Tall Blacks set to take on Korea


the poi – cuca Mattia it KOCO in a polluted world or a Paul Henare Ngata cow manure kappa korea korea it erotic or Oh fuckity fuckity port al-quwain ate a taco – Italian upon Taranaki roto altero named IRA no et toi Aminata c’mon imma Korea Korea Kuwata new erotic irritate or Otto PI Quito tecapa breakers attained belharra Korean okay hang on or in a tokoro a e1e let’s sort of chemistry and synergy with teammates definitely as a positive impact on the way that you play and and like I said you know all of these guys at one stage or another of played with or alongside each and every other in the squadron and and hopefully that will help us tomorrow – to Karaka Kea volcano antara timet itna attacker Oni

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