The Last Game: Nike Football ft. Ronaldo, Neymar, Rooney, Ibrahimovic

The Last Game: Nike Football ft. Ronaldo, Neymar, Rooney, Ibrahimovic

Lord 76% probability of missing the target wreckless 50% chance of failure and this is not an acceptable way to arrive at training even the greatest players of our time make mistakes they take too many risks after all they’re only human but what if they weren’t I give you the future of football our clothes flawless decision-making guaranteed results it’s what the people want football just change to the club’s before why is that river coming back times are changing has changed there are no shortage of the lackeys never got lost the question now is the end of the nominal fur coming to basketball risk nothing with perfect abroad before perfecting football was a wild and unpredictable affair I’ve changed that what do you think happened to the originals you mean what are they doing and where are they now look look look there’s left on I was lucky does the manager know about this let me guess same as last week what you sure you don’t want to burn kidding me get over me then off done hey what happened why are we all here to make a stand to save football I like what you have done with the place that game that we love is dying the clones they’re killing it we must rise up and so I let me just oh we all want to destroy the clones but their own beatable slot on agrees nobody thinks they can be beaten but you you can do it on my note and in all of you together remember what makes you great you I’m not afraid to take risks you play like it’s just a game they play like it’s a job you risk everything to win everything there’s no greater danger than playing it safe it’s official the originals are back and they’re challenging the phone to expectant winner-take-all games if they lose they say they won’t quit the game forever the question is perfect clouds what to stage for the biggest match on the planet the world is watching first our wins no second chance there’s no danger it’s too easy that’s better whoa you

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  1. però la nazionale italiana non è sponsorizzata dalla Nike, ecco perché non c'è un italiano, la stessa cosa per messi con l argentina

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