The Father Of American Football

The Father Of American Football

we go back to Yale that’s walter camp and he he coached from about eighteen seventy five to
the early twentieth century and he had a miraculous two hundred and eighty
and fourteen record over that time and %uh he’s also known for creating the
down system and the line of scrimmage back then football
was really sort of a mix between soccer and rugby it wasn’t the football that we know of today and but with camp it really started with him and he’s the one who sort of laid the foundations
for what we know as to be modern American football today so why when we think about the great coaches in
college football history we think about Joe paterno lou holtz why do we never hear of camp well we hear about him in the history books
and he’s certainly in the football hall of fame and mentioned there but quite frankly part of it
is because the ivy league %uhthey don’t participate
in the bowl championship series anymore they just started allowing their basketball teams to go to the
final the final four %uh but they they pretty much after world
war two opted out they saw the corruption in the NCAA and and you know there’s
a famous quote um from jerry tarkanian the old basketball
coach for the university of nevada las vegas and he said nine out of ten teams in college basketball
are cheating and the tenth one’s in last place and I think that’s what the ivy league saw
was that the I think after a while the alumni had influence and they really
did start to become very seriously concerned about their academic integrity and I think they just saw college athletics as being so corrupt especially
in the early twentieth century that they just opted out of it

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