Team STONED vs Team DRUNK: Who will win? – GALILEO

Team STONED vs Team DRUNK: Who will win? – GALILEO

Last year Galileo tested if you are better at parking and catching eggs when stoned or drunk This season we challenge ourself on the football pitch A quick to be found team of excited volunteers did research to see if you are a better football player After a bunch of tequilla shots or several puffs from your favourite blunt? For today we have a great match ready for you: Team DRUNK vs Team STONED To start this off we need two captains who will put together their team. Captains! Men, you know how to pick your team. You know how this works: captain battle Teams are compiled But now we need to decide which team will get drunk and which one to be stoned I have a coin with a leaf on one side and a bottle on the other The top side of the coin shows what your team will be. STONED! Well guys, you’ll be DRUNK It seems like you are doing pretty well, aren’t you? Well…. YES! It’s pretty quiet, so it seems these guys are pretty laid back We’re doing pretty good, right?! What’s up, boys? Pretty chill Easy *Chanting a classic Dutch football chant* Ok guys, the frist challenge: dribbling But first, let’s see how drunk you really are It’s obvious they are stoned It’s also clear that you guys are drunk, but let’s do a test anyway 1,3! 1,5! Ok, this is not going to work at all, you are drunk for sure! Beat it! What are the effects of alcohol and weed on the human body? They are both narcotics so you’ll be more at ease and calm. That means you are less active and less focussed Both substances also have a more specific effect Alcohol shows that if you use enough, you’ll be overconfident And it’ll create tunnel vision so you won’t see clearly what happens next to you As well as you mobility will be affected Weed is more of a hallucinogen It can cause uncontrollable laughing Or the disability to judge reality well Be aware to go around the cones, not through them This is going to be a loooong day DRUNK, go back! Ok guys, challenge #2! Here’s the ball Two pictures of Luuk (Galileo host) It’s actually quite simple. Each team get to take 8 shots: 2 shots each person When you hit Luuk, you get a point! 0-0 I hope they’ll hit Luuk at least ONCE. But to be honest, I doubt it! Again! Keep going! REF!!! That’s Nothing, ref! HAHA. Yes! Goal! What are you doing? I need to tie my shoelaces! (With a drunk accent) Where is my back-up god damnit! The questions was: What has a bigger impact on your ability to play football: being drunk or being stoned We saw it was clearly: being drunk!

79 thoughts on “Team STONED vs Team DRUNK: Who will win? – GALILEO

  1. 5:32 Life hack ~

    Just kicked the ball … zero aiming … zero feeling of gravity … (probably at this moment, he doesn't know what gravity means) … fell down on the ground … on his face … and he scored LOL

    #Not all heroes wear capes

  2. 5 tegen 5 die mensen die zuipen gaan fucking hard. En die smoken die hebben 1 zakje wiet waar drie ervan 1 draaien en helemaal rechts zit daar maar met zn bal te wachten tot die een jonko krijgt die is echt niet stoned kijk hoe spichtig hij naar die jonko kijkt man..

  3. Ich wolte Nur ein Video von Galileo anschauen während ich high war. Ich hab die ganze Zeit gedacht ich hab deutsch verlernt

  4. Love Weed …!!!let me tell u thanks for the video who uploaded thzz…when m high i alzs watch thzz video n it mak me more enjoyable..even if i can't do anything let me tell u sir I'll share thzz video n like your all your videos n let me follow u… (thanks for the video)

  5. 1.40 hat der versucht zu singen "finge weg von sachen ohne alcohol" ? xD
    naja algemein ein lustuges video von unserem nachberland ^^

  6. 3:34 dus je wordt er gekalmeerd van als je dronken ben nou ik weet niet wat voor party daar in die kleedkamer bij die mensen die dronken ware gebeurde maar ik noem dat niet rustig

  7. we smoked weed and played football every other day for 15 years. once you get used to it, playing sober isn't fun anymore.

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