The Best 30 Indie Games at Gamescom 2019

The Best 30 Indie Games at Gamescom 2019

hey there and welcome to get indie
gaming it’s the middle of August which means the gaming world has flocked to
the German city of Cologne for the annual Gamescom convention I was there
for the first three days of this conference and in this video I’ll show
cased my personal top 30 indie games you can play down on the show floor at
number 30 Felix the Reaper can be found in all eight via one of the xbox booths
I’ve covered Felix a few times before and it keeps getting better and better
each time I see it playing out remember to keep Felix in the shadows and throw
down some fancy shapes as you do death’s bidding one hand clapping is a unique 2d
platformer that has you sing into your microphone to solve puzzles all within a
minimalist but vibrant landscape with mysterious characters in which you’re
encouraged to sing to change the world the white door is a point-and-click
adventure using a split screen for interaction with the protagonist and the
environment where you help your character to regain his memory by
exploring his dreams next up in flotsam you’ll scavenge Arba jewel rubbish as we
call it from the ocean surface to build and grow your city while you try to
survive in this vibrant post-apocalyptic world boss guard supports up to 6 player
local co-op on online battles featuring superfast hack and slash action one
player takes the role of controlling a big boss who goes up against the team of
Vikings each with their own abilities it seems odd and yet it all works rather
well LGI ho is a spaghetti western styled stealth game where you guide a
six year old boy in a quest to find his mother by way of a remote monastery a
harsh unforgiving desert and a frontier town full of crime and villainy he in
Overland playable in the indie arena booth you’ll battle your way across the
u.s. in this turn-based survival game while work on Overland has been going on
for more than a few years this demo is new and it’s the first time it’s been
played out to the public pine makes a return to
the channel having been featured a few times over the past few years the demo
on display at Gamescom sees you take on the role of Hugh a smart young adult
within an alternate reality where humans didn’t quite reach the top of the food
chain ah now we have recompile which is an audio and visual assault on the
senses with there being numerous places at the show where you’re able to play I
found it a fair challenge with tight platforming and intense combat which
keeps you on your toes pretty much throughout in jak acts you join the jak
sisters in a single or multiplayer 2d open adventure or you take on a wide
variety of platforming challenges with your axe being a key component to your
abilities at number 20 lunar the shadow dust is a beautiful fully hand animated
point-and-click adventure all brought to life by wordless storytelling stunning
cinematics with a musical score to match inspired by games of old I found Luna
the shadow dust to be a moving tale of adventure puzzling spit Ling’s is best
described as being a modern take on a hardcore classic arcade game for one to
four players with over a hundred stages within the story mode in over 30
characters to unlock spit Ling’s will also feature online leaderboards and
even harder modes for those looking for even more of a challenge what the golf
is a game for folks who don’t really like the sport and in the 15 minutes I
spent with it there were many many laugh-out-loud moments of silliness what
the golf is right proper bonkers and playable within the Nintendo indie world
section of their booth I’m a fair-weather football or soccer fan as
others might call it and while football tactics and glory has been out a good
while it’s pretty unique with it featuring a mix of team development
turn-based mechanics and features more usually found in tycoon style offerings
as seen in the Jeff Keely show prior to Gamescom opening I had hands-on with
ever space too and found it a fast-paced and enjoyable single-player space
shooter with RPG elements at 20 or so hours in length with story and side
quest missions before the end game ever space 2 will come to the PC and consoles
but not until 2021 described by its developer as something like Grand Theft
Cthulhu dead static Drive which you can find within the Australian section of
the indie booth arena puts you in the seat of an 80s muscle car in the months
leading up to the apocalypse here you must survive and scavenge for resources
and perhaps try to stop the end of the world from happening at number 15 and
halfway through the countdown tiny tanks offers a two to eight multiplayer game
with toy tanks within a completely destructible arena I played this for a
good 20 minutes with three others and found it hugely entertaining with laughs
and smiles all around another game I featured here before and having recently
taken part in the pre-launch beta lonely mountains downhill is a freestyle
downhill mountain bike game with ragdoll physics a wonderful aesthetic and plenty
bone-crushing crashes making a fine mashup of something like Celeste and
dead cells scourge bringer like many here is playable within the indie booth
arena it’s a great-looking and fast-paced free moving roguelike
platformer with controls that feel fluid and the platforming is tight and finally
judged another hit in the game I’ve been looking forward to playing for a while
necro barista is a gorgeous 3d visual novel about a supernatural cafe based
out of Melbourne Australia where the dead can spend their last night here on
earth the anime inspired aesthetic delivers a subtle and yet cinematic
experience that helps draw players into the underlying
captivating story at number 10 we have Gro bot a 2d point-and-click
single-player adventure about a robot trying to save her home from a dark
malevolent force all in grow bot offers an intriguing story with beautiful
artwork and a fun cast of characters to interact with next up in spirit Farah
that’s available to play within the Microsoft booths we have a hand-drawn
game in what the developers call a cozy management title about dying you play a
stellar the fairy master to the deceased with you needing to build a boat to
explore the world care for your spirits and play and perhaps co-op with friends
as daffodil the cat I found this a much-needed source of relaxation amongst
the hustle and bustle of the conference Genesis noir is a surreal noir adventure
set before during and after the Big Bang where a love triangle has gone
off-kilter as cosmic beings quarrel in the darkness of pre creation inspired by
psychedelic poetry and jazz my short time with it suggests a seamless blend
of interactive storytelling and generative art from the creators of
among the sleep mosaic with its muted gray brown and blue color scheme is all
about a monotonous life as a simple cog of a machine within a corporate dystopia in elk tales of real stories you play as
Frigg a young carpenter travelling to Elk for an apprenticeship the game is a
biographical adventure set on an island like no other but every character you
meet has a story to tell based on truth and tall tales from those that have
lived them across tragedy love and humor this was one of the bigger surprise
finds for me over the course of the whole of Gamescom
into the last five and first up we have Boggs here you play as a pair of sausage
type dogs linked by an ever so stretchy belly in what’s a dar flea brilliantly
looking puzzle filled adventure a jugglers tale is an atmospheric side
scroller all set with in a medieval puppet theater play you play as a B
having escaped from her captors into a world of freedom and adventure despite
still dangling from her threats you’re still able to guide the character
through riddles and traps as you look to secure your freedom playable within the
Microsoft’s ID at Xbox section of the show groggy and ancient epic is an
action fighter adventure set within ancient India Rajee a young girl is
chosen by the gods to stand up and destroy a demonic invasion of the human
realm along the way you’ll rescue your brother and put an end to a reckless war
with a demo available to play via the game’s website there’s a link down in
the description blood roots is a comic book styled
ultraviolet top-down brawler where pretty much everything in the world can
be used as a weapon it’s every much fun to play with it’s combo system as
hotline Miami and is shaping up to be one of the most enjoyable action /ii
games of recent times and taking the top spot in my Gamescom 2019 countdown is
tunak a game I’ve been looking to play since I first spotted it at e3 in 2017
all this is coming from a single developer based out of Halifax and it
oozes competence and charm with a sprightly and ever so cute see heroic
Fox as its main character there’s clearly plenty going on here that looks
towards the Zelda series and that’s just fine with me
so that’s it for my showcase of games from Gamescom 2019 be sure to slap that
like button and subscribe if you haven’t done so already and let me know which
games you’d like to see more of down in the comments below thanks for
watching then I’ll see you all again here soon enough for more indie game

95 thoughts on “The Best 30 Indie Games at Gamescom 2019

  1. The first Everspace was a surprise hit for me. I haven't been into space combat stuff since the first Freespace, but got completely hooked into Everspace. I especially loved how it told the story – instead of the rogue-like mechanics completely neutering immersion like it usually does, it was all cleverly written into the the narrative. Hearing a sequel is in the works was a delightful surprise.

  2. Excellent video and superb job as always! You have been a very busy boy! lol. Hope you had a blast soaking up all the indie goodness at GamesCom! 😁

  3. As a part of the QA team of HandyGames, I'm glad to see some of our games made it onto your list. Thanks for that, makes the hard work feel worth it 🙂

  4. Los indies que me llaman: 1) Tunic (alias el Zelda protagonizado por un zorro simpatico) lo anunciaron en 2017 y recien sale para el año que viene. Le tengo muchas expectativas. 2) El Hijo (western latino) 3) Pine 4) Spiritfarer

  5. Very good selection ! Sadly too many of them have been teasing us for years now, with still unknowned release date xD

  6. The usually culprits then! Flotsam, TUNIC and scourgebringer look so good. Did you manage to get hands on with Star Renegades?

  7. Was a new trailer for Tunic shown? Weren't they suppose to be at gamescom? I have yet to see any new trailers or news regarding it. I'm dying to know more about it!

  8. I'm excited about almost all of these. Also, I'm quite taken by the GTA C'thulu idea. I'd like to see more Pulp C'thulu, Delta Green and C'thulu by gaslight games as well.

  9. Great vid and really interested in a lot of these but not gonnal lie was really expecting some update on hazelnut bastille

  10. There is something wrong with the order of games in the video – number 14 is missing (or at least out of order). And the list in the description doesn't 100% match the order in the video.
    Other than that, 15-20s per game is a little bit too quick imo. I wasn't able to really understand what is going on. You will probably cover all of them (or already did) in other videos so no worries.
    Anyway, I'm still waiting for some cool city builders 😀

  11. I see in this list, each game appears to have a "gimmick" mechanic, unique visual style, and tries to innovate in its own way.
    I fail to find interest in any of these things.
    I adore indie games, but I look to be moved emotionally, and when I see all this gimmicky feel, I am reminded of a puppet show for children, where emotions are synthetic.
    I enjoyed Tunic's look & feel honestly above all else, and I enjoyed many others as well, but look & feel is not what gets me going.
    "Emotion" is what gets me going.
    I hope to see something with a script worth my time.

  12. Respectfully requesting that you use steam links where ever possible. Much easier to just put these on wishlist so they are not forgotten.

  13. Would really like to mention unrailed here. Found it a few weeks ago and was surprised to see it on the GC, I haven't played it yet, but it reminds me of overcooked as in it's a coop game where you have to harvest materials, put them into a train to get rails and use those rails to further the trains rail before it reaches the current end of it

  14. El Hijo has my heart…
    And I'm digging the giant die design in Bossgard!

    Growbot speaks to me as well, reminding me of the magical times spent with hyper artistic point-and-clicks like Machinarium, Botanicula, and Lumino City ^^

  15. Half of these games are already in my wishlist thanks to you. 😀
    Was Session presented in the Gamescon? I saw it will be early acces in september on steam but i was wondering if there was a demo in gamescon.

  16. looking forward to playing Tunic and Lonely Mountains Downhill (the 1 minute demo is awesome) … Blood Roots looks interesting, think I'm going to pick up Creature in the Well, possibly Röki on the Switch. Plus, Risk of Rain 2 on PC.

  17. The kind of videos that i find these days from popular creators are flashy thumnail, clickbaiting content. But you on the other hand have comprehensive, content rich, on point video, that's what makes you different from the other creators(with comparatively less subscribers)… Keep doing what you're doing and you will get more subscribers like me.

  18. The necrobarista is almost the same to the anime death parade. The dead spend their time in a bar. They play various games which then decides if go to hell or get reincarnated.

  19. The White Door is from Cube Escape creators. even in this short trailer there are easter eggs. I wonder if this one belongs to the main series.

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