Temari Sushi (Sushi Balls)

Temari Sushi (Sushi Balls)

Today I’m making temari sushi, AKA sushi balls. Some of the ingredients I got will be hard to get abroad, but don’t worry, you can use any ingredients you want. Just use your imagination to create your own temari sushi. All you need to do is to cut the ingredients and wrap them with rice into a ball shape with saran wrap. Cut a few thin slices. Cut the radish about 2 centimeters thick. Cross-cut the surface. And rub some sasami oil on it. Cut the avocado into quarters and slice it thinly. Adding lemon juice prevents it from becoming brown. Make a thin egg sheet and slice it into strings. Using potato starch makes the sheet sturdy. Make sure to keep the stove on low heat to fry it slowly. Fold it and cut it into strings. Mince the basil. Mix it with olive oil, garlic, and parmesan cheese. This is the topping for the salmon. Slice the fish. Add vinegar and sugar in the rice and cool it down. Make sushi balls! Place the toppings. Cheers. Time to eat. I’m finished.

100 thoughts on “Temari Sushi (Sushi Balls)

  1. Hi Jun, is that a Damascus Knife you have back there? If its, that is so cool.

    Keep posting videos please.

  2. Wow. Just wow. Not only was this fun to watch but the final product was absolutely beautiful!! Astonishing

  3. Cooking show host: Alright Chef Ramsay, your competition will enter right now
    Gordon: Why do I hear boss music??
    Jun: awkwardly and bashfully enters the room Hi

  4. Viendo los lugares en los que llevas a pasear a tu gato, me dan ganas de dejar toda mi vida e irme a vivir ahí 😄

  5. Thanks for this video Jun! I tried making temari sushi (with slightly fewer ingredients), and it turned out ok. I’m going to keep practicing so my temari looks as beautiful as yours.

  6. I don't know why, but I feel satisfied when I see you cooking. Plus, the sounds made while cooking are like asmr (I think that's how you pronounce it).

  7. 当たり前のように挨拶してくれる子がまだ日本人にいてとても嬉しい ほっこりした 最近の子はイヤホンしてフルシカトだから…

  8. 気まぐれさんのとこから飛んできました にゃんこと料理 素敵なコンテンツですね 登録失礼します

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