The global fight to rid football of match-fixing

The global fight to rid football of match-fixing

It was the statement that shocked football. “We have uncovered an extensive criminal network
involved in widespread football match-fixing. A total of 425 match officials, club officials,
players and serious criminals from more than 15 countries are suspected of being involved
in attempts to fix more than 380 professional football matches.” Europol’s investigation uncovered the grip
that match-fixing had on football. The results indicated that at least 50 of
Fifa’s 209 member nations were the subject of investigations in 2012. It was no surprise to Interpol Secretary General
Ronald Noble “So I’m just careful on this, this is like
terrorism. There is no region that’s exempt or free from it, there’s no country that’s
exempt or free from it. It can happen anywhere at any time.” Simone Farina is one example of a player who
rejected corruption. The Italian defender was offered over US$260,000
to throw a game whilst playing for Gubbio in 2011. Farina reported the incident to the police
and was shunned by team-mates who called him a snitch. He has now moved on and is a youth coach for
Aston Villa. Football is loved by so many due to it’s unpredictability,
the game’s popularity is the reason why criminals are attracted to the multi-billion dollar
betting market that surrounds football, and fans are beginning to question whether the
game is so unpredictable after all. It is now the job of Fifa, Interpol and Europol
have to ensure that the beautiful game remains attractive to the general public.

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