The Holy War – BYU vs Utah Football September 2016 | Oozle Media

The Holy War –  BYU vs Utah Football September 2016 | Oozle Media

There’s two different records If you count it by the Utes vs if you count it by BYU 58 to 34 or 55 to 32 something like that I think the U is going to do well because Taysom is going to get hurt, because he always does. This is a BYU Fan: “BYU is going to win because we have a good quarterback that has servied so many leg injures.” I have both red and blue in my hair which makes purple which nobody cares about. I like how we won the last game that ended but most of all i like to keep in mind that there were Y football players that had to graduate that never had beaten Utah so that was pretty funny, they just didnt get to. I went to BYU, my wife went to BYU all of my brothers and sisters went to BYU so i’m a BYU fan. And my parents I got a Utah State brother in there, whatever. BYU fans always say that their blood runs blue False! Your blood is red Always There was this really weird tradition at BYU where they would wrap statues every fall I didn’t know what that was about. until after I finished school and then I realized that there is a rivalry like, oh, so that’s why they did that, their were always afraid that U of U fans would come over and spray paint and trash the statues Well, actually my Alma Mater is Utah State University. So, GO AGGIES Hey Hey Hey! My wife was out of town with the girls so it was my son and I we’re going to watch the game together and it’s going to be a ‘Bros Game’ In elementary, middle school and high school everybody was always opposite sides I was always stuck in the middle because I had no opinion. So i’ll just choose one whoever was around me. YEAH, totally BYU for sure! And then the next day I was a Utes fan. That’s the only thing I remember because I wasn’t involved. You know, the biggest thing that I love about it is all the hype kind of leading up to it. on both sides, I think it’s a lot of fun. Just hearing everybody kind of banter back and forward and bashing. Good nature in most of it. some of it not so much. But uh,I think most of it, my favorite moment was the, uh, when i was, i think i was, must of been 2006, The cross body John Beck to Johnny Harline. All the way there from the corner endzone. That was awesome. that cemented my future as a BYU student, if it haven’t already. My mother in law actually gets a lot of conflict Going, uh, she was on the University of Utah’s Clemson line And as a die-hard BYU fan. Terrible Terrible thing, but it gets a little heated at times. Under for filled Jake Heaps was the quarterback. And he threw so many interceptions that the next day at Arbys, they put up on the sign “Bring your BYU ticket and get a free turnover.” It was the best / worst moment of my BYU fan life. I support the Univierty of Utah I have a house divided because I have a husband that, unfortitly, is a BYU fan Even though he goes to the U. Told grandpa Carter as i was leaving the other day that i was going to tell my husband ‘Go Utes’ from him and He said, “tell them”, or “Tell Trent that I said, he can go to $^^[email protected]!!” I think that U of U fans are classier because I live near BYU and I don’t like how the games cause traffic jams. The worst fans on the Utes side. There was one that when they travel to Provo during the prayer They would bring those blow horns. And then they shout, uh, “#[email protected]@$!” Like, that’s garbage. And then you have the BYU fans who don’t really know anything about football but their the loudest. that’s the worst. And the worst part about those fans is where you hear “Another Cougar first down!” Who has the more obnoxious fans, Utah has the more obnoxious fans. There kind of all over the place, their rowdy, there just rude. Often. And BYU fans try to stay a little more classy. I think, but i might be bias. I think there equally un-classy Just for differnt reasons. So if you ever drive in California. People cut you off because their assholes. If you drive in Utah people cut you off because their iqurant. They don’t even know you exist. It’s kind of the same way with BYU and Utah fans Utah fans are drunk so theirfore are obnoxious BYU fans are just childishness and therefore obnoxious. But their both obnoxious. I hate em both. I hate ALL of the fans in this rivalry. This is the worst week to be on Facebook because The BYU ones are like, “We’re the only ones that ever won a national championship.” And the ute fans are like “scoreboard, last five years.” you know. But the thing that i hate the most about the Ute fans are, is like the, getting over being the little brother to BYU And now their the big kid on the block. and like, there crowning achievement was Getting into the Pac 12 man!! For like five years after they got into the Pac 12. You couldn’t tell if they were Ute fans or they were just a fan of the Pac 12. For some dumb reason. Because they have Pac 12 stickers plaster all over everything. But frankly, BYU would be happy to be excepted into any of the power 5 conferences if your out there listening. Please let us in. From someone who doesn’t even watch football, uh, I’m going to say that it’s going to be like 54 to 0, BYU. I think Utah is going to take it, by a bunch. Somewhere in the neighborhood to 28 32 BYU It’s going to be a close game this year, but the U is going to come out the seventh year? 6th, 7th? 8th, 20th, I don’t know. 45 to 32 utes. BYU gets the first touchdown, Utes win the game.

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  1. Well byu you might just want to quit your program and stop praying God doesn't do shit about your wining your losing streak is so old its old enough to be Baptized by Satan himself 9 straight is coming Utah will win every time you play against us

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