The Champions: Episode 7

The Champions: Episode 7

What happens when 800 of the world’s most elite footballers and their managers live together under one roof Players stop being polite and start getting Re-al This is The Champions Bayern is not sleeping we’re just giving other teams in Bundesliga a head start I dress in all black because every game is a funeral for the other team Right now this show is good people are happy But wait until Season 3 things will go very bad Now you see it Now you don’t! Obrigado, obrigado A hat-trick Don’t see what the big deal is. I can do that. For my final trick I need two volunteers Ow, my shoulder hurts Ah…my good friend Mo Salah has volunteered No…I was just stretch– A round of applause for Mo Salah, everybody, Puskas winner Anyone else? I’ll do it Oh, Sergio Ramos wants to OK. Come on up. I’ve got a very bad feeling about this Please dim the lights Firmino And now, let me see. Can Mo go from box to box! Er, please, I would like to leave this box No problem, Mo Ibra Khedira El Shaarawy! Oh s–t. Oh my goodness! What is this? What? I’m so sorry I don’t know what happened Well, can you separate us?! I’m not a doctor I… I can’t… What do you mean? You caused this! You fix this! Sergio, be nice You catch more flies with honey than- Ow! What? You listen, OK If you don’t use your little magician magic to fix this then I’m going to make YOU disappear OK I’m just a little magician, OK, not a BIG magician You need a real sorcerer. Take this. El Brujo De Porto Alegre The Great Warlock He has tortured me in the past And to this day, it still gives me nightmares He sounds cool to me! This place gives me the creeps, man Maybe we should just go see a normal doctor? Oh, Mr. Tough Guy shaking in his boots Listen, you don’t know what this witch is capable of, OK! Well, whatever it is, it got him a nice house Oh great Jinn, we seek your help I, Ronaldinho, would be happy to help you- Oh! We would be most grateful if you could separate us If there is anyone in this whole world who knows about getting separation from Sergio Ramos, it’s me, baby Let me see here Ay, that’s definitely a curse A curse? Yup. Curse. Ah, but the good news is that this curse is a lot like Sergio It’s very easy to break through Sorry…my shoulder is… kind of a dick Ah, Ramos doesn’t scare me His violence is a compliment It’s his way of letting you know he can’t stop you Oh, is that right? Don’t you make me break your other shoulder you one-season wonder! At least I am not a cheater! OK! OK! Enough, you two! Enough, you…one…two… Listen It seems that when Coutinho did his incantation he didn’t account for your animosity towards each other You can’t have hatred in your soul when you go box to box I learned this lesson well as a man who has two wives I can tell you But don’t worry It’s very easy to fix This curse will be lifted when you, Sergio apologize to Mo for injuring his shoulder And all you have to do, Mo is simply forgive Sergio Nah, forget it Not worth it

100 thoughts on “The Champions: Episode 7

  1. Bayern is not sleeping we giving the other teams in Bundesliga a head start

    Few months later bayern is on top😂

  2. FIRMINO !! 😁😂😂😂

    " This curse is a lot like Sergio. It's very easy to breakthrough. " 🤣🤣

  3. If anyone doesnt know why R10 makes fun of sergio alot, watch vids on R10 vs Ramos and you'll see why! lol

  4. José Mourinho was right, "Right now the show is good, people are happy. Wait until season 3 things can go very bad".

    The 2n season of this comedy was shit, not as good as the first season episodes.

  5. Maybe if coutinho uses other spell like "Ibra Alaba Kepa Arrizabalaga" salah and ramos will end up like each other

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