The Biggest Game of All Time | Derby Days Superclásico | Boca Juniors v River Plate

The Biggest Game of All Time | Derby Days Superclásico | Boca Juniors v River Plate

99 thoughts on “The Biggest Game of All Time | Derby Days Superclásico | Boca Juniors v River Plate

  1. river plate won that competition in a very dirty way. I feel sorry for the sick that hurt the Argentine society

  2. they should make a video about the Stockholm derby AIK Stockholm vs Djurgården, the biggest derby i northen Europe , been rivals since 1891

  3. do Cska sofia vs levski , this is way more amazing for importance but there they actually look to kill i aint even joking

  4. Why would they hold in all the way in Spain? Why not Mexico, or even the US, both countries have excellent sports security and fans don't have to lose all their money to get there. In fact, in the States, there'd probably be enough Argentinians within the country to fill a stadium.

  5. los de boca
    celebrando el descenso de RIVER es tan triste compararlo con la intercontinental
    que pena dan los de boca

  6. I get the point of what you guys do, but really that was a disappointment. Go to Madrid an finish the fuckin story.

  7. Great film! As an argentine River fan, I'm glad you didn't include the match in Madrid. I fully agree with your final comments, and Diego's sadness was what most of us felt… happens every time someone gets injured or killed at a stadium. Then there's the anger because we were confident our team would win on the field (and so they did) but it was all taken away from us by a bunch of idiots (the agressors, the police and government authorities). Finalmente, en cuanto a jugar al fútbol se trata: el más grande sigue siendo River Plate!!!

  8. Una lástima que no haya podido terminar como debía ser, la mentira se te cayó bostero hediondo, porque igual perdieron.

  9. The place with more italians after Italy is Sao Paulo, dont talk bulshits, and the richest italian of all time was named of Francesco Matarazzo, he built impires in Brazil and Europe. Later, comes Buenos Aires, New York, Newark, Paris…

  10. Sorry, this was more a civil war instead of a football game, there was far to much hate. Maybe this hate an tensions are the reasons why argentina has still a lot of world class players but not an world class national TEAM!

  11. I have never felt the EMOTION and anxiety in a youtube video until I watched this. Holy crap, absolutely well done Copa90!

  12. Independiente VS Racing! esa nada mas la encuentran en xvideos, pueden buscar asi: diablo se coje a puta 23 veces

  13. Una hincha de River dice que no se van contentos si se les inventa un penal en el último minuto , porque no les gusta ganar así , pues parece que tiene mala memoria esa señora .
    En semifinales de la libertadores del año 96 a Universidad de Chile no le cobraron un claro penal , donde el mono Burgos derriba con un golpe de puños a Esteban Valencia y el árbitro Rodas no lo quiso cobrar ,estaba comprado ! Y al finalizar el partido los hinchas de River se fueron muy contentos .


  15. Why is this listed as S01E01? From what I can tell this is the most recent episode, not the very first.

  16. Me imagino esas lágrimas del minuto 21:30 el 9 de diciembre. Jajaja se habrá querido cortar las bolas ese borracho.

  17. Can anyone tell me what bar they are in at 20:09?

    To anyone thinking about going to a game, just do it, it’ll live with you forever.

  18. qué ironía que los "humildes, de barrio de trabajadores" son los más odiados por la soberbia y lo agrandados. Y el "millonario, de galera y bastón" es más humilde que el hincha de boca

  19. Aguante river locooooo
    Y encima le ganamos la libertadores a los bosteros
    Dato que a nadie le importa:Yo cumplo el 14 de diciembre y el 14 es un numero especial de river y soy de river y estoy re feliz jaja

  20. Min 43:50 harán otro alboroto como cuando descendieron, lo juro! Como te conocen gallina!! JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA

  21. Probably, Champions has better teams than Libertadores, but Libertadores has more passion. Teams like Nacional (from Uruguay and Colombia), River, Boca, Independiente, Estudiantes, Peñarol, Gremio, Santos, Internacional, Mineiro, Corinthians, Colo Colo, Olimpia, etc. In my opinion, this makes Libertadores better than Champions

  22. Que tan bastardo tiene que ser tu equipo para que te hagan el gol de el empate desde un saque de media cancha, y darles nuevamente el empate con un autogol?

  23. Amazing cinematography. One of the best non-commercially funded/company backed video I've ever seen. This channel is incredibly underrated.

  24. Come to Copenhagen to see The new Firm Derby FC Copenhagen vs Brøndby If and come to parken FC Copenhagens Stadium

  25. se jugo en la capital del mundo,muy bien echo.
    madrid es la ciudad mas capacitada del mundo.
    viva españa

  26. 47:45 is like a scene out of an apocalyptic movie with the media demanding answers from the president… Argentina is MAD

  27. I liked it , but felt it should’ve been revised with scenes of Madrid ! Also felt they focused more on boca a little than river

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