The Rules of Ultimate Frisbee (Ultimate) – EXPLAINED!


Ninh explains, the Rules of Ultimate (Ultimate
Frisbee or Ultimate Flying Disc) Ultimate, sometimes referred to as Ultimate
Frisbee or Ultimate Flying Disc, is a game played by two teams, with 7 players on each
team taking to the field at any one time. The object of the game is for your team to
score more goals than the opposing team. To score a goal, a player must throw a flying
disc (sometimes referred to as a Frisbee) to a teammate whilst he’s in the opposing
endzone. The disc must completely cross the goal line
and the receiving player must keep at least one foot in the endzone for a goal to count.
The playing field is 64m long and 37m wide, and the end zones are 23m areas at each end
of the field. The game starts by pulling the disc. This
is where teams line up on their own goal lines and one team throws to another.
Once a team has possession of the disc, they have up to 10 seconds to throw the disc to
a teammate. Failure to do this results in an infraction called ‘stalling’ and the
other team is awarded the disc. You can pass the disc directly between teammates
in any direction, but you’re not allowed to run with the disc.
In fact, once you catch the disc – you must stop immediately.
You are then allowed one step in any direction to release the disc. The idea is to move the disc up the field
and be able to set up a player to catch the disc in the endzone.
Remember, a player cannot run with the disc – so he must throw it to a teammate whilst
he’s ALREADY in the endzone. The opposing team will try and stop you by
blocking discs in the air, intercepting the disc or forcing their opponents to either
drop the disc or throw it out of bounds. If this happens, the opposing team will gain
possession of the disc. They will try and take the disc away from
you so that they can score themselves. Once a goal has been scored, both teams change
ends. Once 9 goals have been scored by any one team,
this is the end of the first half and players get a break at half-time.
The first team that scores 17 goals internationally, or 15 goals in the NCAA … wins.
So that’s basically Ultimate Frisbee in a nutshell, but there’s a few more things
you’ll need to understand before playing or going to a game.
For example: Spirit of the Game
Ultimate is self-governing and players are expected to call their own fouls and infractions.
Players are generally encouraged to be honest and it’s generally frowned upon to be dishonest,
rude or aggressive to their opponents. Stall Count
As earlier stated, you have 10 seconds to release the disc. The nearest defender can
count out 10 seconds and if the player hasn’t released the disc within 10 seconds, he is
guilty of stalling and the disc goes to the other team. However, defenders can also be
called for … Fast Counting
This is where a defender intentionally counts 10 seconds very quickly. If this happens,
the player with the disc is allowed another 10 seconds to release the disc.
Fouls and infractions. Ultimate is a non-contact sport, and any form
of contact with opposing players are generally called as a foul. Dangerous contact with players
is strictly forbidden. Infractions are usually called when a player breaks one of the rules,
such as travelling (where a player takes more than one step with the disc) or double teaming.
Each of these results in the disc being given to the non-offending team.
Time outs. A team can take a 2 minute break to discuss
strategy. This is called a timeout and teams are allowed two timeouts per half.
Substitution. There are unlimited substitutions in ultimate,
a team is allowed to have 5 substitutes on the bench, and they must only be made during
a stoppage in play. Ultimate is an easy game to understand, and
there’s a few more rules that are not discussed here. But as you watch or play Ultimate Flying
Disc, the rules will become clear. If you have found this video helpful, please
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