The Night Manager: Trailer – BBC One

The Night Manager: Trailer – BBC One

War is like a sport We are emperors of Rome What do you want Mrs. Burr? I want to make you an offer Bring down Richard Roper I wanna put you inside his operation My name is Pine. I am the night manager You bring the money to us. We give you back the boy You’ll be in so deep You’ll worry that you never get out I’ve got nothing to lose Go! You saved my boy. Welcome to the family You’re coming to our lives. Everyone is atractted to you We just need you and me I’ve got a new message. You’ve got any idea how dangerous that is? Murder. Theft. My main man. My star.
I think he might be playing both sides We need Richard Roper. I’m going to get
you out of here And you think you’re safe. We are pulling
you out. Without me you don’t have any operation You step out of line. We make howl for your mother Here is the problem Anyone can betray anyone

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