The Lion That Plays Football

The Lion That Plays Football

AGNES: I’m Agnes Mululeke, the curator at Johannesburg Zoo, I’m in charge of carnivore
section. So I am looking after all the big and hairy and scary animals. AGNES: Triton is our male white lion, he’s pure white, he’s not a carrier of Tony coloured
genes, he was bred here in Johannesburg Zoo and hand raised by one of the keepers about
ten or eleven years ago. And he likes playing soccer. AGNES: “Come Triton!” AGNES: You’ll hardly see the lions doing anything but once you throw a ball into Triton’s enclosure,
he goes crazy chasing the ball around the enclosure. AGNES: I think all soccer players can come and learn a thing or two from Triton because
he’s the best soccer player up to so far.

100 thoughts on “The Lion That Plays Football

  1. It's been reported that Barcelona has hijacked a deal from bayern munich fc which went up to 100 million dollars. The lion was ready to meet the german agents and sign the contract but he turned his back on them and he's on his way to Spain with his private jet.

  2. He has no prey to chase after!! Poor the big beautiful cat!! However who knows whether he could survive if living in the wild ☹️

  3. This is what my little kitty looks like when he's playing with a jingly ball. Same movements and everything. Proof that even the biggest lion is a kitten at heart.

  4. Triton really loves his ball. Not many lions will get in the water voluntarily. He has a beautiful mane. He doesn't look white to me but I guess the curator would know.

  5. He looks not much majestic like Cameron Lion, but he is much more cute. The Cutest male lion I ever seen, very lovely ! <3 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  6. Those are the creatures that God allows us to see in this world,that should no be taken for granted.

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