I’m saying he’s going to be a 40. Solid 40. Because Alex is a 42. – 44 Long. – You suck. – What is it? – 44. – Oh man. – Yeah, big body. – Wow. – Boy over here got
some chin hair finally. – Now I got them guns now so it might be. – That’s alright, we gonna try. We’ll try, don’t whip them out. Don’t have to whip them out. We gonna try. – Got them guns.
– Geez. – Yeah, them guns be, you know. – I gotta think a minute. This guy’s got some arms. – [Player] Whoo! – Can’t have these on campus. (mumbles) Now I get to walk down in our
grove looking sexy, you know. Now they know 99 gonna look
sexy as can be, you know. We out here. See you later. (energetic music) – Well today I’m going to
read Come Rhyme With Me to how should I say it, five year olds, a kindergarten class and I hope
they really enjoy this book because there’s some
things in here that should really make them laugh. – [Teacher] Can you say
good morning to Marquis? – Good morning everybody. – You might have to duck. Jackson, can you think of a word that would rhyme with Marquis’s name? Marquis tar keys. What do you think Robert? (mumbles) Marquis far keys. Those are all right. – And the first thing we got is A is for alligator snoozin in the sun (kids laughing) if you dare to tickle
him, you better start to – [Kids] Run – Good job. Run. B is for bear sittin on a rug, eating all your chocolate and waiting for (kids mumbling) a hug. C is for caterpillar falling from a tree (kids laughing) and if you do not catch
her, she will drop into your – [Kids] Knee! Coffee! – Good job. – [Teacher] Smile. Okay, hotty toddy. – Hotty toddy. – [Teacher] Okay, go Rebels. – Go Rebels. Who said go Giants? I’m sackin Eli when I get there. (kids laughing) – How you doin, baby, how you doin. Good day today, good day today, good day. Oh, big day. (rock music) (whistle blowing) (soft music) – It was just a real good
day, and then all the sudden you get the unexpected
play that you never thought would happen. He never moved. Benito’s
like a little brother to me, so I was really worried. – I was like scared to death
about the hit I made and you can think ain’t nothing
wrong, but just the whole time there could be something wrong. Pat Jernigan he would just keep tellin me, stay with me, stay with me. – Anytime that happens,
it’s always a pause. It kinda worries you, you never know what the situation is or how bad it is. It kinda scares you a little bit. – I couldn’t see nobody’s
face, I just heard a lot of people’s voices
and one voice that really stuck out to me was Marquis’s
and Coach Luke’s and Coach Rhodes. – At that moment I just thought to myself this is a time where
everybody is worrying. For me, I had to stand up and say, everybody just get in
the goal line, chain up, and let’s pray for the best. And it was just an amazing thing to see, for everybody just to
come together as one. – That really touched my heart, to see everybody praying for
me and everything like that. That really shows a lot about family. (team cheering) – [Marquis] When things
happened to my brothers, I always made sure they
get where they need to go, I made he was gonna fight
when he left the field, ’cause if he doesn’t
that means something else is going on. – This is something I really
love, and one sentence the doctor can tell me, I could never be able
to play football again. I’m just happy it wasn’t nothing serious. – What the injury turned out being was just a little stinger. He came back, got there in pads and stuff, movin real good like he never left. I was just ready to get
back on the field and play. – Let things that you
can’t control be controlled by those who can control it. And that’s what we did, and
obviously he came out on top. We were positive about the situation and now we’re ready to move on. – [Narrator] Over the past two decades, Coach Matt Luke has completed
the Walk of Champions countless time, but there’s only one time like the first time. And this one is his first
as the captain of the ship. (upbeat music) – So, first game day, we out here. Walk of Champions, it’s gonna be real. It’s gonna be real, y’all stay tuned. – So you see it, nasty
wide out, you see it. Comin to an end zone near you. (crowd cheering) – I love it, I love it. – This is game day. First Walk of Champions was
amazing, all the fans, crazy. – [Cameraman] How do you feel now? – I’m ready to play. I’m ready to play. – Yeah. It’s goin live. We in here. These south Alabama
Jaguars, they goin down. Live at 6:30, we here, action, 6:30 live. – What up. – [Cameraman] Tell me, where we at. – Oh we in the Vaught baby, it’s real now. – [Cameraman] It’s real. – Oh yeah. – First game back in the Vaught. Got Coach Luke. We got
energy baby, let’s get it. (crowd cheering) – Good luck baby. Let’s go baby. Hi Sam, I love you too baby. (players mumbling) Let’s go baby. Hey bring some energy
when you come over there. (clapping) Bring the energy when
you come through it now, bring it to em. (indistinct chatter) Y’all bring it here tight. Bring it here tight. Love you guys. – [Team] Love you too, coach. – For a long time now,
a lot of people outside this locker room have had a
lot to say about Ole Miss. Everybody’s got something
to say about who we are. You turn on the TV, they say
everybody is gonna transfer. You go on social media,
you watch a magazine that says were gonna finish dead last. Everybody’s talkin.
Everybody’s talkin but us. But that’s what tonight is for. Tonight, we get to talk. Tonight, we make a
statement about who we are. Because nobody defines who we are, except the Ole Miss Rebels. Nobody defines us except the
people that are in this room. They can take whatever
they want to take from us, but they can’t take away this opportunity. They still gotta play us. (team murmuring) They can’t take this night from us. And they don’t just gotta play one of us. They don’t just gotta play one of us. (team cheering loudly) They gotta play all of us. Because you don’t have
to be blood to be family. – [Team] Yeah. – Hey, hey. Hey. It just has to be real.
It just has to be real. Hey, and that confidence
right now that you’re feeling, it’s not fake. It’s not fake. (team cheering) Hey, what’s your feeling
right now, you’ve earned. You’ve earned it. I’ve been waiting to say this all my life. And I’m so proud that I’m
doing it with you guys. – [Team] Yes sir. – Let’s go rock this Vaught. – (team cheering loudly) – [Announcer] It’s the
Rebels opening up 2017 against the South Alabama. And the man in blue, Matt Luke
has dreamt of this moment to lead Ole Miss into Vaught-Hemingway
Stadium as head coach. No more talk, time to play some football. Logan is ready, the Rebels are ready, are you ready to start 2017, here he goes, he approaches the football,
and the season is underway. – Hey, one play at a
time. One play at a time. – [Announcer] Johnson
off his right shoulder, here comes pressure, there’s
the snaps, gonna handle, drop play and that is gobbled up. – There you go, nice job. That’s it. – [Announcer] Third down
and eight for South Alabama Trips to the left with three receivers, there’s the snap, Garvin
at the gun, he’s gonna run, he’s hit, he’s in trouble, he’s sacked. (crowd cheering) – Woooooo! Yeah! (cheering) – [Announcer] A.J. Moore,
the senior from Bassfield Mississippi, one of the
twins came off the edge. – [Narrator] With the
defense rolling, it was the offense’s turn to join the
party and give the fans a much anticipated look at
the new air raid offense. – [Announcer] Zipped to the
far side, caught at the 33, working the sidelines is D.K. Metcalf. – Hey, let’s go. Let’s go. – [Announcer] There’s the
snap to Patterson, little shovel pass right underneath
to Jordan Wilkins. He pops on the 40 to midfield,
runs over a guy to the 45 and wrestled out of bounds on
the far sideline around 42, 43 There’s a snap, Patterson the throwdown, got a man, Jefferson caught
at the eight yard line and sandwiched and tackled there. What a throw. Might not have been the prettiest
from a spiral standpoint, that was wobbly. But you talk about finding the seam, and Jefferson made himself a
big target, able to hold it in. – Hey, tell him to finish now. Hey, let’s go. Hey, let’s finish. Finish! Finish! – [Announcer] First quarter, no score. The Rebels have marched
to the five of South Alba, second and goal. Trips to the left, quick
pass, near side, it’s caught. Touchdown, right corner,
front corner of the end zone. It’s DeMarcus Lodge. – [Announcer #2] Excellent timing there from Shea Patterson. He got that ball out of
his hands before the wide receiver even came off his break. – [Narrator] Despite the
hot start by the Rebs, the Jaguars would claw their way back, leaving it up to Gary
Wunderlich to regain the lead heading into halftime. – [Announcer] Gary Wunderlich,
22 of 23 last year. Moves this one through the uprights. He’s made 19 consecutive field goals and he gets Ole Miss back on top. (dramatic music) – Hey, 30 minutes down 30 minutes to go. Hey, question for y’all. When did we do board drill. – [Team] At the end. – At the end of practice. We didn’t do it at the beginning, did we. – [Team] No sir. – We did it at the end,
we did it at the end. It’s a 60 minute game. I told ya, there’s gonna
be a time out here in the second half, hey and you
getting challenged a little bit? – [Team] Good. – Hey, get challenged a
little bit, hey, good. That’s a chance for us to step up. Hey let’s go, let’s go play
Ole Miss Rebel football. Family on three, one, two, three. – [Team] Family. – [Narrator] This year’s receiving core has a new identity. They call themselves the Nasty Wide Out’s, or NWO for short. A.J. Brown took little time in showing just how they’ve earned their new moniker. – [Announcer] Caught by
Metcalf, or A.J. Brown rather. – Go, go, go. Let’s go score, go score. – [Announcer] Touchdown, Ole Miss. (crowd cheering) – You know what’s going on. You know what’s going on. A.J. (indistinct announcement) – Oh yeah – [Announcer] Patterson,
buying time, throws on the run. In traffic, Brown, holds
it in, breaks the tackle. A.J. Brown, down the
sideline, touchdown Ole Miss. (crowd cheering wildly) – Wow. (cheering) – He’s a bad man. – [Announcer] Can you say
hello top 10 Sports Center. Back to back touches for A.J. Brown, and they are house calls. (indistinct announcement) Here’s the kick by South Alabama and it’s gonna be taken
at the three yard line and returned by Jaylon Jones. Goes outside, back up the
middle, he’s got some speed. He’s the big bill, see you later baby. (loud cheering) Well they’ve been raving
about him in the pre-season camp David, you know you don’t
have a lot of live kick-offs when you run it in camp. Right there you see why
they’re excited about him. Patterson, slings one over the middle, Lodge, he’s got his second touchdown and the Rebels have opened
it up here in the third. – [Announcer #2] Did we
mention early in the contest that we had some
receivers you could go to? Did anybody talk about that tonight? (crowd cheering) – That’s a bad boy right there. Hey, two yard line. – [Narrator] Pennamon’s two
yard run would close out the scoring for the Rebels
and mark a strong start for the 2017 campaign. – [Announcer] Matt Luke, he
could not hide that smile for long. (laughing) He might be the interim head
coach, he took the first step in maybe becoming the head
coach of this program one day. (dramatic music) – Thank you buddy, appreciate it. Appreciate you. – We back at it, we got our feet wet. Now it’s time to get better. Y’all come down and
watch the field tomorrow, we gonna be better next week. – Look, we one and o. It wasn’t a beautiful win, but we got it. What, 47-27? We got more comin. – Hey, where’s A.J. Brown at? (team cheering) – [Team] A.J. Brown! – All time yards in a game. (loud cheering) – [Teammate] And Coach Luke,
first win as a head coach. (team cheering loudly) – [Team] Luke, Luke,
Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke. (wild cheering) – It’s a great night, it was a lot of fun, getting your first win under your belt. A lot of emotions early, but
once the game kicked off, kinda settled in to it. I think there’s a lot of
things we gotta get cleaned up from game one to game two, but always better to make
those corrections after a win. – Shea can’t throw the ball
if the whole line ain’t blockin, so, you know what I’m sayin. Hats off to the whole line. – Remember the name, this is a bad man. (laughter) – Our boy a dog, he’s a grown man. I loved every bit of it. – Game, I was nervous. I woke up at seven o’clock this morning, heart beating out of my chest. I thought Gates heard me, he’s over here sleeping like a baby. But, glad I got the
first game jitters out, see where we go from here.

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  1. Sorry but Freeze should been having the player dress like that for every walk of champions.. NO headphones etc.. imho it helps the fans and players

  2. Look I'm a Hurricanes fan but I respect Ole Miss VERY much after watching this. Hope you guys run the SEC! Salute to you guys from a distance! Great family team!

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