The Season: Ole Miss Football – Alabama (2017)

The Season: Ole Miss Football – Alabama (2017)

– [Narrator] Previously on the season. – Today we’re loading
up the trunk for Cal. I think, Ken said it’s like
48 hundred miles, round trip. – We’re going to pier 39. – We’re goin’ to pier 39. – It feel good out here. The Cali weather, Cali livin’. And, we goin’ to Houdini’s magic shop. – Watch this ball. Watch this ball. I place it there, how many
does that leave you with? – One. – Thank you very much. (laughter) – They chillin’. They got their own little
vibe goin’ on, ya know. – I am just gonna tell you something . Pain in your life goes away. Pain goes away. Missed opportunities, they go away. But, regret doesn’t go away. The regrets I had 20
years ago, I still have. – Hey, you on the road! All we talked about,
control your emotions! We can’t let our emotions
get the best of us, right? End up puttin’ ourselves in a hole. [Announcer] Intercepted! He threw it right to Cameron Goode. (fans cheering) Touchdown! (hard rock music) (dramatic music) (upbeat music) [Narrator] In anxious anticipation for their chosen degree and career path, 125 football student athletes participate in over 7,000 tutorial and learning specialist
appointments, each fall semester. Making it their mission
to succeed academically. – [Rebecca] And does she
only teach the one class? If not you may need to put the class here. – Yeah, she only teaches the 102. – Oh, okay. This morning is our
first session this week. And, I prepare objectives with Myles so that he will know
what all is do this week to make him a successful student. – Alright. – Looks good. – Okay. So, I’m about to print mission four. – Okay. Yeah, let’s read it
together, see what it says. – Okay. Whew, today’s a work day. (laughter) Today’s my long day. – [Rebecca] This is your long day? – Oh yeah. Wake up at 6:45 and practice
end at seven tonight. – Wow! Okay, so find an interesting person that you can follow for one day. Everyone has a story. That’s important. Follow a teacher, a football coach, a garbage collector, veterinarian. – An athlete. There we go. – Okay. – Follow my teammates. (jazzy piano) – You are so organized. – I try to be. I’m usually good in the
beginning of the semester then I start gettin’ lazy. Then, my mom calls me, “I know you not organized, right now.” And then, she’ll come down and she’ll start organizing everything. Mommas. – Moms are great that way, aren’t they? – Yeah. She’ll be back at LSU. My dad’s comin’ down
Arkansas, with my uncle. – [Rebecca] How bout this week? – Just my cousin and her friend. – [Rebecca] Okay, good. – Yeah, big ‘Bama week. Can’t wait, second time. Sittin’ with all the older, big fellas. (laughter) Whew, tired. – Alright Baby, I’ll see you on Thursday. – Alright. – ‘Bama week. ‘Bama week! – ‘Bama week! – Then we gotta check the freak. See his mindset? That’s the ‘Bama mindset we
always gotta have out here. Chuck, I love your mindset. – Man, you know what goin’ on. All’s we’ve had some success,
though, the last couple years. It start out with this
Tuesday practice, right here. – How we feelin’? We feelin’ good, cause it’s a good week. Gotta know it’s a work week. We finnin to get that work. Ya feel me? – 1,2,3 get in line, we takin’ it. – I didn’t take it, you’re not a one. – How you? – [Man In Cap] How you doin’, today? – Wonderful. Yo, Yo, it’s a work week! – Me bein’ out here with y’all boys. Man, let’s go to work, bruh. [Player] Oh yeah! – Way to do it, NWO on three. 1,2,3. [All Together] NWO! – We ready to go, Man, I promise you. Rebel Nation, here we come! Here we come, there go the horn! It’s time to scrant it! – [Coach] Go! – [Coach] Here we go. – [Coach] Good, good, good, good. Punch him back, punch him back. [Coach] Go! – Move your feet. Move your feet. – [Coach] Get it, get it! [Coach] There we go. (dramatic music) – If you not thinkin’ about
bein’ great, you wrong. It’s time for us to dominate. Don’t even look at the schedule and think about dominatin’. Just think about dominatin’. I’m doin’ my job and dominatin’. That’s all I’m thinkin’ about. Y’all goin’ wit me? – [Team Together] Yes, Sir. – That’s all I’m thinkin’ about. – It ain’t just gonna happen on Saturday. As many times as you can play that game between now and Saturday, the
better you’ll be on Saturday. And, it’s more about bein’
mental than physical. You understand what I’m sayin’? – [Player] Yes, Sir. – Alright, you can run, you athletic, they can run, they athletic, alright? The person that’s prepared mentally, you understand formations. The formations tell you somethin’. We gotta watch the film tomorrow, get the mistakes corrected. We can’t let the same
mistakes happen tomorrow, and then we just gotta
keep gettin’ better. You understand what I’m sayin’? [Players] Yes, sir. – Alright, and then Saturday
night you got a chance, in front of the Nation, to put on a show. – [Bald Player] D-block
on me, D-block on three. One, two, three. – [Players] D-block! – Hey Bro. – [Player] Y’all know. – They’re completin’ way
too many passes against us. We’re too good for that. It’s just that we gotta
do this little thing in the second half to get
us back in this ballgame, so we can win. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s on us. We get a pick, it’s over. You better than that. Them boys aint better than you. You take it to’em. You got me? – [Narrator] It’s been five years since Wesley McGriff
patrolled the sidelines as a member of the Ole Miss
defensive coaching staff. After stints in the
NFL and other colleges, Coach McGriff has found
his way back to Oxford. Having been here in 2012 and leaving to go to the New Orleans Saints, I’ve always told my family if I had an opportunity to go back and coach anyplace I been
before, at the collegiate level, it’ll be at Ole Miss. – Ya know, I didn’t know him. So, the first time I
called, John Miller, I said, “Hey, can you send me Wesley
McGriff’s cell phone number?” So, he sends me, he
forwards me Crimes number, cause I was going to interview and I wanted to visit with
him before I showed up, and it was Crime Dog. The contact showed up and I said, “Crime Dog, who in the
world is Crime Dog?” – [Narrator] Who is Crime Dog? A question Rebels may have had, at first. But now, there’s no mistaking,
exactly, who that is. – Stop worryin’ about makin’ mistakes. Ya got me? Just play, Baby. Just play, we gonna coach ya up. Don’t worry about makin’ no mistakes. Ya got me? Let’s go have some fun today, baby. – [Player] Let’s go! – [Coach] Buckle up and go! – I like it, Coach Ike. I like it, Baby. I like it, I like it, I like it, Baby! I like it! Come on down, that’s it! Hey, we gonna finish, right? – [Players] Yup. – Let’s go players one, now. Hey, it start right now, ya got it? Let’s go players one,
it’s all about you, Baby. Here we go, swarm on three. One, two, three! – [Players] Swarm! – He’s gonna have that energy. He’s gonna give it to the players and he expect the players
to bring the same thing. Ya out at practice, you’ll
see’em runnin’ around, flyin’ around, goin’ from drill to drill and he may run up. He’s talkin’ to the
D-line and the next play he’s back there talkin’ to
the guys in the secondary. – Enthusiasm. Always has enthusiasm, to me. You don’t see Coach
McGriff without enthusiasm, somethin’s wrong with’em. – Get to the ball, get to the ball! Yeah, Baby! Take it away, take it away! Now, just recover. Drive, drive, drive, drive! – Energy is contagious, and he has energy. I think he brings energy. Players will take on the
persona of their coach and, Coach McGriff, he brings that energy. And so, his players are
gonna bring that energy. – I have so much fun coachin’ football. And, it’s a blessin’ to be in this arena and have a chance to
effect young men lives. And, when you havin’ fun
things just come natural. And, a lot a times, I’m completely unaware of what I’m sayin’ and I
just keep remindin’ myself, “Hey, make sure you keep
your guys motivated.” Practicin’, trainin’ itself is
already tough and difficult, so I always give them a carrot, man. Not the stick all the time, but the carrot to keep’em motivated. And, one of my favorite sayin’s, and then I’ll say it unconscious and guys always get on me about it, I say, “Hey Man, that’s top shelf, Man.” – “Give me two claps and a Ric Flair.” And you’ll here the guys
say, (clap, clap) “Woo!” – “Let me get two claps and a Ric Flair.” (clap, clap) Woo! – I mean, it’s so many of’em, I just, kinds, laugh and keep goin’. You don’t ever know what’s
gonna come outta his mouth. – Don’t worry about the
cow, Baby, drain the milk. Uh-uh y’all, don’t give
me no dissertation. I want you to focus on playin’, right? Scared money don’t make money, Baby! Scared money dint make money! Boy, some a y’all will
get kickin’ out the club the way y’all move. – [Narrator] Energy,
enthusiasm, and catch phrases, they are just some of what makes up McGriff’s coaching style. But, there is one principle
that sticks at his core. – The most important thing
he provides is discipline. He is a very discipline oriented person. He’s very, very structured. And, everything that they do and the discipline that he’s brought to that defensive side of
the ball has been awesome. – Well, ya know, I come
from a family of military. My father was in the Army. I had three older brothers
that was in the Navy. – He’s very organized. He’s real big on discipline. And, his philosophy is simple, we’re gonna be a fast
and physical defense. – Our locker room have to
be clean or we get punished. We got to wear the same
thing every practice. The team gotta dress alike. Well, the defense, for the most part. So, that military background
comes into play a lot. – He wants everything to be perfect, ya know, a hundred percent of the time. And that’s, really, what he preaches, that’s his philosophy. He don’t want to have to do anything over. So, if you do it right
the first time, then hey, you do it right, you do it light. You do it wrong, you do it long. – You always wanna bring
your A-game around him. Cause you never know what could happen. Like, you walk to the ball,
no, get back to the line. We jogging, running, it doesn’t matter. No helmets off on the sideline. – Everybody uniform? We got no uniform violations, do we? – No, they’re good. – Okay. Y’all linebackers ain’t
getting mental reps in! I just went over it! Tell Hampton to tuck that shirt in. Tell him to tuck that shirt in. – Hey, start that over! (whistle) Start that over! Get’em up here, Baby. Here we go. Hey, uh-uh, turn around. We gonna do it the right way. Dominate on three. One, two, three. [Players] Dominate! – If you wanna be dominate,
you wanna come out on top, you gotta pay close attention to details. And, whether you win or not is a matter of how many times
can I do it exactly right. Drive, straight line. No, no, no. Go again, go again. You a veteran, right? Do you stop during the play
or do you problem solve? – Problem solve. – Well, go problem solve! You can’t have no wasted
motion in the secondary. You got me? So, when I’m peddlin’ and I
turn don’t do that right there. You never gonna run the hundred yard dash with your hand out, right? Turn them hips. Drive! Don’t go past the cone. Keep your eyes down hill, go again! – He’s highly organized. He’s highly disciplined. He’s got a military background and does, just, a great
job with our players. I mean, he has the ability
to give hard love one minute and then put his arm and
love’em and hug on’em the next. – He’s very, very, very hard on you. But, at the end of the day,
you’re very appreciative of it. Because it’s somethin’
that you never got before. And, it really trains you on how you’re supposed to
do the little things right. – I go by his office everyday
and learn everything I can about, either, how to today’s world is or what can I do from here that’s gonna carry me into the next level. Like, the NFL and stuff. It’s just a bunch of things
I’m still learning from him. – If you’re gonna do it,
might as well do it right. And that’s what I tell my guys, and that’s what Coach
McGriff is preaching. Look, we’re gonna be out here, the time’s not gonna change, the drills are not gonna. We’re gonna do these specific things and we’re gonna do them the right way. And, when kids start thinkin’ that way, then start livin’ that way, and they start going
about everything that way, then you’ll be surprised
how successful they’ll be. – That is great! That, right there, is wonderful! We ain’t gonna lose no
sleep over that slant, now. Ya got me? – He can’t get up the field on ya. That’s a great job. We didn’t have no fun out there that last series, Man. You got me? Hey, get out of survive
mode, let’s go have fun. That’s a hell of a day. Keep your composure,
we’re gonna get a break. See your coaches. Hell of a day, Baby! Hell of a day! Hell of a day! Here we go, dogs on three! Dogs on three! One, two, three! – [Players] Dogs! (players barking) – [Wesley] See your coaches, Baby. See your coaches. – [Narrator] To play
in the Western Division of the South Eastern Conference, is to play the very best. Sporting a staggering 19
national titles in football, during its history, it truly
is the wild, wild west. For today’s matchup, the young Rebels would be squaring off on the road, versus the Crimson Tide. A team not only a roll, but also with the number one
ranking beside their name. – Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! – We bad! – We bad! – Hey, enjoy the moment, enjoy the ride. We worked for this, okay? Don’t let the moment
be too big, too small. Stay in the middle. – Hey guys, there’s nothin’
in this world like a team. All you guys comin’ from different places, different backgrounds, comin’ together. But, here’s the thing,
not one of you here, player or coach, is here, tonight, by accident. It doesn’t happen that way. You are here, tonight, for a purpose. You understand that? You’re here, tonight, for a purpose. But, here’s the thing, there’s nowhere else I would rather be than right here, with you guys. Right now, at this time, at this place. Look’em eye to eye,
stand toe to toe with’em. Hey, hey, and then, let’s
put the damn ball down and find out what they’re about. Let’s go! (players cheer) [Announcer] And there is Shea Patterson. His first year as the full time starter. [Announcer] He does a lot of things when he extends plays
with his eyes down field and throws on the run. [Announcer] And Wilkins,
trying to get free and works his way back
to the line of scrimmage. Patterson, down field. But, unable to connect with D.K. Metcalf. And this is fielded by Diggs
as he already crosses midfield, and tried to spin for more
yardage on a good return. – [Narrator] The ‘Bama
defense would shut down the first possession for the Red and Blue. And, the Rebel defense
would return the favor. – [Announcer] Third down
and six, now, for Hurts. Has plenty of time to choose an option. And wide open was Ridley, but he couldn’t connect with him. – I’ll identify which
one is the running back and we’ll treat the other
one like the third receiver. Got it? Okay. – Y’all good? – Guys, if you’re tired we
got enough guys to roam. Alright? Let somebody know, we got
enough guys to stay fresh. – [Narrator] In the early
goings of the first quarter it looked as though a defensive
tug of war might ensue. But, the Tide offense had no
plans of laying low for long. – [Announcer] He’s gonna tuck. So capable of doing this. And, easily gets the first down and more! Inside the 10, and you
get a glimpse of light. Some think he’s the best
runner on the team, overall. [Announcer] Here’s the snap, gonna hand it off to Scarbrough. Straight ahead, touchdown. He didn’t get hit til the goal line. Scarbrough scores. – We good, Atwell, we good. We straight. – We gotta execute and
we can’t beat ourselves. If we don’t beat ourselves and make the plays when we have a chance, we’ll be fine. And it’s just the little things, right? – [Announcer] Two receivers to the right, A.J. Brown and Lodge. Now in motion is Wilkins to the far side for an empty set, now, for Patterson. Pulls up, it’s a quarterback
draw, he’s gonna keep it. Slides down at the 30. – [Narrator] Facing a third and four, the Red and Blue would experience the first momentum swing of the night, in the wrong direction. – [Announcer] Far side. Intercepted by the Crimson Tide. And, it’s headed the other way. Levi Wallace, he’s to the five, he’s in the end zone. A pick six. Alabama leads Ole Miss, now, 14 to nothing with 9:20 to play. – Hey, let’s settle them. Gotta get some points,
we can’t panic, now. Let’s go, c’mon Baby. C’mon now, y’all keep fightin’. Let’s go. Hey, we’re gonna be
able to get some points and we get back in this thing, now. We can’t panic, now. Let’s go. – Hey, we ain’t changin’ our
standard operatin’ procedure. We goin’ after it. You got me? – [Players] Yes, Sir. – Alright, let’s go. Get the right mindset and
let’s go get they ass! – Hey, let’s go! – Let’s go, bing it in, Baby. Hey, swoll on three! One, two, three! – [Players] Swoll! – Come here, hey! – [Narrator] With the Tide on the board the Rebel offense looked to respond. – [Announcer] Now Wilkins with a lot of open space. Up and over, with the hurdle! (player laughs) – [Announcer] Patterson
to throw in the pocket. Now, is gonna run out to his right. He sprints, looking down field and is gonna throw it. He’s got Lodge, and Lodge
goes up and makes the catch at the 15 yard line. A deep out, he came back
to help his quarterback and he got Averett on his hip, and made a wonderful grab. – [Narrator] An Ole Miss offense that had moved the ball
so well in prior games, suddenly, found itself
unable to find the end zone. A 26 yard field goal, by Gary Wonderlich, would be the only points
allowed by the ‘Bama defense. Leaving the Rebels with a
35 to 3 halftime deficit. – I ain’t got no, I don’t
have any magic words. There is no such thing
as a 35 point touchdown, it doesn’t exist. You understand what I’m sayin’? All you can do is go one play at a time. It’s one play at a time and have some pride about
yourself and go fight! You understand me? You go fight for two more quarters! There’s no damn quit in us! You understand me? – [Players] Yes, Sir! – You don’t lay down and you play. You play Ole Miss damn football and you keep battlin’, one play at a time! – [Narrator] The second half would start with the Rebel defense limiting
Alabama to a field goal try. – [Announcer] Third and
eight from the Ole Miss 30. Right hash, he’s back to pass. Now, quarterback draw. Now, he sets and fires, he’s got his man and it’s gonna be outta
bounds at the 13 yard line. Tackle by Zedrick Woods. He caught him in mid air. – [Announcer] So this, a 48 yarder. Now, let’s see if he has it. Some funny action on it, but good enough. – [Narrator] The following possession would end with another touchdown. – [Announcer] Ole Miss scrambling trying to get some players
in, and they hand it. And straight up goes Najee Harris. Rebels not ready for that. Najee Harris takes it right
up the gut for the touchdown. – We gotta get some momentum, Bruh. Somehow. – Yeah. Anytime we get some, we get sacked. We gotta keep it goin’. We aight. (fans cheering) – [Announcer] Jordan
Wilkins, it’s one willy. – [Announcer] Jump cut,
and another good move as he’s passed midfield. (whistle) – [Announcer] And that’s
a big gainer from Wilkins. – [Announcer] Well, Ben
has done a really good job, for the most part, of not letting these
dangerous wide receivers get beyond their defense. [Announcer] And that ball is
picked off by Wallace, again. Levi Wallace. Sprint to the left, and
throws it into the end zone to Ruggs, for a touchdown. – Yeah. – Hey, you good. – [Narrator] As a night of frustration, for the Rebels, ended, the number one team in the country would further their case for
national title contender. And the battered and bruised Rebels would look to regroup
heading into the teeth of their South Eastern
Conference schedule. (sad music) – Come here, in here tight. In the media, they’ll
give them a lot of credit. They’re the number one team
in the country for a reason. And, they beat us soundly
in all three phases, offense, defense, special teams. Own it. Now, here’s the deal, after four games we’re two and two. We’re two and two. Now, what we have to do is, tomorrow, we gotta come back to work. I promise you, I promise
you, you will get my best and I want your best. Don’t start finger pointin’. Don’t start none of that. Stick together, we’re in this together. We been through too much,
we been through too much. You hear what I’m sayin’? – [Player] Yes, Sir. – Stick together, stick
together, keep workin’. Hey, we’ll watch the film, we’ll flush it and we’ll move forward. Lotta credit to Alabama. They a really, really good football team. Number one in the country for a reason. They were able to stay on
the field and we weren’t. So, I thought, that’s something that was the biggest
thing in the first half. But, a lot of credit to those guys. Coach Saban and Alabama
very, very, very good team. – We were prepared, I just don’t think we, sometimes you just don’t
come out ready in the moment. I mean, there’s plays left
out there that I shoulda made. And, as a matter of
fact, it goes all around. And, we win as a team, we lose as a team. – These kids responding is, probably, the thing I’m least worried about. I mean, they been through so
much this spring and this fall. I’ve only been here since January
and it’s been interesting. But, the resolve in our locker room and, I think, the maturity
in our locker room, that’s the least concerning
issue for me, right now. – They’re the type of football team that you make a mistake, they can capitalize on your mistakes. And, they did a tremendous job of that. And so, you have to respect
it, take your hat off. And move forward and digest the tape and move on to the next opponent. Don’t let it beat ya twice.

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  1. Ole Miss had gotten a little arrogant after beating Alabama two years in a row, AND a very close one the next year which they really should have won, and could have won if not for that Swiss cheese defense. But in 2017 the Swiss cheese defense returned, and we all figured it was time that the lion let loose and showed everyone who he is.

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