The Friday Games Review: NFL Football

The Friday Games Review: NFL Football

[Beeping in time to countdown] [Airplane engine]>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Are we live?>>Daniel Pham: I think we’re live.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh crap.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: So today.>>Daniel Pham: Hi guys.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Welcome to the Friday Review
of Games. I am Ian Ni-Lewis.>>Daniel Pham: And I’m Daniel Pham.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: And today we’re drinking Red
Hoptober which is a seasonal by New Belgium. There you are Daniel.>>Daniel Pham: Oh thank you very much.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh I know you’re, you got
a chaser there.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah, I got a chaser. The chaser
happens to be The Balvenie.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Peated Cask.>>Daniel Pham: Peated Cask.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: 17 year old.>>Daniel Pham: 17 year old. Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: It’s a limited release actually.
They’re doing some sort of really heavily peated whiskey and they were switching casks
and they were like oh these peated casks would be nice for a finish on our 17 year.>>Daniel Pham: It’s quite tasty.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: That’s actually quite good.>>Daniel Pham: It’s quite tasty. Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Alright, well weíre getting
late today because we’re incompetent and–>>Daniel Pham: Apparently it must have been
my fault. I think I screwed something up in the last show and it made it so terrible that
Reto was not able to fix all my mistakes in time for this show. It’s my fault.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Well, I mean it’s not an excuse,
it’s a reason, but you were blinded by the laser beams that shoot out from La Reto’s
eyes whenever he gets mad about somebody misusing the action bar.>>Daniel Pham: You know, we’re in a 150 square
foot space here and dodging those lasers is pretty tricky.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: It’s tough; you need, you
really need one of those Cyclops things. Either that or you stop reviewing apps that are rated
less than four stars.>>Daniel Pham: He was pretty upset.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Alright, so with us is engineer
Reto Meier.>>Reto Meier: Hey everyone.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Nice. And Daniel of course,
usually engineers our shows but today he’s with us because since he hasnít been writing
java code for the last 20 years turns out he’s the only guy on our team that knows anything
about football.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah, yeah it’s true. So I
believe we’re going to be reviewing some games and I happen to be the only guy that knows
the difference between a round ball, which is soccer and real football which Americans
play, made of pigskin. So that would be me. No one else knows anything about football.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Pretty much. I have no idea.>>Daniel Pham: I was going to do the previous
show too but I donít know anything about, you know, over flow menus or you know, best
UI guidelines or any of that kind of stuff. So.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Plus it turned out that mostly
we were talking about soccer.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.
>>Ian Ni-Lewis: And I think Cricket, right? That’s what you call Aussie rules football,
is Cricket?>>Reto Meier: Something like that.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Nice.>>Daniel Pham: That’s played with some kind
of stick, right?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah, and an insect?>>Daniel Pham: And a horse?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Right.>>Reto Meier: Uh yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: The horse, yeah exactly. Does
Mitt Romney play that?>>Reto Meier: Uuh, maybe?>>Daniel Pham: Who’s that?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I dunno. Let’s go.>>Daniel Pham: Ok.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: So somebody told me that I
have hair like him. Alright. It’s time to talk about football because NFL preseason
is just getting over with.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: The regular season is just
about to start.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: It’s almost Labor Day weekend
here in America and we are gonna play some games about guys in armor and tight tight
pants smashing into one another.>>Daniel Pham: Yes and bending over.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh is that part of it? Oh
you’re right.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah when they get set.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yes indeed. Ok.>>Daniel Pham: When they get lined up>>Ian Ni-Lewis: So Dan’s been field testing
all of these games for us. Apparently not just as part of his job but because he likes
them.>>Daniel Pham: ummmm yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: And we’ve got kind of a nice
line-up today I think.>>Daniel Pham: I think we do, I think we’ve
got a pretty great line-up.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Except for the ones that Reto
suggested, they all have different, they’re not all actually football I think. But uh.>>Daniel Pham: So let’s get started.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah, what do you want to
talk about first?>>Daniel Pham: So I’m going to go to Retro
Football.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh hell yeah. You know, actually
I joke but the truth is, my absolute favorite game a long time ago was Super Bowl Sunday,
did you ever play that?>>Daniel Pham: No. No. What game was it?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I think it was before your
time. As in probably before you were conceived, but->>Daniel Pham: any any>>Ian Ni-Lewis: It was a commodore 64 game
and you know you chose your team and it had all of the teams from the first Super Bowl
all the way up.>>Daniel Pham: Uh huh.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Which by the way, I didnít
realize these but, the Super Bowl actually started fairly recently right? In the 30s
or 40s or 50s?>>Daniel Pham: That’s fairly recent to you?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Well I’m just saying I was
reading up on the history of football and–>>Daniel Pham: How old are you?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Pretty old.>>Daniel Pham: You can give that one away.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I was just gonna say apparently
in 1905 there were 18 deaths in the, what became the NFL.>>Daniel Pham: You’re kidding?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: No. No.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: You know why? Because back
then they played real football.>>Daniel Pham: ok, real football?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Anyway so Commodore 64 game
you could pick any football team from any of the Super Bowls that had ever played. And
then you pitted against whoever. So you could literally like, the ’71 Dolphins versus the
you know ’82 Bears or something, I can’t remember the exact years, but. And you’d call the plays.
So you’d call the offensive play, you’d call the defensive play and they’d run it out.
And I loved that. I think that’s why I like football, is you know, is you’ve got the play
and you can have to see it work to see if you planned it right. I liked the strategic
aspect. I know a lot of people like more arcade-y aspect, that’s not me. I like the play calling.>>Daniel Pham: Alright, ok. Well you’ll probably
like a couple of the games that we’re playing later.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Excellent. Anyway, that had
absolutely nothing to do with anything except that I saw the word retro and football together
and it took me down memory lane.>>Daniel Pham: It had something to do with
your age.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah. Can you pass me that
sack of Depends there? I think I might need it. I’m kinda excited.>>Daniel Pham: Why donít you just take the
scotch instead?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Why thank you, sonny. Mmmm.
Tell us about Retro Football.>>Daniel Pham: Alright, so Retro Football.
So we’re starting out with the poorest of all the titles that were suggested. Just so
we can build up some momentum before we play some of these other games. And we’re gonna
start by looking at the menu. Let’s see New Game, Options and About. So I’m the kinda
guy that just skips straight to the gameplay.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Isnít everybody?>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Right.>>Daniel Pham: When I want to play a game
I just want to get straight to the entertainment part.>>Daniel Pham: That’s right.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Options, man. Let’s just ñ>>Daniel Pham: I don’t need Options. About?
I’ll figure it out as I go. So, New Game.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Now the first thing I just
want to mention is, and this is not a gameplay thing at all, but none of this text is anti-aliased.
Which you can almost argue makes it look retro, except not the good kind of retro.>>Daniel Pham: No, it’s the crap kind of retro.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Exactly.>>Daniel Pham: There’s a big difference guys.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah.>>Daniel Pham: Make sure you know where that
line is.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: There’s like “Everybody Dance
Now” and there’s “Sussussudio”. K? Make sure you’re on the right side of that line, that’s
all I can say. Alright so.>>Daniel Pham: I donít know what that is,
but it just sounds terrible.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah. Exactly.>>Daniel Pham: So, here you can choose–>>Ian Ni-Lewis: It was a disease; a lot of
people had it in the ’80s.>>Daniel Pham: So right here you can choose
quarter length and they have four options. And to me, it’s not really apparent what the
benefits are to changing the quarter length right now. Other than–>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Gameplay?>>Reto Meier: Sorry, but I’m going to interrupt
for a quick second.>>Daniel Pham: Sure.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Have we been muted this whole
time?>>Reto Meier: No no no.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Alright.>>Reto Meier: But there is some rustling,
I wonder if your mic Daniel, has slid down some?>>Daniel Pham: It’s possible. Here, we’ll
uh–>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh yeah. Dude your mic was
like in your pants. Could you hear him?>>Reto Meier: It was coming through pretty
well considering>>Ian Ni-Lewis: You have a really odd vocal
arrangement.>>Daniel Pham: You guys weren’t supposed–>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Perfect.>>Daniel Pham: You guys weren’t supposed to
find that out about all–>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Nice.>>Daniel Pham: – that till next year. I’ll
put it right in the front. Yeah. That must be it.>>Reto Meier: Alright, that’s nice. Thank
you.>>Daniel Pham: And as you can see it is duct
taped. For those of you that are wondering at home.>>Reto Meier: So everyone knows this is a
professional set up.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah, of course of course.
Yeah. So we’re just going to go with the 2, 2 minute and 30 second quarter length. We’re
gonna go with, let’s go with All Star difficulty. And we’re gonna go start game.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: By the way, while Daniel is
doing this, if you see me typing over here, it’s because we donít have a producer today.
I’m handling the Livestream, if you have any questions at all for us go ahead and put them
on the YouTube Livestream, that’s what I’m monitoring. I donít have enough attention
to monitor anything else. So, don’t look at the G plus invitation or the GDL page. Just
right on the YouTube page, if you put down a comment I’ll see it. And if you’re lucky,
we’ll answer it.>>Daniel Pham: Yep.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: So, by the way, quick shout
out to our buddy Daniel. Oh- who has no producer- Yes Dan, we have no producer, do you wanna
produce? Go for it, jump right on here. Dan Galpin everybody. Dan Galpin is actually away
today. He’s at PAX with Koh Kim. So–>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: -both of the people that you
saw last week -now they were supposed to like call up and do a Hangout with us and everything
but we get a call at like 12:55 saying hey we’re doing that Hangout? No Dan, we’re not
doing that Hangout.>>Daniel Pham: Literally 5 minutes before
the showñ>>Ian Ni-Lewis: If you called me at noon we
woulda done the Hangout. Alright, so anyway, and also shout out to our buddy Marcus. Thanks
for joining us. And everybody else who’s on the Livestream. Now let’s go ahead and play
some football. Wow.>>Daniel Pham: Alright.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: That is, oh oh ok so I see
what kind of retro this is now.>>Daniel Pham: Yes, it’s the crap kind of
retro. Like I said we’re building up to the great games.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I see what you’re saying.>>Daniel Pham: We’re starting out with a really
poor example.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: No this is great, this is
great cause this is like, I remember these things. You know you’d see them in like Shakey’s
Pizza or something. And it’d actually be all plastic. Plastic top and they’d just have
lights underneath that’d turn on. Even when I was a kid and they were brand new, I thought
they sucked.>>Daniel Pham: Wow. This is a good imitation
of that.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: It’s a good recreation of
that, I mean, if you liked stuff that sucked in the ’80s.>>Daniel Pham: mmm hmmm>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I’m not really selling this
am I?>>Daniel Pham: No, you’re not, no. So let’s
just dive right into the game.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: let’s do that.>>Daniel Pham: And ignore everything that
Ian just said.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Absolutely.>>Daniel Pham: So let’s take a look. So right
away you can see that the kick button is flashing so I guess that it wants me to kick. If you
haven’t done the tutorial, which most of the time I donít do, you probably won’t know
what to do. But let’s just press the button and see what happens. Kick. Great. So it looks
like the ball is traveling across the field and this is the point where I usually start
button mashing because I donít know what the heck is going on. So I’m just gonna randomly
touch the screen. And it looks like the X’s and O’s are flashing and at this point it’d
be really great to have some kind of indicator to let you know what to do next. For those
of us that do know football you can look at the scoreboard you can see that its first
down, 10 yards to go. But from a gameplay perspective, it’s not really clear like what
commands you can push to start the next play. So all you see here is like a pass button
and a couple of arrow keys for running but it doesnít really say you can do one or the
other which is kind of what you’re supposed to do. So let’s just randomly push the pass
button and see what happens. Nothing. No feedback. Let’s push the run button. Great so then youíve
just started a play and apparently now it’s second down and I was blocked and there’s,
there’s really no feedback. There’s no gap between starting a new play and getting crushed
by the defender who just is an X on the screen. So it’d be nice from, you know, from when
you start the play to when you actually get crushed to have some kind of indication that
you can move up or down or dodge the defender in some way or more the running back, you
know that kind of stuff.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: is that what you’re supposed
to do? You’re supposed to–>>Daniel Pham: Yeah you’re supposed to run,
you’re supposed to press the buttons and run around.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh oh oh oh.>>Daniel Pham: But see now its 3rd down, oh
my god, now its 3rd down, now its 4th down.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Wait what?>>Daniel Pham: And all the sudden, yep its
4th down.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: how’d it get to be 4th down?>>Daniel Pham: I donít know.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: you didnít like stop or anything
right?>>Daniel Pham: there’s absolutely no feedback.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: We’re playing by the Retro
Football rules.>>Daniel Pham: Yes. Yes.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I see. Ok.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah, there’s just->>Ian Ni-Lewis: Are you sure this isn’t Aussie
rules football?>>Daniel Pham: It’s possible. It’s possible.>>Reto Meier: Iím pretty sure thatís not
Aussie rules football. You wanna have a much more elliptical playing surface for that.>>Daniel Pham: Elliptical playing surface,
not flat. Great.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: right, they play in a paddock,
not a field.>>Daniel Pham: I have no idea what that is.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I think it’s where you keep
horses.>>Reto Meier: You haven’t spent much time
in the country, have you Dan?>>Daniel Pham: I’ve only been out of the country
once.>>Reto Meier: [laugh] I meant the country,
as in like you know, not the city.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: You know, the stuff that’s
passed Livermore and Gilroy?>>Daniel Pham: Might as well be Europe to
me.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah, pretty much. Gotcha.>>Daniel Pham: Might as well be Europe.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Fair enough, alright guys.
Let’s go ahead and take a look at another game.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I think we’ve plumbed the
depths of this one.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah, so that’s, it’s pretty
much it.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: It’s. I mean it does definitely
take me back my only complaint is, it takes me back to the part of my life before video
games were fun.>>Daniel Pham: That’s absolutely true.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I can see it appealing to
people, not to me personally, but it is a well done emulation of that anyway. Let’s
take a look at something else.>>Daniel Pham: Alright, so let’s go to, let’s
actually go to NFL kicker.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: NFL Kicker.>>Daniel Pham: Yes.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Awesome. Great. Because as
we all know, kicking is the most important and exciting part of football.>>Daniel Pham: So, the tablet’s now covering–>>Ian Ni-Lewis: That’s alright, that’s ok.>>Daniel Pham: -part of your face.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah. You can see the cable
from the tablet but–>>Daniel Pham: that’s fine.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I’ve dealt with worse.>>Daniel Pham: I think people’d rather look
at the cable than your face.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: yeah, probably true.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: And my face is big enough
you can see it anyway.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah, it’s huge.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Pretty much.>>Daniel Pham: So, I’ve already gone through
some of the game to, you know earn ranks and my rank right now is a Starting Kicker. So
when you first start the game you would normally start as Rookie and as you played through
the tutorial your rank goes up based on your score. So I’ve already gone ahead and unlocked
some of the additional stages but let’s go through the basic skills. And learn some kicking tips. So this is great,
while it’s loading I get to learn some kicking tips try to aim for the scoreboard every time,
blah blah blah. And we get some 3D rendered cheerleaders. Awesome.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Wow.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: that’s not pandering at all.>>Daniel Pham: Definitely not.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: That’s, some of that animation
was a little disturbing.>>Daniel Pham: A little bit.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: yeah.>>Daniel Pham: But NFL cheerleaders in real
life are a little disturbing so I think that’s spot on. And as you can see, my player is
wearing the same number that I am, number 52 Patrick Willis, but in the game I named
him something totally different. Points to you guys out there who know what thickness
is referring to.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: What? Thickness?>>Daniel Pham: It’s a quip made by a NFL player
Asante Samuel, he tweeted something having to do with thickness.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Ok.>>Daniel Pham: And no one could figure what
it was and so now it’s become a really popular internet meme.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: nice.>>Daniel Pham: yes. So I decided to use it.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I’m so glad we have you around
Daniel.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah. Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Or otherwise we’d totally
not be hip at all. Ok, so apparently this is, I’m just gonna turn the camera like and
I’m just gonna flick. Tell me that I’m not a pro.>>Daniel Pham: That was such, that was pro.
–>>Ian Ni-Lewis: That was a pro shot. Yeah.>>Daniel Pham: That’s, that’s a thousand points.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Really?>>Daniel Pham: I donít know.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I thought it was like three.>>Daniel Pham: It’d be nice if they told us.
Well it is, it’s kind of a tutorial of basic skills. There’s no->>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh I see.>>Daniel Pham: points awarded anyway.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: So control the ball while
it’s in flight.>>Daniel Pham: Yep. It’s pretty->>Ian Ni-Lewis: Controlling the ball while
it’s, is that actually part of a NFL game?>>Daniel Pham: No, so this is actually into
the realm of fantasy.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh like, I wish I could control
the ball.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah, like Billy Cundiff last
year in the playoffs, he cost the Ravens the game missing that, really shanking left you
know that field goal from 23 yards out.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: If only he had this particular
ball.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah, if only he was able to
control the ball in air he wouldn’t have missed that goal post by you know like, 50 million
miles. Sorry to all you Ravens fans out there.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: It’s ok, I donít think we
have any Ravens fans on here.>>Daniel Pham: No probably not.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Nah.>>Daniel Pham: Tap the screen to continue.
So now you can get extra points for accuracy, you can control the ball and use the control
scheme that we just found.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh watch the wind!>>Daniel Pham: Ohoh no, fail. No good. Let’s
try this again. Still fail. Apparently I’m terrible at this game.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah I donít know man.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah I’m sorry guys this is
a fail.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Well here let me try. Maybe
itís not, maybe it’s not, is it a swipe while you’re in there?>>Daniel Pham: Yeah, it’s a swipe.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah you’re right. Unless,
or are you actually supposed to touch the ball?>>Daniel Pham: the wind is actually a lot
stronger than ñ>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah it’s really strong, you’re
right. Ok alright, so well anyway.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: That looks like it’s got some
promise anyway.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah let’s go to some of the
different game modes.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I like, the graphics are really
impressive.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah I really like them a lot.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Except when you really zoom
in on the crowd and then realize that that totally doesnít work at all. What?>>Daniel Pham: Yes. So the back button actually,
it’s a little bit jarring.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah this the old school way
of doing the back button like, before we really figured out how to make games good.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah it’s not really clear
here if you wanna actually exit the game or if you wanna go back to the main menu or what
you really wanna do.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Let’s find out. I’m betting->>Daniel Pham: It’s a mystery. Ooh.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh ok, so yeah.>>Daniel Pham: Nice. So back to the game right?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: So, what we’d really prefer
is that you just go back and then give the user a way to go forward again. Instead of
trying to do a confirm, in Android you usually donít have to tear down and rebuild a whole
lot of stuff to move from screen to screen. So unless your game is literally using all
available RAM on the system, in which case, you’re kinda screwed anyway. You should be
able to go back to a menu screen like this and give the user a way to say oh no wait,
I wanted to continue my game and get back into it without having to ask for confirmation
to move from screen to screen.>>Daniel Pham: Do you have another piece of
tape?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah.>>Daniel Pham: The Google glue. Duct tape.
Fixes everything.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah, it’s pretty amazing,
that one’s lasted us like four weeks.>>Daniel Pham: wonderful.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: perfect.>>Daniel Pham: Ready to go.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Alright.>>Daniel Pham: Let’s go to the next game mode,
In the Zone.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Alright.>>Daniel Pham: In the Zone, here we go. It’s
giving us a tip coffin corner; it’s got a nice image of Lucas Oil Stadium. Alright,
let’s get kicking. So in this game mode it’s basically employing all your basic skills
you learned in the tutorial from before. And it’s got, really great controls for, oh that
was a fail. So here we go, let’s try this. Every now and then you get like a little gold
bar on either side of the field post and if you’re good enough to hit that gold section,
you’ll score some additional points. And it doesn’t happen very often with me as you can
see because I’m a terrible kicker.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: By the way we have a message
from our coworker Dan Galpin. He says Pham’s football flicking fails frequently.>>Daniel Pham: Thanks Dan. Thank you. Appreciate
that.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Thanks a lot man.>>Daniel Pham: So, you know, I won’t bore
you with this anymore. Let’s find another game mode that’s a little more interesting.
That’s pretty standard.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah, I think you know, we’ve
got 15 minutes left, why don’t we move on to some other games instead.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I think we can say this is
some cool game play, and if you like the flick games, it’s a pretty good example.>>Daniel Pham: Yep.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah it’s got all the licenses;
it’s got a really nice set of graphics. Got a few things wrong, I’d really really like
to see the back button handled differently. Because right now it just looks a little amateurish.>>Daniel Pham: I agree.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: But everything else, despite
the fact that I donít think it was actually created with this device in mind, it looks
pretty good on the tablet.>>Daniel Pham: I agree. I totally agree. The
graphics are sufficiently high resolution to overcome any other short comes.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah. Did a good job.>>Daniel Pham: Actually we’re gonna keep it
in portrait mode.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Ok.>>Daniel Pham: We’re gonna show one more flick
game really quick from the same developer. If I can find it. It is NFL Flick Quarterback.
So this is a nice little twist on flick games. Waiting for that to load.
And as with the last game, I’ve also achieved a rank of Starting QB and that’s up from Rookie.
So let’s go to the first mode, Play Maker.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: OK.>>Daniel Pham: So the same style. Same info
loop between game loading. I’ve obviously chosen the same player with the same name
as last time. And this is great, now in this mode your goal is to pass the ball as effectively
as you can to the receiver. And using the same control schemes as the kicking game,
you know, you flick and you can control the ball in midair left or right.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Alright the receiver is kind
of a douche.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah he is. All receivers are
douche bags, I thought you knew that. And->>Ian Ni-Lewis: OOOH.>>Daniel Pham: – that’s a fail. And this receiver
actually makes some really crazy moves. Moves that no normal receiver in the NFL would be
able to make. He must be on steroids.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Cause nobody in the NFL is
for sure.>>Daniel Pham: Nobody in the NFL is on steroids.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Wow that’s like duct tape
hands.>>Daniel Pham: yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Pretty amazing. This looks
like a fun game.>>Daniel Pham: yeah, this is actually pretty
cool. So, you know you can score a lot of points for ñ>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Once again just you know,
look at how crisp those graphics are. All those in game graphics are just, theyíve
really done a good job of adapting to different resolutions and making it look awesome.>>Daniel Pham: yeah, I’m really enjoying this.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I can tell.>>Daniel Pham: So let’s skip this game part
and go to the next one. That’s pretty much it. There’s a couple additional things you
can do. So if you take a long time to pass the ball, which I wasn’t doing, it’s possible
the one of the defenders is gonna rush you and you can juke them. But I think the quick
fire mode here is gonna have that also.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh cool.>>Daniel Pham: So with Quick Fire your goal
is to pass as many balls as possible without running out of time. And every time when you
successfully complete a pass you get additional time and if you get an interception you get
points, you get time deducted.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah, the only thing that
I don’t really like about this game is all the cheerleaders have the same uniform. What’s
with that?>>Daniel Pham: Because they all cheer for
the same team.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: America?>>Daniel Pham: yes.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: They cheer for America.>>Daniel Pham: Team America. Great movie->>Ian Ni-Lewis: Nice.>>Daniel Pham: – if any of you guys haven’t
seen it. Bonus points to anyone who knows the lyrics to the song.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Everybody knows the lyrics
to that song.>>Daniel Pham: So I’ve got 44 seconds. So
let’s pretend I’m a really crappy player, uhh sacked. So I really like the animations
in between, you know they’ve taken the time to animate the player getting up, dusting
himself off. You know it->>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah, they’ve really taken
a lot of care. So speaking of animations, I think that’s a good segue into our next
game which is, well it would be NFL Rivals and it’s not. And I’ll tell you why it’s not
NFL Rivals. Because even though NFL Rivals is a great game, for some reason they have
never, they’ve never taken the Nexus, any of the Nexus stuff that we’ve got off their
blacklists, so I can’t install NFL Rivals and I can’t install on I’m sorry, on my Galaxy
Nexus, I can’t install it on my Nexus 7. Can’t install on the Transformer Prime.>>Daniel Pham: I was really really disappointed.
You know when I went to go and try to play the game, you know I’ve got a box of Nexus
devices and none of them were able to play the game.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: So we’re gonna review Back
Breaker instead.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Let me just turn off this
sound. Yeah. That’s not how I turn off the sound. Ok.>>Daniel Pham: Get it right Ian.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: No, that’s interesting because
I, as you can see it’s muted but it is still playing music isn’t it?>>Daniel Pham: Yes.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: So there’s a problem right
there.>>Daniel Pham: Yes, please fix that.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Alright. So with this I can.
So, this Back Breaker there I’m gonna set my player, I’ll call him player.>>Daniel Pham: You shoulda named him thickness
just like the rest of the players.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Ok, oh look. I put a character
term in my players name and now he has no name.>>Daniel Pham: Oh, he’s nameless.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Exactly. And he plays for
the Assassins.>>Daniel Pham: I don’t really like them.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Or the Hawks or the Pioneers.
I think these are Aussie rules football.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah, definitely not American.
Maybe Canadian. Maybe the CFL.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Maybe.>>Reto Meier: What was the name of this game?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Back Breaker.>>Reto Meier: Back Breaker.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah but it’s basically the
same as NFL Rivals and I’ll tell ya what’s different, is NFL Rivals actually has the
licenses. And in addition, the friend challenge mode allows you to gain points for your favorite
team, which I thought was really cool. So if I put in like Seattle Seahawks, that’s
my team right, then I would->>Daniel Pham: You’re a Seahawks fan?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I’m from Seattle, man.>>Daniel Pham: Oh come on.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh really? You don’t think
you should cheer for the home team?>>Daniel Pham: you can cheer for whatever
team suits your fancy.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Just not the Seahawks?>>Daniel Pham: If it happens to be those pansy
ass Seahawks then, you know, thatís ok too.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Hey man, they pretty much
humiliated the Raiders. Which I know is your favorite team.>>Daniel Pham: Actually yeah, I really donít
like the Raiders. I’m a Niners fan obviously, I’m wearing a Niners jersey and my fianceÈ
is from San Diego so she’s a Charger’s fan. The Chargers are huge rivals with the Raiders.
There’s no way I could ever like the Raiders, for two reasons->>Ian Ni-Lewis: I understand then.>>Daniel Pham: Anytime they get crushed by
anyone else, it makes me happy.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: So anyway. These football
games, again, this is Back Breaker, it’s not quite as advanced as NFL Rivals but it’s the
same basic idea. Where you’re basically just trying to run down the field and there’s a
guy trying to tackle you and you juke him, you can spin, you can do all kinds of stuff
you know, go back and forth and if you get into the end zone, I guess you win.>>Daniel Pham: I really do like this, the
action aspect of the game.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: It’s fun.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I mean for, and of course
NaturalMotion, you know their whole deal is they made the you know morpheme system that
you know like the Star Wars games use. They’re really animation experts and a lot of the
animation used here is really amazing. So, we like the game. We just wish that NFL Rivals
was available for a few more platforms because we think it could be really cool. I really
really like the idea that as you know, as you gain points in the game, you are gaining
points for your team.>>Daniel Pham: yes.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Reto can we get that there?
[Inaudible] Ok, so anyway. Well obviously our audience is hugely enthused by American
football because we’ve got a record 21 people watching right now. Thanks for you guys that
stuck around.>>Daniel Pham: It’s probably just my ugly
mug.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah. That’s Daniel and Koh
and like 19 people standing there drinking beer.>>Reto Meier: So I think I managed to figure
out a way to get Daniel to dial in via Hangout. So if it’só>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh oh bring him on. Yeah.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah let’s bring Daniel Galpin
on.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: That’s right, Daniel Galpin’s
coming on! And the numbers just go up and up and up.>>Daniel Pham: Dan Galpin!>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh my God, that’s him!>>Daniel Pham: We’re now replacing Ian’s face
with Dan Galpin’s face and we can’t hear->>Ian Ni-Lewis: It’s perfect.>>Daniel Pham: And we can’t hear you.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Hi everybody, I’m Dan Galpin.
Canít hear you Dan.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah, I can’t hear Dan right
now.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: The monitor, everything, back
on?>>Daniel Pham: Let’s have a drink while we
wait.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: That sounds good.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah. Cheers. This is good
beer by the way.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah, very hoppy for sure.>>Daniel Pham: If you would like us to do
a beer episode every week, let us know in the comments.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Every week, that might be
a little much, but yeah.>>Daniel Pham: No, if we just do a 10-15 minute
beer review, it’d be really short. Maybe we’ll pre-film it.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: There ya go.>>Daniel Pham: Throw us ideas. We’ll figure
it out.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah.>>Daniel Pham: Alright, while we wait for
Reto to sort out the Dan Galpin situation, let’s->>Ian Ni-Lewis: Let’s move on to the next
game.>>Daniel Pham: Let’s move on to the next game.
Yeah, so. We didn’t get a chance to play Madden yet but I think that’s probably the next title
we should spend the time on.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Sure you bet. Let’s do some
Madden, that sounds awesome.>>Daniel Pham: Since we’ve only got 10-15
minutes left.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: yeah. So Madden’s kinda the->>Daniel Pham: It’s the go to game.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: It’s the big dog, yeah.>>Daniel Pham: I’m sure for anyone who is
an NFL fan, or even a video game fan, you’ve played some sort of->>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah>>Daniel Pham: -some sort of Madden before.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Now the interesting thing
about, that you know, we’re always telling people make sure you can flick this. The thing
that really confused me about it was that ñ>>Daniel Pham: You can flick and hit the arrows?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah. Well actually the first
time they released though, you could only do one or the other. You couldn’t do both.
But yeah, so. I dunno. Put up your, you’re a Niners fan.>>Daniel Pham: No don’t. Not the Cowboys.
Please no.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: That’s just where it stopped.
That was what the slot machine settled on.>>Daniel Pham: No. Niners, there we go.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Alright, sounds good.>>Daniel Pham: Nothing but, nothing but Niners.
Alright, so this is a pretty good great splash screen. I really like that.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh yeah, I mean its Madden,
what can you say? You know. They had us download 250 Megs before we could even play the game.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah. Yeah, I’m sure->>Ian Ni-Lewis: And they’re pretty solid on
art.>>Daniel Pham: Alright so, maybe this is one
of those games where I will explore some of the additional menus before we actually start
playing the game.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Ok. Go for it man.>>Daniel Pham: So let’s, you know, let’s check
it. So let’s go to game modes and see, so->>Ian Ni-Lewis: Really nice interstitials
here, lots of good animation. You can see the graphics are really crisp. Love that.
The only thing I donít like is this big ass prominent back button down at the bottom here.>>Daniel Pham: it’s a little bit->>Ian Ni-Lewis: why do I need that?
>>Daniel Pham: I donít know.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: There’s a back button on the
screen->>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: – right before that. You know
why not just use this the system back button?>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: it’s kinda weird.>>Daniel Pham: Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.
So, there’s, looks like there’s three different types of game modes; exhibition, season and
play-offs and if you know anything about football, you’ll know that there’s real, in the actual
gameplay in football, there’s no real difference between exhibition, season and play-offs,
it’s mostly the same. So it’s not really apparent to me what each of these really does. So let’s
just choose one, exhibition, since we just finished the pre-season today or yesterday
actually, let’s just go with that.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Alright. [Pause]>>Daniel Pham: Not bad. And it, that was strange.
So we did freeze for a few seconds there and that was a bit unusual, I didnít expect that
to happen.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Well, that’s alright. It’s
got its ups and downs there.>>Daniel Pham: Rams and Niners.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yep. Now I gotta complain
a little bit about texel density on this SF logo here. I mean come on you guys. That’s
bad, it looks bad.>>Daniel Pham: You guys can do better. Oh
look we see, there’s Dan Galpin on the screen.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Hey Dan Galpin on the screen.
Sup man.>>Daniel Galpin: Hey, what’s up? So yeah I
need to actually switch back over, I was typing comments in the other window. Can you hear
me?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Totally.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah totally.>>Daniel Galpin: So I’m here at PAX, Koh and
I have been walking around and checking out all the crazy booths, all the people wearing
cosplay which is funny because I think Koh might be the only person here wearing a dress
who actually isn’t doing cosplay. So, I wouldnít be surprised if people were walking around
asking her which character she is. And like I said, it’s been pretty awesome here. It’s
kinda the craziness you expect over at PAX. I’m sure all of our dedicated fans are actually
here and that’s why they’re not watching today. Either that or they just ñ>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I dunno Dan, I dunno, is it
you being gone, is it the football thing, is it just me? I dunno. Is it my haircut?
I dunno. But yeah we’re->>Daniel Galpin: I would say I’m not convinced
you’ve had enough to drink on the show although the show has been really funny. So->>Ian Ni-Lewis: That is possible. That is
definitely possible I have not had enough to drink. But yeah.>>Daniel Pham: We can fix that.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah we’re working on it.
We’re getting there. Yeah we’re having this Red Hoptober, you gotta try it. It’s good
stuff.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah. It’s not bad, yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: So, what’s the coolest thing
you saw at Pax?>>Daniel Galpin: [inaudible] Save some for
me tomorrow. What?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: So, what’s the coolest thing
you’ve at Pax so far?>>Daniel Galpin: I’ve actually gotten to see
a true triple town t-shirt in the flesh.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: WOAH.>>Daniel Pham: Triple town t-shirt.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Wait, so are you gonna score
some of those for us?>>Daniel Pham: yeah. Get me one, make sure
you get me one.>>Daniel Galpin: I will ask. Not sure if they’re
available for purchase.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: oh oh oh oh no. Oh no. You
do. Oh no. There’s no purchasing, Emory owes me. You tell him that.>>Daniel Galpin: Ok, I’ll let him know.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Cool, what else have you seen?>>Daniel Galpin: But Koh’s gotten lots of
[unintelligible] around the show a lot more than I have. What we’re gonna do is take the
video camera around and try to take some shots for you guys for next week. And hopefully
you know, come up with kind of a state of the industry here at PAX.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: That’s great. Yeah, we’re
gonna do a PAX retrospective next week, we’ll be looking at some of the games that Dan and
Koh saw and do a little bit of the walking around thing, some of the on air stuff, we’re
gonna do some video editing, it’s gonna be cool. We’re really looking forward to it,
Dan. Where are you at now? It looks so peaceful and calm.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah it looks nothing like
Google.>>Daniel Galpin: Yeah, this is the patio outside
the convention center. So it’s basically me and about a thousand people smoking.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Nice. That’s awesome. Well
say hi to all of them. Give them our URL, cause God knows we need some viewers.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah. Only 20-something of
them today.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah I know man, it’s kinda
sad.>>Daniel Galpin: This was good stuff. This
was better than a lot of sitcoms actually. So I mean I think we’re reaching a good comedy
threshold here.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Do you think we’d do better
with a laugh track? Cause ñ>>Daniel Galpin: We’ve got drama. I mean,
there’s always the question of whether or not the technology’s actually gonna work.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: That’s true.>>Daniel Pham: That’s on purpose. I hope everyone
knows that the technology you know, was screwed up on purpose. Otherwise things would be too
perfect.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: That’s right. We wouldn’t
do this on accident. We’re Google.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: No we’re not. No we’re not,
we’re just Android powered radio. Nobody even knows we’re doing this.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah. We’re in this 100 square
foot room you know, in like the corner. Like, no lights, it’s pretty decrepit in here.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: But it’s awesome. It’s great.>>Daniel Galpin: Actually, the view of this
office that I get from the Hangout is actually pretty cool. I’ve got like the top of Ian’s
head.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh yeah. Hey Dan.>>Daniel Galpin: there we are.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Nice. Yeah.>>Daniel Galpin: you’ve got the really cool
on-air screen behind you.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: It’s true. Yeah. Alright,
well cool. Well keep us posted Dan, have fun at the convention. Don’t forget to come back
in time to make your salsa or whatever.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah, we->>Ian Ni-Lewis: We’re probably gonna be too
drunk to make it tonight.>>Daniel Pham: We miss you.>>Daniel Galpin: I fully understand. Don’t
worry, we’re gonna come prepared.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Excellent. Alright, see you
tomorrow man.>>Daniel Pham: Take care, weíll see ya later.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Take care.>>Daniel Galpin: Cheers.>>Daniel Pham: Alright, so now we’re back
to the coin toss. This is, this is my favorite part of every NFL game. The coin toss.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Really?>>Daniel Pham: It’s the most- No. No.
>>Ian Ni-Lewis: It is pretty sweet though, isn’t it? Look.>>Daniel Pham: But the coin is quite detailed.
That’s a good looking coin.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: That’s a really thin coin.
That’s like a, yeah, it’s like a two dimensional coin.>>Reto Meier: Coin wafer.>>Daniel Pham: Yes.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: That coin breaks the space
time continuum in multiple ways. Oh look, I can either defend or defend. Oh wait. Oh
oh I can defend->>Daniel Pham: Yeah, you can choose which
side->>Ian Ni-Lewis: Which side is defending, ok.>>Daniel Pham: But since the wind is straight
up at 10 miles an hour, it really makes no difference.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Gotcha.>>Reto Meier: You should totally defend.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah. Oh great. That’s a good
point Reto, we definitely defend.>>Reto Meier: I think you’re getting the hang
of this NFL stuff.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah.>>Daniel Pham: Good for you.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: See in Aussie rules they donít
have defending, it’s not a thing.>>Daniel Pham: It’s just attack attack attack?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Pretty much. Yeah.>>Daniel Pham: Ok.>>Reto Meier: That’s actually pretty accurate.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah. Ok. And this is the
stuff, I love, I love the, all the play calling.>>Daniel Pham: Me too.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Cause God knows I love good
squib. Would I like to see a tutorial? Ok, so they really put a lot of thought into this
game.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: And you’d expect that.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I mean it’s EA, it’s Madden.
This is one of their major franchises. You know, I don’t know if you were at E3 last
year but do you remember they actually had it spread across, you know, they’re like,
had Madden on every single screen known to man.>>Daniel Pham: No I was not at E3. But I could
totally imagine them having Madden on everything that they own.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: See, that’s the thing, you’re
supposed to say oh yeah I was at E3, you’re right. Do you remember that one time we got
totally drunk at that bar?>>Daniel Pham: Yeah, I do, yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Right?>>Daniel Pham: That was a great, great time.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah because we’re industry
insiders.>>Daniel Pham: but yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh yeah.>>Daniel Pham: no, I’m just agreeing with
you because I was so drunk I don’t remember anything.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: that’s a good point. Alright,
so ok. I will say though that when promised a tutorial I was hoping for a tutorial. I
don’t consider this a tutorial. I consider this to be a man page with pictures.>>Daniel Pham: Yes.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: So.>>Daniel Pham: Everything in Madden should
be a man page, with pictures. No text.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: right. So yeah, what the,
wait, oh I’m dragging the ball down, then up.>>Daniel Pham: Wonderful.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I guess, yeah.>>Daniel Pham: Great kick off.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: That was a pretty good, right
into the end zone.>>Daniel Pham: Five yards deep.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: How good am I, man?>>Daniel Pham: David Akers.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: That guy shoulda just->>Daniel Pham: How great is David Akers?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Right? I dunno, how great
is David Akers?>>Daniel Pham: He’s pretty great.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: David Akers is so great, yeah
that’s why- As I was telling him just the other day, David Akers, you’re not bad but
my buddy Daniel actually thinks you’re great. I think, you know, seen better. Ok.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah. David Akers, if you’re
watching this, cheers.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Right.>>Daniel Pham: Keep it up.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: If you’re one of the 22 watching
now, which I can only assume that it’s 22 now because Dan got back online.>>Daniel Pham: Yes.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Hi Dan. Alright. So yeah.
Glad to have you guys, I’m sure that the post live audience will be huge. Actually we were
just talk, actually no, this is a good time to talk about this. So, we were mentioning
that we might want to change the time of this, because we realize that actually this is probably
not something that people watch at work. So when we looked at our audience statistics,
it’s mostly people in Europe who are watching us right before they go to bed. Because it’s
basically, you know, they need to shoot up and as they’re shoving the intravenous alcohol
needle into their veins, it’s either us or the Simpsons. And they’ve already seen all
600 episodes of the Simpsons. But, my point is that we donít have a lot->>Daniel Pham: that’s a little bit flattering.
>>Ian Ni-Lewis: -not a lot of ya.>>Daniel Pham: I’ll take that.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah.>>Daniel Pham: I’ll take that.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: yeah. So, but yeah, not a
lot of people in the US watching us right now. Probably because they have better things
to do, like work.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: So.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah cause that’s all Americans
do, they work, they watch football, drink beer and eat cheeseburgers.
>>Ian Ni-Lewis: That’s right. Usually at the same time. But here’s the thing, if you, we
also know that we’re a little late for the European audience and I don’t know even know
what time it is in Australia because, as far as I’m concerned they’re on a different planet.
If you ñ>>Daniel Pham: It’s 25 o’clock.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah, there you go. If you
have any ideas as to like a better time for us to broadcast, keep in mind that it just
needs to be late enough to drink because otherwise we can’t speak at all. I think I’ve proven
that adequately.>>Reto Meier: It’s just about eight o’clock
in the morning in Sydney.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Which is a terrible time to
drink beer. Eight o’clock in the morning? That’s getting started late.>>Daniel Pham: it’s 12 o’clock somewhere in
the world.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Alright so anyway, point is,
in the comments, please give us some ideas on you know, when we could get going and-
Oh, Dan mentions that we’re good substitutes for David Hasselhoff. Bite your tongue Dan.
We are never->>Daniel Pham: No.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: – going to be good substitutes
for David Hassellhoff.>>Daniel Pham: David Hasselhoff is in a league
of his own.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah.
>>Daniel Pham: He’s, he’s amazing.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I mean sure, he does eat cheeseburgers,
but that’s the only->>Daniel Pham: And he gets drunk and he, you
know, gets his videos posted on YouTube when he doesnít want them to. By his daughter.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I guess he does have a lot
in common with us.>>Daniel Pham: It’s a little embarrassing,
but it doesnít diminish his star power in any way.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Let’s uh..>>Daniel Pham: Let’s get back to the game.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yeah yeah exactly. Let’s just
get on with this double entendre stuff out of the way and choose between plays. Let’s
see I’ve got man cover 1, man cover 2 and goal line tight man.>>Daniel Pham: Right off, so right off the
bat. I can say that right away, for a non NFL fan or someone who’s never played Madden
before, this can be a little bit confusing.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: It’s really confusing. Now
it does have a few like lines and stuff.>>Daniel Pham: So, from a Madden perspective
it’s great because you’ve got all the options you want. But from a Android gaming perspective,
I think they could do a better job of explaining a little bit about what selections do what.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: And this is actually one of
the, so this game released almost a year ago today and that is one of the main responses
we got, when we released it, we featured it and people were telling us two things: first
it’s too confusing and second it’s built for this device, tablet device. On the phone it’s
really hard.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah. Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Really difficult to use. I
actually think a 7 inch tablet is pretty much the device that I want to play this on.>>Daniel Pham: I agree. I think a 7 inch would
probably the best form factor for this title. So let’s just choose one, letís say, ok let’s
play this game as if I was a 14 year old girl in Europe who has no idea what football is
and just select one. Which is, oh let’s pick that one.
>>Ian Ni-Lewis: see the thing is, I had just assumed that we were. Ok.>>Daniel Pham: My mistake.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Nice. Alright.>>Daniel Pham: So->>Reto Meier: So, you’ve chosen cover 2 there
instead of man cover 2, is there a particular reason you’ve gone with that option?>>Daniel Pham: It was, my short arms couldn’t
reach all the way over to the other side of the tablet, so->>Reto Meier: Your spindly little girl arms
couldn’t make it to->>Daniel Pham: Yes. Exactly. Exactly. Yes.>>Reto Meier: – man cover 2? It makes sense.>>Daniel Pham: I’ll try harder next time.
Sorry.>>Reto Meier: please do.>>Daniel Pham: Ok, I’m reaching reaching man
cover 1. So what is nice is that all you have to do is choose the play and it does it for
you and a lot of times Madden does require some additional interaction. And so, playing
defense, there’s not much you really have to do other than choose a defensive play.
And I everything is->>Ian Ni-Lewis: Cause you kinda watch that?>>Daniel Pham: Yeah, you’re like watching
a movie.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Ok. Now I think what’s really
interesting is, just technically speaking, the lighting on this is really cool. And they’re
doing soft shadows, which is awesome. But what I think is really odd about this, and
I donít know if it’s for technical reasons or if it just, sort of slipped by but the
shadows are reversed in terms of contact. Like, a real shadow is darker near the feet
and by the time you get up to the head shadow it’s diffused enough that it’s actually quite
a bit lighter in general.>>Daniel Pham: the grass is reflective, Ian.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh ñ>>Daniel Pham: In the game.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: -well that explains the whole
thing.>>Daniel Pham: Yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: See I’m learning so much about
football that I never even realized.>>Daniel Pham: yeah.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: we’re just, we’re playing
football on an extremely high albedo field.>>Reto Meier: so wait, does NFL not get played
on actual grass?>>Daniel Pham: so, yes and no. Yes there are
some fields, like Candlestick Park in San Francisco which get played on natural grass.
And there are other fields which create injuries because they are played on astro turf or other
artificial turfs. And they, they’re terrible.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: You know what; don’t get all
high and mighty with me, Reto. I happen to know that in 1977 Aussie rules football started
to move away from having horse turds in the pasture and that has never, I’m sorry, the
paddock and things have never been the same.>>Daniel Pham: What is a paddock?>>Ian Ni-Lewis: it’s a place where you keep
horses.>>Daniel Pham: ok great. Ok so.>>Reto Meier: Ian, you’re absolutely right
and it’s a controversy that remains to this day unanswered. I for one am outraged.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: exactly, you’re a pro-turd.>>Reto Meier: absolutely.
>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Good. Good. You and I can get along.>>Reto Meier: Well of course.
>>Daniel Pham: I’m sure they care to know if I would also be outraged.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: So I’m gonna keep covering,
blitzing and doing my tight man.>>Daniel Pham: -tight man.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: don’t really want to see a
tutorial because we’ve already concluded that those are useless. Unless you know how to
read.>>Daniel Pham: Fumble, great Niners defense.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: ok>>Daniel Pham: Defense recovers. So this is
our first chance to actually play some offensive plays and->>Ian Ni-Lewis: I’m slightly disappointed
in the–>>Reto Meier: We’ve been pretty offensive
so far, I don’t know how much offensive we want to get.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: quite possibly. Alright, tell
me this, show me how to do this, this is interesting part.
>>Daniel Pham: Ok so since the Niners are terrible at passing, I’m gonna try to find
a running back run play. We’ll do, that one.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: ok, it’s the [random made
up word sounds].>>Daniel Pham: Wishbone.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Exactly. Well it’s either
wishbone or a shotgun.>>Daniel Pham: Alright, so it’s really not->>Ian Ni-Lewis: It’s a->>Daniel Pham: -apparent to me how to actually
start at the play.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Did you find out, so, when
they came out, I remember they were publicizing this, the game was supposed to have this like
bullet-time mode where you could like stop the play and select the receiver and things
like so you wouldn’t have to have like super quick reflexes?>>Daniel Pham: Yes.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: you probably didn’t really
look into that because you have super quick reflexes but I thought it might open the game
up to people like me who are old.>>Daniel Pham: just because I look like I
have super-fast reflexes, doesnít mean I do. You know, after a couple of these–>>Ian Ni-Lewis: I can only assume it takes
super-fast reflexes to make your hair look like that.>>Daniel Pham: Nah, it’s actually always like
this. For those of you that are wondering, no you can’t have hair like me, I wake up
like this every day.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: you know, we once were in
Barcelona and we didn’t speak a word of Spanish and we had to find Daniel Pham in a restaurant,
and our admin just walks up to the maÓtre d goes like this, and was like oh si.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Yes, that’s the guy, the Asian
guy with the hair and the glasses, yes. That’s me.>>Reto Meier: I actually have a question about
the user interface. Now, on the bottom right there appears to be->>Ian Ni-Lewis: No it’s not an action bar
Reto!>>Reto Meier: -It looks like gender symbols;
I’m not entirely sure what the one on the left means.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh, it’s->>Daniel Pham: let’s press it, and it doesn’t
do anything. So, actually there we go, so it tells you->>Ian Ni-Lewis: Oh it’s so you can get on
the offensive hot route.>>Reto Meier: That would actually make a lot
of sense.>>Daniel Pham: Yes.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: It really does, doesn’t it?>>Daniel Pham: Yes.>>Reto Meier: It’s 2:57, I’m gonna ask you
guys to start wrapping it up. Because I have to go and phone screen someone at 3 o’clock.>>Daniel Pham: Ok, so let’s->>Ian Ni-Lewis: Ok.>>Daniel Pham: Let’s really, ok.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Alright we really donít have
any time at all. But we played some Madden, we talked to Dan. We turned in a show that
20 people watched. It’s a good time. Hope to see the rest of you out on the internet
after the show, you know, cause we do have to make sure our ratings are higher than Reto’s
app clinic ratings.>>Daniel Pham: Yes.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Otherwise our boss is totally
gonna shut us down.>>Daniel Pham: Yes. Please.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Not really. Well it’s been
great to see you guys. We will see you next week. We have not decided on a theme for next
week because we are incredibly lazy. But–>>Daniel Pham: Yes, we’re slackers.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: -If you have some ideas for
games you would like us to review, please let us know on our Google Plus page. It’s very easy to remember, that’s a plus sign.>>Daniel Pham: That’s right there.>>Ian Ni-Lewis: Exactly. So, let us know what
you’d like to see. In fact, we’ll start a little post going right after the show. Let
us know what you’d like to see us review. We’ll also be taking a look at Dan’s quest
to PAX. Koh Kim will be back joining us next week. And we’ll also be talking a little bit
more about the games that are being featured right now and the process of that. All of
that coming next week. Until then, we’ll see ya later.

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