The Big Game Day | Mighty Morphin Power Rangers | Football

The Big Game Day | Mighty Morphin Power Rangers | Football

C’mon we have a score to settle. It’s morphin’ time! Mastodon!
Pterodactyl! Triceratops!
Sabertooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! (rangers yell) (Rhinoblaster laughs) If you think you’re
gonna mess up our town– [Zack] Then you’re way offsides! [Billy] So pack up
your ball and go home! [Trini] ‘Cause we don’t
want you in our field! [Kimberly] So punch yourself outta here! [Jason] Or you’ll face the– [Rangers] Power Rangers! [Rhinoblaster] You power
brats are no match for my team! (putties babbling) Alright boys, quarterback sack! [Jason] Ready? ♪ Well you can’t run and you can’t hide ♪ ♪ When the evil’s got you in sight ♪ ♪ C-c-c-combat ♪ ♪ C-c-c-combat ♪ [Rhinoblaster] You’ve been
sidelined, Power Rangers! Hit the showers! ♪ Go Green Ranger go ♪ [Tommy] I took out your
entire defensive line. Oh yeah?
Yeah! [Rhinoblaster] That may
be so but now you’ll face me one on one! [Tommy] Fine with me! ♪ Go Green Ranger ♪ ♪ Go Green Ranger go go ♪ [Rhinoblaster] The
clock hasn’t run out yet! (“Zords” by Ron Wasserman) [Tommy] I need Dragonzord power! (upbeat flute music) (“We Need A Hero” by Ron Wasserman) (Dragonzord roars) (upbeat flute music) (tense music) [Tommy] Whoa! Hope this works! Jason, catch! Looks like it was right on target! I guess I can do it! Let’s finish this guy! Alright guy, consider this
your two minute warning. The home team is taking back the field. (explosion echoes) (Rhinoblaster laughs) (explosions echo) Ah, I’m losing power! Zordon, I’m going down! (“I Will Win” by Ron Wasserman) (Tommy yells) Man, I can’t do this alone. (Rhinoblaster laughs) [Rhinoblaster] Score
one for the invaders! [Tommy] Jason, where are you guys? [Jason] Alright Rangers,
it’s time to run the blitz! [Rangers] Right! [Tommy] Yes, alright, my dagger! (upbeat flute music) [Rhinoblaster] What, no way! Yeah!
Yeah, alright! Hey guys, look, it’s Tommy!
And he’s got his dagger! [Tommy] Thanks guys, Dragonzord’s back and ready for action! (upbeat flute music) Way to go, Tommy!
Good going, Tommy! [Rhinoblaster] Fourth quarter, Ranger, and time’s running out! [Jason] Alright Rangers,
Mega Dragonzord power! ♪ Go go Power Rangers ♪ Ready!?
Fire! ♪ Go go Power Rangers ♪ ♪ Go go Power Rangers, you
Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers ♪ (explosion echoes)

75 thoughts on “The Big Game Day | Mighty Morphin Power Rangers | Football

  1. I love these kind of episodes ❤️ Early “ rangers” where you at ??
    Edit: thx for the ❤️ never got one before 😊😊😁😁

  2. The OG Morph sequence is the best. I miss Jason, Zack, Billy, Kimberly, Trini. Also the Green Ranger was the lone Ranger the Wolverine of the series.

  3. The Power Rangers really showed their great team work here with Tommy buying time so Jason could free Zack, Billy, Trini, Kimberly, and himself.

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    Our all connected in the Super Bowl of the NFL until the Brazilians are connected in the biggest events of the USA Americans.

  5. One the only times green rangers in the cockpit I guess that case he throw his dagger and had to control the zord some how

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  7. Man rhinoblaster is serious though monster especially with his abilities but man talk about " a real hard head ' get it huh huh huh.

  8. Power Rangers win the Super Bowl!. Gotta give props to Richard Epcar, great voice acting, even if he wasn't credited.

  9. this show was so awesome on Saturday mornings. And those Insert Songs still bring me back to having that feeling of excitement

  10. I remember back in the day when the green ranger theme came on I just knew shit just got real! Then Tommy came threw and tried to clean house usually by himself 🤣

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