The Season: Ole Miss Football – Alabama (2018)

The Season: Ole Miss Football – Alabama (2018)

[MUSIC] Last week on The Season. Home openers are great, just fired up to get back into The Grove and play in front of our home fans. They’re critical, most of them know the drills better than we know them. They know where we’re going to be set up. When we need something they’re on the spot ready to take care of that. How’s your helmet? Hmm? How’s your helmet, it’s staying straight? He’s just – he’s a guy that makes you smile. You just see him and you just always – he’s always got a grin on his face. Ken’s a great guy, every time I see him, go Rebels. Go Rebs. [Laughter] We’re definitely thankful to have him. One on one down the far sidelines and it’s going to be wrestled around and held on. What a catch for Alex Webber. We should have come out this way, but we’re going to finish this way. Ball is loose, another takeaway, that’s the third. Look out, in the clear and a touchdown. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Get up. [Pads hitting] [MUSIC] Let’s go. Go baby. [MUSIC] If you’re a college football fan, then you know what A.J. Brown can do with the ball in his hands. In traffic, Brown hauls it in. Breaks a tackle. And A.J. Brown down the sideline, touchdown. When you see A.J. catch it you’re like, “He’s going to score.” A play action, A.J. Brown brings it home. I’m thinking, “Hey he’s getting to the end zone.” Nine times out of ten he’s going to score. Brown wide open. Caught, what a catch. A.J. Brown touchdown. Oh what a move by A.J. Brown. Touchdown Ole Miss. Kind of looks like the number one they have, the last few years. And if he can replace what Laquan Treadwell did, he’s got a great future ahead of him. But there’s a side to A.J. that’s unfamiliar to most. One that plays on the diamond instead of the gridiron. Well you guys said, he’s a football player, he’s also a baseball player. Brown was drafted by the San Diego Padres out of high school. And he has said he hopes to pursue his career in baseball as well. He has to make a big decision in the future. My first love was baseball. I played football. But that wasn’t the love of my life, baseball was the love of my life. He loves baseball. You know, I started him off at a young age, like two-years old he was hitting in the house. Hitting the baseball in the house. He was still in Pampers, still hitting the baseball. I remember growing up hitting fish tanks in the house with the baseball bat. Like, I never got in trouble for it. Because I used to hit baseball’s in the house all the time with my dad. So I just grew up loving baseball. So that was my passion. That’s what I wanted to do. So he played first base because he could catch. And he played shortstop and we had a good catcher. He played outfield. He really could play anywhere, anywhere on the field. Fortunately, I started playing football, I got to middle school, I didn’t really play. And I started playing my tenth grade year. He said he was walking in the hall man, and his best friend Ralph called him a chicken. Told him – said, “Man you need to come play football.” And he said, “No I don’t want to play no football.” So like then he called him a chicken. And he said, “Okay I’m coming out.” And he went out and that was his tenth grade year. Yeah, but he – he always had a passion for baseball. After a stellar high school career, A.J. was drafted in the 19th round of the MLB draft. In the off season, he still returns to his personal field of dreams. I kind of wish I’d came out here and played now man. Just just the vibe I’m getting from this atmosphere, I’m loving it so. Oh. [Cheering and Clapping] I could just pick up a bat and a glove. You know what I’m saying? Like, I’m really blessed that I can do that, like football I’m trying hard for and whatever. Baseball, it just sort of comes to me natural, you know I started since I was little. You should be out there playing. Yes, sir, I wish. I’m just saying I just want to hit one time. I just want to hit one time, I’ll be fine. I’m really like visioning myself playing right now. I wish I played. It’s so chill to me though. Baseball’s so chill to me like. That’s the only time like, you got to stay like locked in. Like I was out there playing with lives and stuff. I’m telling you I’d just really be in my own zone. We had to be number one or two if I would have played here. I got (inaudible) for that one. I brought him up to compete. And I always told him, know we’re number one because he was number one. I used to always tell him, I’d say, “Kid you’re number one.” You’re the best of all times. Thank you sir. You’re going to be the best receiver (inaudible). Thank you. Where do you have to go? Arizona? Arizona, yes sir. Good luck. Thank you. It be crazy how everybody be knowing like what I got to do, where I got to go. [MUSIC] Chasing his first love, America’s pastime, brings A.J. to the southwest corner of the nation once a year. We in Arizona took me a little trip right here to play a little baseball. Bat around a little bit. We got the game going on. We just got here not too long ago. So we’re coming to check it out. I see an Ole Miss hat, thank you. Hey. Yeah. Mr. Brown is somewhere here. How you doing? Doing well. How is life? Good. How was last season? Did you play at all? Yes, sir. It was good. [Laughter] Yeah. What do you play? Receiver, is that what you play? I pay running back. No, I play receiver, I’m just joking. You do? Yeah. One night he came in the room and he said, “Dad, you know that’s a blessing that I got a chance to come and play professional baseball. You know, something that I always dreamed to do.” There it is. I’m not worried about the length, but like I want to be able to cover the whole plate too. So what did you go with? What’s that guy? Oh that’s a 33. Yes, nice smooth. I don’t want to be smooth by tomorrow though. [Laughter] Oh yeah I need that pine tar. I was just about to say that. You could have gave me like an old bat or something. These are nice too. It feels good, you know, this is a professional team. It’s a blessing for real though. (Spoken in foreign language) I know what that means. Hold on. Hold on, what that mean again? I forgot. (Spoken in foreign language) What’s up? What that mean? Muchacho. How do you know what he’s saying? (Inaudible) You don’t know what he’s saying. I’m just asking around, I’m like, how you know what people be saying? I say, you don’t. [Laughter] I heard everybody rave about him. And then like I actually see him hit the ball. So I was like mmm. [Ball hitting bat] It’s fascinating seeing the ball come off of his bat. He isn’t a football player that somebody looked at and said, “Hey, maybe we can make him a baseball player. Because he’s a great athlete.” No, he was a baseball player first. You’ve got a pretty swing., especially for someone who don’t work on it that much. Your timing is great. Your contact point is great. You’re not like, okay, get back, step, swing. That’s what I see with a lot of football players Because football is very much bam, bam, bam. Yeah. You know. I think he’s got that bug inside of him. There’s always that itch. Baseball does that to you. It’s hard to get rid of. I’ll try and get ahold of Deion now. I sent a text out to him today. I’m waiting for him to call me back. I’d like to get him on the phone with you and let him talk to you a little bit. Him, Brian Jordan, I don’t know if you remember Brian Jordan. He played safety for the Falcons. Football’s my favorite. But you know, I got smarter in the NFL and decided baseball was going to be longevity and financially NFL. But, you know, I’m one of those guys that I’m going to tell you, do both if you have the opportunity man. They’re doing it for return bro. They’re different bro, like I can’t even imagine it, they’re doing it for return. Yeah, I knew he was a great baseball player, so he has two great things he’s good at. I heard that you’re a football player or something. Yeah. This famous guy. While football might bring A.J. fame, so too might his first love, baseball. I have goals, but I just really want to have fun, enjoy everything., like the workouts, the runs, I’m just trying to enjoy it and just work hard. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] We come in here shoot some hoops. Right now I got Clint, I got Zike, I got Tony here with me. Getting lots of friendly competition in before walk through. If you all really want to follow through like a real basketball goal, because it’s a close shot, so you want to kind of short arm it. See? Or you use the backboard and then nine times out of ten you’re going to go in. My shot’s already good without looking. It’s still want though. We here for a straight dubs all the time. We cash money every time we just money every time. Man let’s get it. [MUSIC] Ain’t no missing it today we here. We money, money. [MUSIC] Try to hit a buzzer beat him. I didn’t hit it. Well, look I’m getting hot. 91, I got 91. Cam can’t beat me. Cam ain’t going to beat me. When they move them it’s automatic though. When they move I’m automatic. When they move I’m automatic, come on I haven’t missed yet. I’m going to shoot. I’m going to shoot. Shooter is going to shoot. Buzzer beat him every time. Oh, buzzer beat him. Umm. 130, come on. Oh. No. Come on. Ah. He got lucky. Look, I started before he knew he had to beat me. If it was one and one, like together, I wouldn’t have lost. He first got him a window. First got him a – I was giving it to (Inaudible). It’s 2:30, 2:45 team meeting. We got (Inaudible), I got to go. 11 for 11, 12 for 12, 13 for 13. I’m not going to miss Cam. I still got (inaudible). Three, two, one. Ok, I’m up, I’m up, I’m up. We out. We’re going to a team meeting, you know. Then special teams and get ready for Bama, you know. Again, what I want you to think about is to maintain that attacking thought process. Two areas I think will be very, very important this game is special teams and third downs. So lock in to this special teams meeting, it will be huge with us setting the tone. So we have opportunity defense on third down, let’s get off the field. Let’s go him them for the first time. Everybody’s got to play until they get hit. Let’s see what happens when we them. And then offense, let’s make sure we’re locked in to protections and just think about attacking, attacking, attacking non-stop that’s what I want you – I want us to be the aggressor in this game. And I’m talking about from the very beginning to set the tone. Play loose, not tight. Play loose, not tight. We’ll be in good shape. Alright? Let’s have a great day today. Hey, how are you sir? You doing okay? Good to see you man. Good luck tomorrow. Yeah, thank you sir. Appreciate that. Cooper, you got to wash your face off, you’ve got chocolate all over your face man. You can’t be on TV with chocolate on your face can you? Huh? Good? Did you get it off? Yeah, I got it all off. [Cheering and clapping] What’s happening? How you doing man? Good to see you again. It’s great seeing you. Everything going good? Absolutely. Good. Appreciate you all being here, thanks. How old are your kids? Ten and seven. Wow. The all-American family. Welcome back. We are live at The Grove. And we have the head football coach at Ole Miss with us, Matt Luke. A weekend like this is special and I’ve been here a couple of different times for Alabama and I’m not trying to say this is different, but it is different. No, it’s huge. You know, I think anytime you play the number one team in the country, I think it’s big. It’s going to be a great atmosphere in The Grove. It’s going to be a night game in Vaught Hemmingway. And it’s just – it’s going to be a special atmosphere. It’s going to be – it’s the reason that you coach. It’s the reason that you come play in the southeastern conference is for these games. Coach Matt Luke nice enough to drop by. What’s up guys? Appreciate you all coming man. Thank you all. Hotty Toddy. Appreciate you all being here. Hotty Toddy Coach. Thank you. [MUSIC] There’s a reason people talk about The Grove. Whether it’s your first visit ever or one of hundreds before, it is truly awe inspiring. This is the scene that welcomes the Rebels each and every Saturday in Oxford, Mississippi. Generations of gridiron greats have walked proudly through this sea of Ole Miss faithful on their way to the day’s contest. The matchup in Vaught Hemmingway on this muggy Saturday evening looked familiar. Four years ago the number one ranked Alabama Crimson Tide were upended by the Rebels in a 23-17 come from behind win. In fact, since 2014 The Crimson Tide have lost only three regular season games; two of them coming at the hands of the Rebels. Let’s go. [Clapping] Here we go. [Cheering] Here we go. Here we go. Every step, one step at a time. Play the next play; alright. I’m right here with you all day. I’m here with you all day. I want energy all day. You got it? Hey listen, every moment in your life leads up to this moment. Every moment that you work towards from a small kid is to win today. Win every rep by the way that you practice. Win every rep by your discipline. Let’s go. It’s that simple. It’s here, play loose, have fun, get them going. Let’s play some football Ole Miss and Alabama from Oxford. Come on D.K. So Ta’amu the senior looking to throw on the first play. Wants to go deep, there’s a receiver open. Right out of the gate NWO a TD D.K. Metcalf. [Cheering] Let’s go. Let’s go. D.K. Metcalf we going out. [Cheering] Let’s go. [Cheering] I love you. This team loves to take deep shots. Jordan Ta’amu has a tremendous touch on the deep ball. Maximum protection and a beautiful throw to start the game. They beat Saivion Smith. This is a brand new starting secondary for Alabama and they knew they were going to get challenged tonight. First play out of the gate, Ole Miss strikes for a touchdown. As stunning as the quick score was, Alabama would respond just as you would expect the number one ranked team in the country to do. Handoff, right side. A lot of room, to the 30, to the 25, down the sidelines, Damien Harris, he’s to the house. Touchdown and Alabama answers just like that. Hey, it’s simple. They got one, screw it. Play the next one. We’ll be fine. Got to try to make a team like this earn everything. Don’t give them easy plays down the field. Josh Jacobson at running back. Tagovailoa checked it down. Ball, ball, ball. And the ball is out at the end of the play on a big hit, the Rebels have it in bounds. This is excellent defense. So there’s one of those turnovers here, we talked about it one of the keys to the game. That’s one, we need two more. We need two more. Momentum is a precious commodity in sports. With the C.J. Moore fumble recovery the Rebels had regained it. But after their next drive stalled, the pendulum would swing back to the Tide. Rebels showing some pressure, now they drop back. In the pocket, Tagovailoa over the middle, got his man. Caught at the 40-yard line to the 30, to the sidelines, 20, 15, 10, 5 and in the end zone, touchdown is Jerry Jeudy. If it could go wrong for the red and blue, it did. Out of the gun on second and ten. Ta’amu takes off running, he got blasted and fumbled and Alabama has the football. [Whistle] At the 38-yard line. [MUSIC] And the Crimson Tide would capitalize. Najee Harris turns the corner virtually untouched. Into the end zone. Ready next play. Alright, anybody gets close to home. Hey good rush at nose. He was good, a little rally. Alright we communicate, we got to keep working. Lock it in. Hey, pick up our intensity; alright? Hey, let’s go. While the Rebel defense looked for answers, so did their counterparts. Here’s Scottie Phillips, manages to get outside and has the first down, shoved down by Matt Wilson. They got to get in a little rhythm here, blend the run and the pass and take their shots when they present themselves. He stayed in the block for Ta’amu, on target to D.K. Metcalf. First down, he got chopped down at the 37 by Trevon Diggs and Deionte Thompson. It seemed for every positive yard gained by the Rebel offense, there was trouble just around the corner. He throws over the middle and it’s going to be picked off at the 45-yard line. He didn’t see the safety on the far side. For a game that started with such promise, the Rebels were left with a massive halftime deficit to overcome. We’re in this thing together. Now have some pride about yourself and go fight and compete. We’re better than that. And you know you are. You’re better than that. We’re a better football team than what we put on tape. But don’t hang your head and don’t quit. You go play 30 more minutes of football. And let’s get better and we’ll build on this. [MUSIC] Mac Jones the quarterback and Brian Robinson continues at running back, he gets stopped for a loss. Matt Jones runs out of time. But you want to have a couple silver lining plays too to say, “Okay, let’s build off of this and go forward next week.” Hurts fires it toward the end zone, it’s going to be intercepted by Ole Miss at the five-yard line. That will be C.J. Moore. Yeah. Hey. In the life of every team, there are contests in which you cannot gain a foothold. For the Ole Miss Rebels, this was that game. Though they fought until the final gun, the day would belong to the Crimson Tide. We’re playing against a good football team. That’s right you got to start fast, finish fast. Okay and you can’t spot them anything. You got me? Learn from it, we’ll make this better. Alright? We’ll make this better. Alright, it’s going to take everybody in this group for us to be successful. Alright? This game ain’t going – this game ain’t going to dictate who we are for the rest of the season, we got nine-ten games left. We take one L, that’s all we take. If we’re heading things the right way that would be the situation. Alright? But keep you damn head up. Alright? And walk around like we got some pride. You know you’re going to get better. That’s going to be it. The clock will expire and Alabama is going to win this one. The Crimson Tide goes to 3-0; Ole Miss falls to 2-1. [MUSIC] Now, anybody – anybody can be good when it’s easy. We were beat soundly in all three phases of the game. So, it’s one game, we can’t let one game beat us twice. So we got to come back here tomorrow ready to go to work. I’m disappointed, I know you’re disappointed. But just remember this guys, I love you and we’re in this together no matter what back to back. We’ve got three choices and you know what they are; you can quit; you can cover up; or you can come out swinging. And the guys that we go to battle with are going to be the guys that are together and we’ll find out a lot about this football team on tomorrow, we will. But I love you guys, we’re in this thing no matter what together, together. Now you find out what you’re made of. You find out how much desire you got to come back to fight the next day. It’s one of those situations, likewise it’s not easy. Alright? Because if it was easy everybody would do it. Right? Yes, sir. So get your mind right and let’s come out and get to work the next day. I was proud of the way that some of the guys latched on in the second half when they kept battling and kept competing and was proud of that. So, we just got to keep getting some of these young guys growing up. The best thing I can do is just learn from our mistakes and I just promise you guys that this won’t ever happen again on my side, on the offensive side and this team in general. [MUSIC]

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  1. Love my Ole Miss. Love my Rebels. Disgusted and ashamed of students who don't stay in the stands supporting their team until the last tick of the clock. They should have their ticket privileges taken away. When I was there I never left a game early and to this day, when I have the privilege of seeing my Rebels play live, I stay and support them, win or lose, to the end.

  2. Ole Miss defensive problems are not so much talent as they are execution and position. I don't care how many 5 stars you have if they're not taught to be in the right place and then to execute the tackle you get what happened Saturday, and the Saturday before. Apparently McGriff is not the man for the job. He must not know how to prepare a team and game plan. Got to change.

  3. The "let's build on this" part of the game highlights came from when the Alabama 2nds and 3rds were in. They seemed about evenly matched…

  4. what the hell is that comment why the rebel search for answers so did their opponents are you f**** kidding me they must have found the answer to because it ends up 62 to 7

  5. Ole Miss has some great players. If a team has great players, yet get beat badly, even by teams that they should not lose to, what do you think is the problem?

  6. you know what…. KUDOS to the guys who have to put these together win or lose, obviously it's tough to spin a loss, but this was a straight up live broadcasted execution. Quality video nonetheless.

  7. Wonderful video! Continue doing worthy content and you can increase very quickly! Subscribe to our channel then we are going to subscribe to you!

  8. This was my first time in Oxford. Beautiful campus. I actually preferred it to UA, my alma mater. Downtown Oxford was great too, and the Ole Miss fans were all very hospitable to us. Didn't have a single negative interaction, which is surprising for a road game. I think they're a much better team than what they showed that night, and I wish Ole Miss luck for the rest of the year.

  9. I kept seeing where espn is showing this series, so I came to see if they were online because I specifically wanted to see the episode about when they played Alabama.

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