The oldest association football club [Sooro’s Rovers /2019.09.02]

The oldest association football club [Sooro’s Rovers /2019.09.02]

(Just then, an old guy happens to pass by) (He starts talking to the board) – Lucky. / – Yeah? Ask this guy if he thinks this will make it look better. Hi, how are you? (What do you think of this color?) (We all know it’s good) We’re the oldest club in the world, did you know? (This one is the oldest?) When was it established? 1863. 1863. The oldest place in the world. (Played at Buckingham Palace for the 150th anniversary) (Original stadium owner? / New stadium owner) He’s the owner of Chelsea Rovers. That hasn’t been painted since 1985. It was painted in 1985. (He has a picture of himself painting the stands) I can show you the pictures in the changing room. The pictures of them painting it in the past are in the changing room. (What a great coincidence) Let’s go take a look. (Adorable smile) He said we should go look. Let’s go see. This is the trophy when we beat Barcelona in 1922. They beat Barcelona in 1922. (The Barcelona we know) (Sent by The Football Association) (CSFC: A team of public servants founded in 1863) When it was built, the seats were not even in. – This is where we painted. / – Our stands. (Find me) He wants you to try to find him in the photo. Oh, really? (It’s him) (63 years old) (About 34 years ago) About 29. Behind you, there’s a tie. (Let’s see) (Bobby Charlton / 1966 FIFA World Cup legendary player) (Sven-Goran Eriksson / Former England director & coach) (Autographed by English soccer legends) (He also has a tie) (He’s giving Sooro a present) It says 1863 here. This is the oldest football club in the world. You’ve been certified. Wow, I’m going crazy. This was a great club. (150th anniversary flag sent from FIFA) This is priceless. I think we should hang this in the club office. (Autograph by Sven-Goran Eriksson) Eriksson from a long time ago. England coach Sven Eriksson. (Eusébio / legendary Portuguese soccer player) (Football club from before World War I) (The game against Real Madrid in 1924) (The game against Barcelona in 1926) We met by coincidence and learned a lot. (The home of Chelsea Rovers has a deep history) Has your spirit left your body? I’m recharging. Okay. I think you’ve been recharging for too long. We did so much. Take a short break. We’ll do the rest. (Remaining work) (1. Finish repairing the chairs) (2. Paint the roof) (Sooro and Lucky begin the chair repairs) Okay, that one’s done. Good job. I’m getting used to doing this. I’m getting faster. I think we can do it here. I think we need to move it over there. You’ve done so much. Actually, you did half. You know what I really hate? There’s one more side left. – Where? / – There. Did you do this? You know, I actually did everything by myself. (Siyoung’s handiwork) (Baekho is working alone on the remaining side) Oh, good job. (Nothing in life is easy) (I’ve already lost all my energy) She’s out of it. (Moonsung starts to do the other half) The director started already. Here, I’ll do that. It’ll be great if you did the side like that. You’re putting it all on. – It looks nice. / – It does. It’s awesome. Personally, I like wood better than this. I like the vibe the wood brings. (Smooth) – Lucky, you’re good. / – Lucky, you’re good. You’re way too good. There’s nothing he can’t do. (One shot one kill) I can’t refuse work. Work while you talk. Good job. Thank you for your hard work. Take a break. Take a break. That’s all. It’s done. We’re finished. The wood is so nice. The wood is so beautiful. The last! (Can’t believe we’re done) I think I’m going to cry. We’re done! Good job! We have to add the cushions. Come do this side. Come do this side, both of you. (Get over here) You need to rest, Siyoung. Take a break. – What? / – Take a break. Okay. I’m doing this because I like it, so I’m fine. (She’s doing it because she likes it?) Her drive… I’ll finish this up first. I just want to make sure it’s done right. She’s amazing. She’s the best. Amazing stamina. She’s amazing. They won’t edit it to make us look like we did a lot? (We really had to do all of it?) Lie down. Lie down a little bit. Since she’s doing it alone. It’s tough. No, I’m fine. We have to do it again. I’ll just do it first. I haven’t been to the bathroom. The bathroom is behind here. – Please lie down, Director Park. / – Yes, sir. My leg hurts. I’m not that tall. No, that’s how much is left for your legs. – It is? / – Yes. Would you like me to step on it? Yes. I’ve changed lots of batteries in my life, and I’ve even painted now. Painting like this. (The painting continues) (Bounce bounce) (Lee Siyoung is a woman who never gives up) (Devoted to finishing the job today) (I do painting) (I can do this) (The end of her labor is near) (She gave it her all) Here we go. Let’s wrap it up. (The once uncomfortable seats) (Adding cushions one at a time) Give me the yellow one. (Matching colors are a must) (The bleachers now look great) (Touched from exceeding expectations) This is insane. We did it. – I thought we couldn’t. / – I’ll look from over there. Let’s take a picture. (Benches you couldn’t sit on) (Now look cozy) – Just doing this makes it look good. / – It’s awesome. (In brilliant blue) (A place where traces of the past were buried) (Now it has a new look) We’re done! (We love it) I’m not going to paint for the next 30 years! Aw, man! I felt something drip on my head, and it was the paint! Since we painted it, we can’t complain. I thought it was bird poop. Darn it.

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