38 thoughts on “The Season: Ole Miss Football – Alabama (2018)

  1. Love my Ole Miss. Love my Rebels. Disgusted and ashamed of students who don't stay in the stands supporting their team until the last tick of the clock. They should have their ticket privileges taken away. When I was there I never left a game early and to this day, when I have the privilege of seeing my Rebels play live, I stay and support them, win or lose, to the end.

  2. Ole Miss defensive problems are not so much talent as they are execution and position. I don't care how many 5 stars you have if they're not taught to be in the right place and then to execute the tackle you get what happened Saturday, and the Saturday before. Apparently McGriff is not the man for the job. He must not know how to prepare a team and game plan. Got to change.

  3. The "let's build on this" part of the game highlights came from when the Alabama 2nds and 3rds were in. They seemed about evenly matched…

  4. what the hell is that comment why the rebel search for answers so did their opponents are you f**** kidding me they must have found the answer to because it ends up 62 to 7

  5. Ole Miss has some great players. If a team has great players, yet get beat badly, even by teams that they should not lose to, what do you think is the problem?

  6. you know what…. KUDOS to the guys who have to put these together win or lose, obviously it's tough to spin a loss, but this was a straight up live broadcasted execution. Quality video nonetheless.

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  8. This was my first time in Oxford. Beautiful campus. I actually preferred it to UA, my alma mater. Downtown Oxford was great too, and the Ole Miss fans were all very hospitable to us. Didn't have a single negative interaction, which is surprising for a road game. I think they're a much better team than what they showed that night, and I wish Ole Miss luck for the rest of the year.

  9. I kept seeing where espn is showing this series, so I came to see if they were online because I specifically wanted to see the episode about when they played Alabama.

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