Team France – Nous Sommes Prêts [2014 FIBA World Cup]


We need to wake up, guys.
We play like we are scared. I’m not talking about offense, but defense.
We have said enough what we had to do. We keep on not blueing pick’n rolls,
we let them shoot 3s. We are not rebounding, they keep attacking us, we are not even able
to put the ball in play. We need to be tougher. Against Slovenia, we were tough.
But not in this game. They dominate us because they think we are crap.
And I can see that in their faces. They do think we are crap. So, I don’t
care about what is going to happen next. even if we lose, we have to play with pride,
at least. And play tough. Then if we lose anyway, it doesn’t matter. But I’d rather
lose fighting. Not like that, so far, we have just been destroyed.
It was, I think, the greatest moment of my career in France team, I had
to find the right things to say to cheers my teammates up,
to achieve in the second half the best halftime of French basketball.

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