100 thoughts on “The Chemical Brothers – MAH (Visual)

  1. Вот так поедешь в ночи по шоссе,под этот трек и вдруг такой гуманойд внезапно замаячит впереди в свете фар )

  2. бля, на концерте мощно было в натурееееЕЕЕЕЕЕЕ!!!!!!

  3. Красавцы! Более 20 лет реально тащат, и уровень качества музыки не падает! Браво!

  4. Lyrics :
    I'm mad as hell (say it,what?)
    I'm mad as hell ,i ain't gonna take it no more
    I'm mad as hell (say it, what ?)
    I'm mad as hell ,i ain't gonna take it no more
    I ain't gonna take it no more, i ain't gonna take it no more 6x

  5. 🎧 The Chemical Brothers – MAH 🎧
    00:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 01:07:25
    best part

  6. Лабают Химики знатно! Респект от трудового народа! Ура, товарищи!

  7. Watch their entire set from Glastonbury this year online if you can….trust me you won’t regret it…

  8. не на вижу себя за нищебродство. как же хочется попасть на их концерт в мск(((

  9. а че это за хер бледный. который вещает?, король рептилойдов?. корона типо шумерская какая то. видать из анунаков будет. вообщем это на пол пути из преисподни самой как я понял. но саунд мощный, прям в пляс тащит

  10. 👽👽🎇👨🏃💻🚀🚀💻🎵🎼🚀💄👍👯💧💧🐑💻💄👪👪🏃👨

  11. ああああああフジロック行きたいよおおおお

  12. I play this before I leave the house and constantly repeat, "IM MAD AS HELL AND I AINT GONA TAKE IT NO MO! Then I immediately start walking like a pimp with a cane in platform boots, tipping my hat towards anyone who is in my eye sight

  13. Прожарил соседей как в молодости. вызвали ментов!!!! Сейчас штраф 3500:((((( Хотя один хер весело))

  14. Пьяная я морда, а так охота на их концерт, но это не реально!:(

  15. This is how my rage manifests, I let it out in small bursts cuz bitches best learn quick that fiction can't step to cognition, and it's dangerous for a stupid cunt to put their fake delusions head to head with the only thing that has any real power, which is chaos, it's funny when people use the phrase "an ungodly power" they are refering to something that has gone so redicoulously beyond the limits of what is actually needed and further more what should even be allowed to be concieved in this world as something theorised, I said to Set that the word overkill has yet to be properly defined becuase the rquirements for it have yet to be fufilled but I got 5 bucks that says I can pull that thing out straight from my ass at the drop of a hat and on that day all the uppity cunts will learn what true horror is and also that the best jokes are the most messsd up and twisted ones, keykey

  16. Love the whole structure of the song
    those acid bassline is just like the growing anger it builds up untill it finally explodes

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