The Craziest December Day in College Football History – December 5, 1998 – Tennessee UCLA K-State

The Craziest December Day in College Football History –  December 5, 1998  – Tennessee UCLA K-State

college football game is being played
late in the season can obviously have potentially major implications but can
also be revealing 90 sports a soldier presents craziest December day in
college football history December 5th 1998 and don’t forget to
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forget to share and give us a thumbs up 1998 was a first season for the Bowl
Championship Series and prior to the games on December 5th 1998 the BCS
standings looked like this as a two top team forget to play one another in the
Fiesta Bowl for the national championship with four games remaining
to conclude the college football season before the bowl season on December 5th
1998 top three teams would be in action beginning at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time the
second ranked Bruins would be traveling to Miami to face the unranked Hurricanes
who lost 66 to 13 the previous week to Syracuse this contest was originally to
be played in September but due to Hurricane George this game was
rescheduled for December 5th both teams struggled to stop one another
and it seemed as if Miami had no shot at beating UCLA after the Bruins took a 38
to 21 lead in the second half but Miami surged to cut UCLA his lead to 45 42
with the Bruins driving into Miami Territory with under 4 minutes left to
play and the Bruins potentially going up by two scores
Edie Reid forced the fumble that was recovered by the Canes even though
appeared the knee of the Bruins receiver was down nonetheless Miami scored a
touchdown with under a minute to play as a hurricanes upset the Bruins 49 to 45
and ended you sillies hopes of playing for a national championship the next
game on the slate was a big 12 championship game
Kansas State going up against Texas A&M and a win by the Wildcats would have
them playing for a national championship coming into the game k-state for the
most part really dominated their opponents and was ranked number one in
the coaches poll number two and the AP poll but number three in the BCS
standings due to their poor computer rankings mainly because of the weak
schedule especially in the non-conference the ultra talented
Wildcats seemed destined for Tempe playing well and built a 27 to 12 lead
in the fourth quarter but surprisingly the Aggie
tied at 27 all sending the game into overtime unfortunately for Kansas State
during the second overtime and on a third and 17 and after case they’ve
scored a field goal their possession during the second overtime
Aggies quarterback Brandon Stewart hits sir Parker with the 32 yard touchdown to
win the game enacts Kansas State out of the national title picture the last game
on the schedule the SEC championship game number one Tennessee going up
against Mississippi State with about seven minutes left to play
Mississippi State had a 14 to 10 lead and it seems quite possible Tennessee
would get upset and have their title dreams ruined like you Saline Kansas
State but t Martin threw two touchdowns in a short span and Tennessee prevailed
in what has been an insane day in college football as for the aftermath
the final BCS standings looked like this as Florida State with a third string
quarterback would be the one loss team to play an inaugural BCS Champion
Tennessee defeated Florida State in this game UCLA went to the Rose Bowl and if
they would have beat to Miami it would have been Arizona became their
first trip ever to Pasadena new years nonetheless the bruins loss to Wisconsin
had trouble stopping the run in an entertaining game as for k-state the
Wildcats finished third in the BCS standings but surprisingly played in the
Alamo Bowl and there are reasons for the Wildcats being relegated to a lesser
Bowl when Kansas State expected to win the big 12 champ and a cotton ball in
the Holiday Bowl passing over k-state for more prestigious programs like Texas
and Nebraska to play in those bowl games k-state lost to Purdue in the ELMO Bowl
and I really hate excuses in terms like trap games or overlooking opponents or
not being ready to play but this is one of the very few games words really
seemed to me like that k-state did not want to be playing in this game and was
disappointed to be selected to play in the Elma Bowl subsequently her rules
adopted known as the Kansas State rule where basically if a team was ranked
third in the BCS standings they were sure to trip to a BCS bowl game during
this era the craziest December day in college football history
December 5th 1998

4 thoughts on “The Craziest December Day in College Football History – December 5, 1998 – Tennessee UCLA K-State

  1. Don't forget to Subscribe: .. Thank you very much. 1998 was one of my favorite college football seasons along with 1996. What did you think about the 1998 season?

  2. Probably my most memorable day as a noles fan outside the 3 national championships! Good day to be a noles fan on top of the ridiculously good games that lead to the outcome. If Weinke plays vs Tennessee we go back2back in 98/99 I don't care what anyone says!

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