The Net Return Pro Series Soccer Net

The Net Return Pro Series Soccer Net

The Net Return Pro Series Soccer Net is great
for your home. You can use it in your front yard, your backyard, even your driveway. The
Net Return is the only net that will return the ball back to the athlete like a well placed
pass. The Net Return is designed for the serious athlete. It can be used year round indoors
or outside for a variety of sports. This includes lacrosse, golf and even baseball. Finally
a sports net that adds to the curb appeal of your home. Each Pro Series is handcrafted right here
in the USA. It is designed for years of demanding use while looking and performing great in
your front or backyard. The Net Return does not utilize bungy or elastic bands to return
balls, unlike traditional soccer rebounders the Net Return’s ability to return a soccer
ball will never diminish over the lifetime of our product. The Net Return is the optimal
solution for a quick setup soccer field or training area. The Net Return can be assembled
in under five minutes using the quick color connect system. It can easily be stored or
transported in the provided duffle bag. With the new Net Return Mini Pro Series net you
get all the benefits of a full size Pro Series net with the added benefit of a smaller form,
ideal for a smaller more challenging soccer goal for players of all ages. That is why
we say the Net Return is the only net you need. We love the Net Return! for more information

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