The History Of The Soccer Ball


The history of the soccer ball covers all details about its evolution along the ages. Though maybe your biggest curiosity is really knowing… who invented the soccer ball? Who was it? How did it happen? Where? And, why? What’s up guys it’s LukaMamson back again and today we are gonna see the history of the soccer ball The history of the soccer ball dates back to ancient times. From a couple centuries BC to about 200 AD, the Chinese used balls made from animal skins in a game called ‘tsu chu’, in which players had to pass them through a net stretched between two poles. The ancient Greeks, Romans, and even the Egyptians are recorded to have enjoyed a similar game that involved kicking a makeshift ball. Charles Goodyear was the first person to make a soccer ball in 1855, using the same concept that is still practiced today in making soccer balls. Charles had invented vulcanized rubber back in 1837, however, the first soccer ball made out of the vulcanized rubber was years later in 1855. Before the invention of vulcanized rubber and the soccer ball, history of soccer shows people kicking all kinds of things on the ground instead of the soccer ball Only a decade later, in 1865, Charles Goodyear soccer balls became the official match balls in the first organized soccer leagues in England. Technology over the past 20 years has advanced and evolved every part of the soccer game, , including soccer balls, uniforms, stadiums, cleats, fans and every other part of the game. Today, every league and competition has its own design for the soccer ball that is used for different competitions. World Cup balls are customized for each tournament every 4 years, and all other Major Championships also have their own design and logos for the ball used in the game. Soccer balls we see today are made with the intent to make them swerve more than usual , making the game more exciting with more goals being scored. With the way technology is going, the soccer ball history is taking a sharp curve from the normal balls used in the 1990s. Brazuca ball, is the first Fifa World Cup ball, named by the fans.

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