The power of football, in Jordan

The power of football, in Jordan

We are here today as FIFA to speak loud and say football is for everyone. Football is for all. Football is for boys, for girls, for men and women for refugees, for disadvantaged groups, and through football we can all break down our barriers and deliver a great message of peace, of hope, of justice that we are all equal. I love football, because when I play, I feel so good and relaxed and then I start to play all the time. I am from the Al Zaatri refugee camp, and I would like to deliver a message to the world: that we refugees have hopes and dreams, hopes that can be achieved with persistence and determination, and we can achieve all that through football. This game gives us hope and confidence. Football is everything for me. Football is my world. To all parents who don’t allow their girls to play any sport: sport is good for your well-being and for peoples lives. I think events like this bring to light first of all the plight of refugees. People will know about the fact that we have young kids in the camp that are no different than any kids anywhere else in the world. The camp residents have shown to us over the years that they will not accept the difficulties. They will challenge those difficulties. You will see a lot of activities that happen in the camp. One of them as you can see today, the girls are playing football. They are very excited, they are concentrated on an activity that is a positive one. And I think the fact that today we have the World Cup trophy here is excellent, because it gives the kids some sense of motivation.

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