The Lehigh 1977 Championship Football Game

The Lehigh 1977 Championship Football Game

[SOUND EFFECT] [MUSIC PLAYING] A.J. Foyt at Riverside Raceway
driving the Big A test car. [MUSIC PLAYING] That’s life. That’s– In fact, Toyota has
increased sales by over 50%. [MUSIC PLAYING] NCAA football today
from Memorial Stadium in Wichita Falls, Texas. It’s the Engineers of Lehigh
University versus the Gamecocks of Jacksonville State University
in the NCAA Division II championship games,
the Pioneer Bowl. [MUSIC PLAYING] And here are the
Engineers of Lehigh poised on the far side of
the field in the tunnel, ready to come on in a game
that means everything to them. And here they are! [MUSIC PLAYING] Sellout crowd, almost
15,000, and many of them have made made the long trip
from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to be here. The Lehigh band is here. They want to take back
a national championship for their campus. Here comes– [MUSIC PLAYING] A native of Cyprus,
Steve Kreider, number 13, is deep along with
Matt Rickerson. And we’re ready to go! Costenian kicks a hard
to handle ball down. It’s picked up by a lineman
at the 25 yard line of Lehigh, and it’s brought back to
about the 36 yard line. And there, getting
out of traffic nicely, is Bobby Rae [INAUDIBLE] 245, is Andy Vandergrift. Next to him is Tom
Stine, who goes 225. The center is Adams, at 220. Tim Schulze fires it. He’s got Kreider. And he’s down– Do you believe 1,500
yards in a season for– First down and breaking
through is Mike Crowe. –the Engineers. Mike Rieker who looks more
like a speed skater there. Ah, ha, ha– Today from Catasauqua,
Pennsylvania, Dave Aprill, hard running back. Lennie Daniels– [INAUDIBLE] in the first half. Touchdown! [CROWD CHEERING] Great big bucket here of
Golden Pioneer Chicken. First and 10, the
ball is on the 37 yard line of Jacksonville State. Lehigh in possession. Here’s Rieker back to pass– Backfield has Pete Fenton, who’s
a pretty hard hitter in there for the Engineers. Visokey is at the
other halfback. Handoff goes to Aprill, he’s
got a touchdown standing up! [MUSIC PLAYING] The defensive unit now
in there for Lehigh. Mike Crowe, number 79, at 230. Giordani is 250. Merrill is 240. [INAUDIBLE] Mike Rieker! Oh, and he almost brought– He goes out on a pattern,
but they go long. And it’s to Kreider! Lehigh leading 27 to nothing. Inside handoff goes
[INAUDIBLE] He swings out wide. Daniels, the ball carrier
hit by either Martin or the other tack– And a ball is on
the 8 yard line. Rieker goes for Kreider. He’s got a touchdown! This is most
explosive combination in Division II football. Mike Watts back to pass. It is intercepted! [MUSIC PLAYING] Sideliner– got it. I’d like to thank
Bill [INAUDIBLE],, who has done our spotting, and
Mike Swanson, who handled all of our statistics today. A job well done, gentlemen. And I think we all agree that
we have seen one great football game. H-I-G-H. [MUSIC PLAYING] Get yours today, while
the selection is great. And remember, we’ll
treat you right. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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