#TalkBritishToMe 5 – On The Football Pitch

#TalkBritishToMe 5 – On The Football Pitch

hello I’m Alex, this is London, and you’re watching… today we’re in Poplar, very East London we’re in a football pitch to learn some sports related English our guest today is mr. Laddie hi, nice to meet you nice to meet you? You know me I do know you… just camera-shy first of all, where are we know we’re in Poplar, in East London, just beside Canary Wharf on our AstroTurf pitch, which we usually play on Wednesdays where are you from and how long have you been living in London? I was born in London, grew up in London I’ve been living in London all my life where about? I grew up in Chelsea, hence why the jersey born 10 minutes from the stadium footie time Laddie is gonna explain a couple of football terms yeah, football terms He’s hurdled past one, he’s got past another in the last minute of this game in goes Massing, ohh, and he won’t get past that… and the referee surely will do something about that a challange is like a tackle a tackle is when you win the ball off the opposition player, basically you know, so a good challenge is a challenge where the opposition is about to cause damage by scoring a goal and you like… instantly, miraculously just stop him from actually making a precise pass or actually shooting a shot on target so that’s what challenge is next clip this is quite incredible Gareth Bale has scored a hat-trick at the San Siro hat-trick, that’s easy yeah, tha’s easy, I like scoring hat-tricks unbelievable! a hat-trick is when a player – it doesn’t have to be a striker – scores 3 goals in a match he gets to keep the match ball Robbie Fowler has a record for scoring the fastest hat-trick in the Premier League who? Robbie Fowler Loss… Fowler! making a yard through turf, oh it’s going in, it is! Barnes… He’s away again, is this gonna be the hat-trick? you could still be, it is! three goals in five minutes next clip and Beckham saw Sullivan off his line… that is absolutely phenomenal I remember scoring that goal and thinking “I can’t wait to watch match of the day tonight” what’s that: M.O.T.D. or Match of the Day Match of The Day is a show on BBC so all the goals, all the highlights, all the after events and it’s really popular, isn’t it? yes, it is I mean, the pubs virtually closed at 10 minutes to 10 so the people could get home to watch Match of The Day on Saturday, it was an extraordinary thing, really my mates are calling me, they miss me in the pitch phrase in the box you’re actually knackered, right? that means you’re tired or you lost a bit of stamina and you just need to recover because you had a hard run, basically high school dropout, like you’re in college, or university, and you drop out ’cause you know it’s not for you so that’s what dropout means but you can use it in here as well, like if you’re gonna play for a team and you drop out that’s like when you have an injury… …as well, so you have to drop the player because of an injury cause so he drops out of the match if you make an attempt on goal and you miss it but it’s a good effort because you had the chance, you know different phrases you can use on a football pitch, basically brilliant, you know, brilliant pass – we’re done, thanks, man
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  1. Gabarito para voces jogarem bola no UK

    3G – grama socaite, da pra jogar com travas
    Boots – chuteira
    Studs – trava da chuteira (importante pq tem gramados que vc joga com trva, outros sem)
    Bibs – coletes

    No jogo
    Man on – ladrao
    easy – joga simples
    line – vc esta no lado do campo, toca para frente perto da linha
    switch – vira o jogo
    cross – cruza
    tackle – chegar junto
    sliding tackle – carrinho
    challenge – roubada de bola (mais ou menos)
    Lovely – bela jogada
    Play on – nao foi nada, siga la pelota

    Detalhe – os ingleses sao ruins de bola no geral, mas o jogo eh mais corrido e muito mais fisico, nao tem cai-cai


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