The Detroit Lions in the 1990s – The Original Greatest Show on Turf

The Detroit Lions in the 1990s – The Original Greatest Show on Turf

the Detroit Lions may be perceived as
being one of the worst NFL franchises which is unfortunate for the NFL team
that plays in the Motor City that’s because Detroit was quite
successful in the 50s and additionally during the 90s when they were one of the
most exciting teams but their success two decades ago has been easily
forgotten 90 sports nostalgia presents Detroit Lions in the 1990s the original
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check out more 90 sports in the soldier material the story of the Detroit Lions
in the 90s starts with Wayne Fonts the former Michigan State defensive back to
go over during the season in 1988 as interim head coach of the Detroit Lions
finishing with two wins and three losses nonetheless the interim tag was removed
and Fonts was about to begin an interesting ride as head coach of the
Lions he made Darrel Mouse Davis’s offensive coordinator who is known as a
godfather of the run-and-shoot offense this offensive aerial philosophy but for
wide receivers and alone back in waves was revolutionary at the time and its
concepts had led to the way the passing game has evolved into its present form
today for the more in 1989 Detroit drafted running back Barry Sanders
skepticism surrounded Davis’s offense as if it was the right system for Sanders
because of the lack of a pullback in the Titans block however it could be argued
that the London shoot was perfect for Sanders because his spontaneous running
style would allow him to use his moves and instincts with the more space
available nevertheless we all know Sanders had tremendous success early on
in his career but the Lions went 7 and 9 in 1989 and then 6 and 10 in 1991
problem was the inability to solidify the quarterback position during these
two years with signal callers at Bob gagliano Eric Hipple Ronnie pizza and
Andre ware who ran the run-and-shoot in college this issue of playing
quarterback roulette would be a theme during the Fonz era
enter the 1991 season Mouse Davis moved on to the world lake but new offensive
coordinator Dave levy was going to continue with a run shoot Ronnie peat
was a starting quarterback but after turn his
in October of that season little-known Eric Kramer took over as a QB the former
Canadian League football player when unexpectedly guide the Lions to six
straight wins to finish in 91 season with a 12 and 4 record and a first round
bye in the playoffs finishing the season strong would also be a theme during the
phonce era Detroit’s first playoff game the
divisional round was a bla went against the Dallas Cowboys thirty eight to six
in the Pontiac Silverdome Eric Kramer was in the zone and the defense which
was led by linebacker Chris Spielman and safety Bennie blades stifled the young
Cowboys unfortunately for Detroit in the NFC Championship game the Lions lost on
the road to the eventual champions the Washington Redskins 41 to 10 were coming
off with 24/7 win against the Falcons who also ran the running shoe but the
future seemed so bright for the Lions they had Barry Sanders and seemed to
find a solution at quarterback and Detroit had success in terms of drafting
and developing normal caliber players during his period players like Chris
Spielman Jerry ball Bennie blades Lomas brown Kevin Glover Robert Porche Luther
Ellison Herman Moore the Lions also had an all-pro kick return specialist and
Mel gray on the roster unfortunately the 1992 season didn’t go as planned
as the productivity on both sides at all decreased greatly in the revolving door
of quarterbacking continued we’re over with Dan heading as the new
offensive coordinator a team didn’t won the run should office but did one at Don
Coryell like passing steam but it wasn’t as productive as a previous season
subsequently the running shoe did return in 1993 Detroit made a bold move
by acquiring all gold Saints outside linebacker Pat swelling four draft picks
Wayne fans still continued his pendulum style of decision making with the
quarterbacks and it kept getting worse shuffling in and out peds wear and
grimaces in early October Fonz decided to finally stick with me to sing Ronnie
pizzas the guy we’re going to put a saddle on him and ride him for the rest
of the season but after a bad loss for the Vikings Kramer regained his position
as a team starting quarterback for over offensive coordinator Dan Henning was
replaced by Dave levy despite all this adversity in 1993 the
lines did when NFC Central Division title with the 10 and six record winning
three out of their last four games a home playoff game against Green Bay
Packers was on the horizon but was this iconic throw by Brett Favre in the final
minute that sealed the victory for the Packers ending Detroit’s championship
aspirations were founds his first five plus seasons as head coach the lines
it’s perhaps harder to find a coach who mismanaged the most important position
in football worse those three quarterbacks who fonts continued to
shuffle in and out of the lineup all how new homes for the 1994 season without a
quarterback but in the new era of NFL free agency the Detroit Lions decided to
sign a QB who previously wore neon green with Orlando Thunder of the now-defunct
world link and helped the Miami Dolphins start nine and two in 1993 only to lose
their final five games and missed the playoffs during the 1993 season Dolphins
Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino ruptured his Achilles tendon in a week 5
game and thus was lost for the season backup quarterback scott mitchell showed
flashes of being a solid quarterback in fact the utah product was the NFL player
of the month in October the Lions then signed Mitchell to a 3 or 11 million
dollar contract with at the time it was a large amount of
money however Mitchell threw more interceptions than touchdowns in 1994
while only posting four and five record as a starter was 36 year old Dave Craig
went five into helping Detroit finish nine and seven when he five of their
last six games and earning a playoff berth but a cruel playoff fashion once
again the Lions lost in the wild card matchup to the Packers 16 to 12 in a
game where Barry Sanders had 13 carries 4-1 yard for the upcoming 1995 season
there shouldn’t be too much of a dark cloud hanging over Detroit the tale was
still there on both sides of the ball enter new offensive coordinator Tom
Moore would one a three wide receiver Don Coryell type of an offense what
about the Lions quarterback Scott Mitchell Detroit and Mitchell got off to
a rough start losing the first three games but after a win against the
defending Super Bowl champs the San Francisco 49ers the offense began to
slowly find their groove which led to Detroit finishing the season and fire
winning the last seven games in route to a ten and six record the 95 Lions are
one of the most explosive teams in history and a big part of that was due
to the improved to play of Scott Mitchell now I know a lot of people like
to beat up on the left-handed quarterback but Mitchell really had a
tremendous season in 1995 going for 4338 passing yards and 32 touchdown passes
which were numbers in very few quarterbacks reached back down in
addition Herman Moore set the record at the time but the one or 23 catches in a
season added 1686 yards receiving which was the fourth highest total in a season
at that but Pearman caught a hundred eight balls
and was the first time in NFL history the two teammates had at least 100
receptions in a season Johnny Morton is productive with 8 touchdowns and was
perhaps the best number 3 wide receiver in the NFL at the time and of course
Barry Sanders was solid and explosive once again with another 1500 yards
season and being named as an all-pro once again even though the Lions
finished second in the NFL in terms of points scored in 1995 there were moments
where seemed like Detroit was unstoppable especially during the second
half of the season with this explosiveness being on display Detroit
was quite a frightening team entering the playoffs in fact with the playoff
matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles they were a three-point favorite this is
quite rare for a road team to be a favorite in a playoff
unfortunately Scott Mitchell did not play well at all during this game
throwing four interceptions at one point Eagles are 51 to 7 and to make matters
worse it was former Lions quarterback Rodney Peete who led the Eagles route
and the Lions during the 1995 season Pete looked to be
more comfortable running John Gruden’s West Coast offense than he ever did
wanting to run and shoot the 1996 season kind of had an ominous beginning as
Detroit’s defensive leader and tackling machine Chris Spielman left Detroit and
signed with the Buffalo Bills as for the rest of the Detroit Lions Scott Mitchell
didn’t quite have a successful season thrown just as many touchdowns as
interceptions Barry Sanders Herman Moore but Pearman and Johnny Morton still had
productive seasons the Lions went one and nine down the stretch finishing with
a 5 and 11 record consequently the Fonts era would come to an end and sir Bobby
Ross to coach Alliance for the 1997 season the former San Diego Chargers
head coach was the complete opposite of Fox Ross was a no-nonsense
disciplinarian Alphonse was more of a player’s coach in 1997 Detroit was
fourth in the league in points scored largely in part to Barry Sanders 2015 3
yard season it can be argued that Sanders had his
best season because he had a full batch elite block but that’s difficult to
precisely conclude once again Detroit made it to the playoffs with the 9 and 7
record only to lose to an up-and-coming Tampa Bay Bucs in 20 to 10 Detroit then
went backwards in 1998 with the 5 and 11 record which included Scott Mitchell
been replaced by rookie quarterback and 1998 would also be the last season for
all world running back Barry Sanders in late July in 1999 Sanders made the
shocking announcement less than 1,500 yards shy of breaking Walter Payne’s
all-time rushing record theories and rumors began to circle around the sports
world as to why Barry Sanders retired because they’re so son and unexpected
maybe the direction of the team and the moves within the front office affected
Sanders his decision but according to the NFL Network’s a football life
Sanders simply said I just felt like it had run out of steam in that tenth year
I just felt like that was my time that was it I had enough the lines think back
to the playoffs again in 1999 with an 88 record only to lose to the team that
gave the Lions their first playoff loss in the 90s the Washington Redskins when
I think about the Lions in the 1990s I think about how hard it is to win a
playoff game the NFL the Lions had a lot of talent on the roster during this
period but only had one playoff point in the 90s in actuality the 1991 playoff
win against the Cowboys is an only playoff win during the Super Bowl era
and it was against the team that wound up winning three of the next four Super
Bowls after that loss s we’re being called the original greatest show on
turf I do understand that may sound a little crazy but I feel like the Lions
in the 1990s deserve more respect for how talented they were on offense I mean
they were really potent Vikings fans might think some of those
Minnesota teams in mid 90s were the original greatest show on turf
interestingly enough both the Lions and Vikings had very similar personnel and
offense the only difference is that Minnesota
had more production and consistency from the quarterback position but back to the
Lions we all know about Barry Sanders greatness but wide receiver Herman Moore
is often forgotten for a short period of time
Moore was arguably the best wide receiver and Brett Perriman is arguably
the best number two wider sea I just feel like the lines in the 90s
should be given more respect a st. Louis Rams tour the greatest show on turf more
incredibly consistent from 1999 to 2001 if Scott Mitchell performed like he did
in 1995 during the 1994 1996 seasons the Detroit Lions would have been remembered
as having won the greatest offenses ever you

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    Before the 1998 Minnesota Vikings and the 1999 St. Louis Rams, what other NFL offenses did you think were the best?

  2. As a Bears fan I remember the lions were the ones who brought the run and shoot to existence then the falcons and oilers followed along. Detroit even gave it a nickname – ‘the silver stretch.’

  3. I was a young Eagles fan when that massacre at the vet happened, I feel like Mitchell was never mentally the same again. The Lions were probably the better team, but Lomas opened his mouth. This is a great video because those Lions teams had so much talent, they just never truly figured out the QB position. I feel like Andre Ware not panning out just left a cloud over the position.

  4. Great vid man im only 20 so I've watched the most recent lions playoff runs 16' 14' 11' it's no joke talent comes n goes pray detroit can host a playoff game once again just like in 91'

  5. Im sick of this didnt have a QB bullshit.The Lions had 2 good QBs in the 90s.Erik Kramer and Dave Krieg.Kramer won 2of 5f his playoff gamesOther than Bobby Layne ,Tobin Rote and Earl dutch Clark,name me another Lions QB who won a postseason game?answer is NOBODY(INCLUDING Stafford) .Dave Krieg was WAY better than Mitchell and almost beat Green bay twice at lambeau.(thanks for not showing up Barry)

  6. Scott Mitchell’s performance in the 1995 Wild Card was disgraceful, and Wayne fontes did not take the eagles seriously at all and they collectively got hit with a frying pan over the head play after play at points in that game, and Mitchell whined the entire time including after his 4th pick down 48-7 still arguing with the ref 😂. It was a complete joke, and the Eagles team was very average (hence why the Lions were favored on the road in a playoff game) , basically being a mashup of early Andy Reid era players, Buddy Ryan/Richie Kotite holdovers, and guys Rhodes and Gruden liked in SF and GB respectively

  7. This is the greatest youtube page ever! Best commentary! What ever happened to Walter Applewhite and Roy Childress from that Lions roster?

  8. I liked Wayne Fontes but he was done in by some terrible decisions. The worst of which was ditching the run-and-shoot and hiring Dan Henning. Henning absolutely trashed the offense and they were never really the same after that.

  9. The Lions and #60 Mike Utley brought me here. As a Bears fan I do have a great admiration for the Lions. Through thick and thin, Detroit's fans are appreciative of their team whether good or bad and I appreciate them too.

  10. Poor Barry Sanders! My guess is that Mr. Sanders was too mindful about Walter Payton and how he died. He had a great admiration for the NFL's greatest rusher and rightfully so. Was Walter's widow Connie upset about Mr. Sanders' announcement to quit football? I'll bet she was. Walter himself would be very upset at hearing the news of Mr. Sanders quitting. But another factor besides how Walter died was instrumental in the retirement of Mr. Sanders – the Lions organization and how he thought were inept screwballs who did not give a shit about football.

  11. the one constant problem with the lions that no one wants to talk about is the one problem they fail to fix and that is the owner, what the lions need is a new owner that knows something about football and what it takes to build a Super Bowl team and until they make that change they will never be a Super Bowl champion

  12. 1994 49ers

    Led the league in points

    Steve Young
    League MVP 🏆

    Jerry Rice

    Rickey Watters
    800 rushing yards
    700 reception yards

    Brett Jones

    John Taylor

  13. I never knew they were that good!!

    When we say 90s football 🏈

    We’re thinking about teams Dallas San Francisco & Green Bay
    (Teams Who were able to win championships in that decade)

    Thanks for the 411!!

    Lions 🦁 were so underrated!!

  14. What are your thoughts on the 1990 Buffalo Bills?!!

    Jim Kelly at Quarterback

    Thurman Thomas at HB
    1991/92 league MVP 🏆

    Andre Reed at WR
    Pro football 🏈 HOF

    James Lofton

    Don Beebe

    Steve Tasker

    Bruce Smith at Left Defensive end
    More sacks than any player in league history
    Number one overall pick in 85

    Cornelius Bennett at Linebacker

    Henry Jones at free safety

  15. Barry Sanders was a great stat stuffer and very showy back, but his value to a team is greatly exaggerated. He gained most of his yards in a game on about 2 carries, on his other 18-20 carries he routinely put his team in poor down and distance situations with runs for no gains or loss. He was not a good drive sustaining back, and he didn't help out in the passing game. A back like Payton or Emmitt Smith is much more valuable to a team. Guys that can consistently get positive yards and help keep the chains moving to help the overall team. Barry just helped himself to stats at the expense of the team with his erratically inconsistent running style that didn't help move the chains.

  16. They won two division titles, got destroyed in the NFC Championship game, and lost every other playoff game they were in, including one at home. You think they were "the greatest show on turf?" WTF?

  17. Man i am in a love hate relationship with my team. What i mean is i was born in 1997 so i never got to see 90s lions, but at the same time all i missed is what could have been yanno.. the same boat we are in going into the 2019 season.. and i just realized i have allot of these player cards haha

  18. Barry Sanders

    Heisman Trophy 🏆

    First round pick by the Detroit Lions 🦁 Out of Oklahoma State University

    1989/1990 ROTY 🏆

    1997/98 League MVP 🏆
    (2,000 rushing yards)

    Pro football 🏈 HOF

  19. To this day the '95 Lions still have the 2nd most points for a season in franchise history, and also have the 2nd largest point differential for a season in team history since the merger.

  20. How sad have the Lions been? They had as many playoff appearances in the '90s as in the '60s, '70s, '80s, and this century combined, and STILL somehow finished under .500 for the decade.

  21. I remember after the first 2 games of '97 the sports media was asking what was wrong with Barry because at that point he had just 53 yards rushing. Nobody could understand what was going on with him, and then suddenly he reeled off 2000 yards in the last 14 games.

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