The As for Football College Football Show Episode 2: Game 10 Army vs. Lafayette

The As for Football College Football Show Episode 2: Game 10 Army vs. Lafayette

Welcome to as football’s college football show with your host and as for football first captain Rob Wright an Insider’s guide for cadets old grads and college football fans to follow the army football team Throughout their season as they seek to claim the commander-in-chief trophy As for football is proud to present the college football show Attention all cadets. This is your first captain Robert Wright your host for the as for football college football show. I’m here with my co-host Danno Cabeza, how we doing Danno? Good. How are you doing Robert? excellent if you’ve read my articles you’ve Known that Danno is now our senior writer over at as for football does great analysis pregame postgame quick takeaway So make sure you’re reading those He is a 95 grad and he was on the swim team and it’s important to note that Danno is Undefeated in individual races against Navy Midshipmen Although we played Air Force this week. We just wanted you to know of his legitimacy as a Cadet athlete I’m sure how that makes me a football analyst, but here we are Well, he’s pretty good with math. So we’ll let it slide just read his stuff and you’ll know that he he’s definitely worth Reading and listening to in this podcast. So the first thing we’re gonna do is Recap the Air Force game great victory Army retains the commander-in-chief trophy the hundred and seventy pound behemoth Will be staying on the banks of the Hudson if you read the superlatives article, you know that we assigned The team to do a mandatory push, press workout Curtis courtesy of Coach Swanson to make sure that they can lift that over their head We also maintain the 11 game home win streak at Mikey Stadium And we’ve edged the series closer to getting back to even Air Force does own the all-time record, Dan What were your takeaways from the air force game? But gets takeaway for me is just the 11 game win streak is amazing. We’ve reached a level of consistency and just just Every week they bring it and and everybody, you know, you never see anybody in position out of position Excuse me You know They’re they’re super prepared and and and they play well every every game You go back just two years ago when the team was eight and five and I think you know they had some some real good athletes out there, but just in terms of Consistency like they dropped winnable games, you know that they just they just couldn’t win every game well they dropped the air force game that was probably a winnable game out there and it just you know now If you need a fourth down stop like this team They believe that they’re gonna make it and from the stands as a season ticket holder I’m gonna make it to that’s amazing, you know, even back in the mid 90s, which is you know Sort of like the heyday the previous heyday of army football Definitely on fourth and one I definitely would not have had faith that army was gonna bring it out, you know It was gonna was gonna turn it around Yeah, absolutely. This team’s been unbelievable on fourth down unfortunately, we haven’t been that good in the second half offensively but our defenses by far made up for it looking at the Pregame keys to victory that I published on the ask for football website You know, we were really efficient in the red zone even though we didn’t get there but three times during the game We didn’t allow tackled for loss Depending I mean looking at the size the sheer size of the airforce defensive linemen There’s no way that they can pass in a PFT, but they didn’t get more than a few tackles for loss They’re 100% not out there running two mile You know, these are not like you strike super soldiers, but they are very good against the run. They’re very good Absolutely. They’ve been holding opponents About three and a half yards of carry or less leading up. We averaged 4.1 we got that and so overall you have to be very satisfied with how The offensive line played how the running backs played. We got to give a plug for our our guy D w2k Darnell Woolfolk, achieving 2,000 yards rushing and We gave him a superlative. He didn’t earn these yards the easy way, you know I’m gonna shout out at my boy Terry Baggett. He didn’t get to the outside and rush for 336 yards in one game he got hit Every single play by a 300 plus pound D lineman and earned those yards similar to how a 200 hour Sent double Century Club Could that earns their hours through the countless weekends that they spend at the Academy marching in central area? So looking a little bit more anything else that you take away from that game tell us about offensively Some of the wrinkles you would like to see us to help open up the playbook remain triple option but maybe get some things going in the second half so Before we start I guess the first thing to say is that you know If it works, you’re a hero and these guys have won 11 straight at home, you know They’re on track for a potential ten win season and and so with that said You know it I don’t want to second guess what is obviously working but my favorite play the game by a lot happened on the second scoring drive Third and five, maybe five or six plays into the drive They go to a four wild receiver set They bring Calvin Hopkins in shotgun they bring Asberry across on from from left to right in motion snap the ball and Hopkins fakes a handoff to the full-back turns around and pitches it to Asberry who by this time is at full gas and he’s got the first down before air force even reacts and you know We don’t see Army run out of the spread very often and I don’t think that they’re necessarily looking to run out of the spread what I think they want to do is really beat the crap out of people and that’s okay but these are the wrinkles they were working and they were working against Air Force and you know in the second half it just seemed like we were running into the brick wall over and over and over again You know, if you have a good defense and you think playing conservative offense and good defenses What win you the game and you’re right? He was right there, right? You know that did work then. Okay, but I think that there’s room to Be a little bit more aggressive to attack more, you know, we saw them at Oklahoma attack for four quarters, right? Absolutely We’d like to see a little more in the playbook We’d like to see the offense produce more in the third and fourth quarter, but hey, we’re winning. We’re winning by a small margin we’re letting teams get back into it, but our defense is just outstanding and ultimately, that’s what helped us win the air force game the first step in the Hopefully back-to-back Commander-in-chief champion not just retaining the trophy but becoming the champion we still have to win it Navy So make sure you’re tracking that get your Army Navy tickets now And so the next thing we’re gonna go to is the postgame shenanigans They kind of occurred after the Air Force game. We had almost a fight at midfield Then we had one of the Air Force cadets give the double bird to Someone on our team our whole team. I don’t know exactly who it was. Everybody. Saw it. Everyone was tweeting about it, Dan What’s your thoughts on what happened after the game? Well, obviously you never want to lose your composure I will say though, you know, my wife was sitting next to me and she saw and she’s like what’s wrong with those guys Why are they still March it was why they swirl walking for the alma mater? It sucks. It sucks to lose a Rivalry game like that, you know my plea tiara. We lost the Army Navy swim meet first time in five years I personally had one of my best performances of my cadet career that day felt like I had just you know left a piece of my soul in the pool and then, you know turn around I lose by 15 points and it’s like You know, I I’m not gonna lie. I had to be talked down it was not it was not a good look like I wasn’t quite at the double bird to the Navy Midshipmen, but I’m it was not like it was not a good deal, you know and right. Yeah, I know what you’re saying and I was a less emotional player when I played all the way back through grade school, but I just I completely Don’t support what they did in the superlatives, we gave this guy mandatory military customs lectures to go to I mean You just can’t lose it. You can’t you can’t do that and the biggest thing for me. Is that Air? Force One didn’t apologize and acknowledge it that was huge Oh, yeah, and then they try to tell us we hurt their bird like their bird is is damaged. He’s gonna die he has to go for emergency surgery and then literally 24 hours later like oh He’s flying around his pen like to me that was a diversion from what actually happened after the game. Yeah, they use the game They shoot the double bird and within 30 seconds within 30 seconds. There’s a hit piece on the Gazette Yeah, that’s that’s not an accident these guys, you know That’s they’re they’re trained to work with the media that that does not happen by accident Look, I’m all for not causing permanent damage to anything on a prank But like to over exaggerate it because they lost and then let’s capitalize on hey We’re gonna interview after the game. Not only these guys double Burtis after the game. They give these interview statements to say Something to the effects. I’m not gonna read them. You’ve seen them. You know. Hey, we’re never losing to these guys again We you know, I just don’t like these guys They’re not as good as they think they are all these different things and it it really just pissed me off Listen I am not as good as I think I am like I’m I’m I’m like a 5 foot 10 inch mediocre swimmer and Let me just tell you that I am not that good. I’m okay I’m not that good but I did win eight races in a row. So, you know, take it for whatever it’s worth It’s yeah, it sucks to loose. It really does. It sucks Like you said, yeah, you just you just can’t lose it. You’ve got to be more professional as a military officer I expect a lot from More from you than you gave in the postgame interviews the postgame the way the Academy handled it anyways enough of that We beat them. We got the CIC They can cry me a river Justin Timberlake, you know said that let’s just move on and go to the Lafayette preview This is going to be the 20th all time meeting against Lafayette We’ve only lost to them one time back in the 40s Danna you had a good preview article. What are you key matchups? What are we looking for? What can we expect? Against Lafayette. Well, you know coach Monken in his press conference He came out and it was like super coach speak Like these guys are very good and they have just as good athletes as we do and blah blah blah We’ll be lucky just to win the game and I get I get why he’s saying that but this Lafayette team averages 180 yards through the air and 90 yards on the ground and army just beat the Scullion out of air force who was the either the eighth of the 12th rushing offense in the country and Held them, you know to 125 yards on the ground it’s just You know I personally I think that the biggest matchup is just our secondary against a quarterback who’s throwing 13 interceptions versus three touchdown passes You know, why do I think that we’re gonna win big? I think we’re gonna win big because this kid turns the football over and our defense is going to generate turnovers Yeah, right you said a great thing to aim for would be potentially two or three turnovers for the army defense our Run defense is outstanding. They’re not gonna be able to run They’re gonna try to chuck it up and this guy can’t throw he completes like 54% of his passes The pick ratio to touchdown is awful Expect a huge win on Saturday Well, let’s let me just say cuz I you know Coach Monken is trying to control our expectations. So I will say that I Expect them to win I think it’s more like setting the goal a reasonable goal is to win by 50 like that’s that’s a goal Like how do we look back at the game and know that army played? Well, is it because they won? No, they’re gonna they should win They have according to ESPN a ninety nine point six percent chance of winning So winning the game probably should not be the minimum standard that we’re set. I mean, yeah. Okay good It’s good to win, but they station really they should they should whip that ass bottom line I mean it’s gonna be important the team we play the next week and a lot of guys have messaged me about Colgate But they beat them 45 to nothing So we want to see something definitely similar to give us that extra Comfort going into the next week. Yeah Colgate. It’s got a good theme. That’s a different deal Yeah, that’s gonna be definitely something you’re gonna want to tune in for and one last thing we wanted to address the Turnover chain, if I follow us on the on the Instagram or Twitter, we did address it there Mike Reynolds, you earned the virtual tour turnover chain, they didn’t give it to you. Look we got it up there It wasn’t approved by the chain of command at West Point. I wrote in my Superlatives article about it, but look we did our best We’ll see what happens, you know, we full support whatever they do But hey, we all want to see the turnover chain it is there it weighs 20 plus plus pounds So keep an eye out for it, hopefully The coaches can get the administration to turn around a little bit on it Have you have you told the viewers what that thing actually looks like Is that it we? It is a secret. We teased it on the crawfish Crawdads countdown to kickoff show which is an ESPN affiliate 97 9 the zone out of Huntsville Alabama so make sure to check him out. He doesn’t show on Wednesdays as well It’s really detailed army football and you can stream it through any of the major sites So we previewed it there but no one actually knows except the team the head equipment manager, Nick and James nautical so all right, so so my lips are sealed All right. So now we’re gonna move to the cadet in the red sash interview Today we have a special guest Tom lei you might recognize him from Long grey lessons, which is recently lost or any of his other YouTube videos pretty popular 2016 grad Tom. How you doing today? Good Rob. How are you doing? Thanks for having me on the show Excellent. Glad you agreed to come come on over and only our our second episode that we’ve ever had here and we’re just gonna get things started off real quick You saw the question. Mike had answer What is your favorite met so cadet food? All right. I’m trying to think how controversial do we want to be here? I Would say And I think I can get away with this just because I am the second person on the show because it’s gonna be pretty Redundant but hands down chicken crispy toes You can’t go wrong with chicken crispy toes be especially when you got the sweet baby Ray’s you got the ranch yet the Texas Pete Nothing can compete. So what is your mixture of sauces that you’re what’s your go-to sauce? yeah, so I’ll usually mix up the ranch and Texas Pete on one side and then I’ll do the ranch and then the sweet baby Ray’s just just so you can kind of Keep it keeping a different switching it up. So Yeah, I was wondering how long it would take til someone took that chicken crispy dough bait Because that is definitely my favorite as well. Yeah. I’m so sad that they they took that away. So give it away Yeah, I think after my year, no one has had the taste of chicken crispy toes. So 2017 and 2018 have not had chicken crispy toes. I think they may have it was my senior year I’m sorry 2016 senior year, so maybe a Freshman. Oh, yeah, so sad they retired it Sorry for those listeners out there like everything. It’ll come back around right? So the next question we have is a rotating question. No one’s had this one before All right, you are gonna be stuck on constitution island for an unknown amount of time If you remember the kids that got stuck on like the side of the mountain. It’s kind of like that You don’t know what’s gonna happen. You can take three items with you. Okay, one of them has to be a West Point possession You could either steal it from there right before you go or it’s something you’ve got. That’s West Point related What are the three things you’re gonna take? To Constitution Island. That is a tough question Could it could have been an item that was used like during like CL DT or something Sure. Yeah, we’ll give you that. Okay, just just sum up, you know application here I think the first one I would bring is a multi-tool Multi-tool because you never know what kind of situation you’re running to and I think it can find that really handy The second one I would bring Is a red lens Headlamp because one it’s tactical and it’s a tackle and I’ll have access to two hands So I think that would be pretty handy and then the third one I think I would say Can I use duct tape, I feel like you can fix anything with duct tape You can But I’m gonna I’m gonna pause you on the first two because I don’t think those are West I think there’s our army tools God, yeah, so I want to know that question Demand it maybe it doesn’t help your survival. Maybe it’s your bugle notes, you know, maybe yeah You’re right Let’s let’s go with the parade Rifle, I don’t know saber. I think the rifle would be cool because even though you can’t use it You can probably scare away someone with it Absolutely. Maybe we’ll throw you in a firing pin with that. There we go. Give me the bayonet of these Absolutely, awesome. Well, I’ll take those three. I think you’ll do pretty well with those. The next thing is Obviously your grad We have I’d say arguably one of the best fan bases in terms of number of graduates – how many people are actually Interested in that team the army team so you watch the game last week against Air Force Quick impressions of the team the season what happened after the game Yeah, I mean Phenomenal game I was on edge the entire time. I love any time we have a service academy game and so Seeing army, you know just running the ball, you know having some crazy catches crazy interception. I Thought they were really on on their game and then they got that kick in so that really kind of sealed it I think the last quarter really had me like on edge because I wasn’t sure if we were gonna hold it down but hey army came down with their defense and You know, I’m not surprised based on how well they’re doing this season seven and two I think they have really great odds of winning a third time against Navy so I’m super excited and I’m very happy with how Army’s doing this season and I can’t wait to see how they play out the Rest of season. Are you gonna get to go to the Army Navy game or maybe a postseason game? Yeah So for those listening, I will be at Army Navy This year if you guys are in the area. Hit me up Send me a DM and I’d love to just link up with you guys and see you guys at the game Yeah, I’ll probably I’ll probably be with Tom – so I’ll be yeah, well, we’ll both be there So Tom tell tell us a little bit about How long great lessons got started why you did it, you know what inspired you to do it and where it’s kind of going Yeah, so like how Rob stated you know, I kind of I kind of started As Thomas blogs at West Point I was a vlogger and I kind of just wanted to showcase What going through West Point was like and then kind of what my army career path? Was gonna be like and I really just wanted to share my own personal Experiences and then showcase any lessons learned that I just got along the way And then it wasn’t until I deployed to Europe while still vlogging that I just had this great idea that you know the experiences and the lessons learned is that we can get I Didn’t want it to just be my own. I thought there were so many great stories so many experiences that out there what not only my classmates, but those that went before us and I feel like it was it was so important to be able to showcase those stories and highlight those lessons learned from the that had gone through You know, not only West Point I don’t like through their military career But have gone to do a lot more great things outside of the military as well So I just I knew the right person that I wanted to interview first and that was my first guests on Episode one at leaks a Josh one of my good friends and like I said the platform’s still growing and I’m I’m very excited to just see how it pans out and I hope more people can hop on board And if you guys have any great guests that you guys think would fit the show would love to have them Yeah, I can tell you that. It’s very interesting. It’s very informative Great show we’re excited to see where it goes. Definitely provides a value to the long gray line getting those lessons in Is your first guest is he still here at fly school was he done? He’s done Alex is actually at Fort Riley right now. Okay? Yeah, so I just I just pcs down here to Fort Rucker for the captain’s career course, so just so all the lists and I was out there no We were really putting it putting it out there to get this show going this week I mean, we are the battle buddy that brought the extra wipes to give you when you’re out in the field That’s the length or going for you right now. If you look behind you, my house is a complete mess I’ve got tape hanging up this this video. So, you know, we’re not as set as tom is here But we’re bringing it up a little in Tom tell us what we can expect or what to look out for with long gray lessons next So I I don’t want to fully reveal who the next guess is gonna be It is a it’s a surprise, but it’s gonna be a very special episode A long time coming. So if you guys follow me on social media on Instagram I’m I’m most active on that I kind of lose you who my next guess is gonna be so head on over there and you guys can kind of find out who it’s gonna be but very Excited to release the show the episode should come out Next month, so okay next month. Tell us how we can Connect with you what you’re on and what your usernames are? Yeah, absolutely So like I said most active on Instagram so at longer lessons YouTube also longer eight lessons and then yeah Those are the best ways to get a hold of me if you guys have any questions at all Whether it’s West Point army related, I’m your guy and yeah awesome, Tom well Thanks for coming on the show today Excited to have you on thanks for sharing your experiences and make sure to check out Tom and his show long gray lessons Well, that was a great interview with Tom now. I’m gonna show you the best thing I’ve seen all week It comes post game air force via the Army West Point football Twitter page They putting out these awesome videos after the game last Week to San Jose State one. I showed you even though it wasn’t that week. It was previous this week. It’s it’s a similar video Just with a little bit something different So let’s just go ahead and roll the clip When you see that like Coach Monken has no doubt with what he’s saying and to me That’s the kind of confidence that I like. That’s the kind of confidence. I want our coach instilling in the young men that we’re sending out ultimately to do a much bigger job than play football and it just gets me fired up, but he absolutely Believes that he’s the guy we need. He’s the guy we’ve got to keep coaching Never want to lose this guy. I love this guy. I love that coaching staff like you cvd in the background He like he doesn’t flinch. He’s like, yeah, that’s ours. Yeah Totally so I’m all about it. That’s the best thing I’ve seen all week This is Rob right here. Your your first captain on the has for football college football show Thanks for tuning in if you’ve listened all this way or watched all this way, and you’re not subscribed I highly doubt that that’s happened But make sure you subscribe Through whatever streaming service Give us a 5-star rating if you’re listening to us if you’re on YouTube or Facebook like our page subscribe to our channel Just help us out engage with us on social media. You know, show us the love. Show me the love Best of luck to the army team as they take on Lafayette this weekend go army beat Lafayette off yet

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    1. If stuck on Constitution Island I would only need to bring one item, an extra set of BDU/ACU pants. I would immediately turn them into floaties (ala Survival Swimming) and get back to WP

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