SwanLife Football #03 : WWC 2019 vs MWC 2018 – Less volunteers equal more Opportunities ???

SwanLife Football #03 : WWC 2019 vs MWC 2018 – Less volunteers equal more Opportunities ???

Priviet, i’s Joana Swan, today I’m with Ester
a volunteer from the 2018 World Cup and 2019 Women World Cup. So I already done some videos about
the differences between the 2018 Men’s World cup and 2019 Women’s World Cup. So I’m thinking it’s best if we have someone who’s been there as a volunteer to kind of give us a part of her experience in Russia. – So Ester how are you, – I’m good thanks for inviting me. it’s a pleasure to be talking to you and to
all the people who watch your videos and and clarify some things, I mean I’m not
the expert but I’ve been doing this volunteering jobs and being a pleasure
to be part of this such events right and as a football fan and also as a
sports lover I think it’s really awesome – Thank you for replying with a yes because you could have said no. – no no no no it’s a pleasure to be with you and helping you
out with your videos and I think this film that you brought it’s really
relevant especially because of this difference right that you said in the
last video which by the way guys check it out because it’s awesome and so it’s
it’s good to be here it’s good to be talking about this – okay, so like the 2018
men’s World Cup and 2019 women’s world cup we all know that the budget is not the
same but I just gonna have some very specific questions like in terms of
volunteering so you didn’t get paid on both ways so this is similar you get to
pay your own flight and transportations or accommodation so do you receive any
help from FIFA to help you find a place to say for both of the events and
if you do if one was more helpful than the other one – so yeah in 2018 FIFA male World Cup we had universities which were opening
their doors for international volunteers to stay there for free for the whole
competition which was like a miracle for each one of us because it’s like just a
lot of money especially if you’re coming from another place I’m coming from
Brazil so it’s a lot of money to buy the flight tickets and to just survive
basically for food for everything if you want to do tourism – it’s gonna cost you
more money so these universities they open the doors for us which was
awesome so we didn’t have to pay for your
accommodation but we had to pay for the flight tickets and depending where are
you flying from it can be bad, It can be a lot of money and yes as a volunteer you
don’t get paid but last year they gave to us bus fees for free
so actually you could go around the city that you were working for free and it
doesn’t matter if it’s a match day or not you’re going to get your
accreditation and your accreditation was going to just like let you pass through
all transportations so if you are in a day off and you want to get to know the
city and just do whatever was fine was free. which was really good for us so we
could get to know Russia better and was really nice so we didn’t have to pay
for transportation and we had food during the shifts so that’s basically
everything we had we had the uniform but it’s part of the event thing yeah – but it doesn’t matter if it was the 2018 Men world cup or the 2019 Women world cup, you get free food for your work. – yeah I think it’s a basic thing – but since you brought this it’s also good to mention that here in 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup we didn’t
have the free transportation for the city so we had free transportation to go
to work which is quite nice too but we didn’t have the free transportation to
go around Paris for example or Montpellier or in any city you were working. – so I don’t understand they know you’ve been there for a month
so how come I don’t give you a month pass like a regular Parisian one now you have
for Paris because you were volunteering In Paris but in Russia do you
volunteer in more than one city – no usually the availability is just for one
host city so it’s really hard for you to get a city so when you get a city you
settle down in one city so that’s the program so if you are working in Moscow
you’re going to work in Moscow only if you are going to work in Lyon or in
Paris you’re going to work in Lyon or in Paris only so you cannot choose two
places or more places to work you just have to work in one place. but I think
the benefits are very clear in the beginning so you just choose to be a
volunteer if you really want to and if you’re really up to do that because
nothing’s like you know everything’s well said since the beginning you know
that you’re going to pay for stuff and you just go if you feel like it’s going
to be good for you right. – but being a volunteer you need to have I don’t know any particular gift or when do you have to apply. You cannot just say like a month before the Word Cup “I want to be a volunteer” so how long did it take you to
do the process being okay with it and send you paperwork and waiting for the answer. How long did it take? – For Russia it took two years – two years – for Women’s
World Cup in 2019 one year. So when I was in Russia I applied for a Women’s World Cup in order to be here and for the male one I had to apply two years
before so I apply in 2016 and it’s not a choice like oh you were so early
like no no no no this is like demanding it’s something that like if
you want to go you have to apply two years before and so in 2016 was the last
year for you to apply the only year available to apply and and then you you know
you’re trying because a lot of people were trying and of
course we had 19,000 places for volunteer in Russia World Cup but they
are not like it’s not that it’s not easy for you to add a chance it’s not because
it’s 19 spots that you have a chance because we have a lot of tests a lot of
stuff that you have to go through through these two years and they’re not
going to give all the 19,000 places for international volunteers that’s another
point because. -They have maybe a quota for citizens as well and I
think they want to be part of the competition but as a volunteer you don’t
get to choose the spot you’re gonna be working you don’t get to choose your
hours? can you say for for example. “I want to be a
volunteer but I cannot be a volunteer for an entire time” so how does it work. – so you can you can mention that but I think you’re probably decreasing your
chances to get in right be like you can do it but (I want to be a volunteer but only for the first week) I don’t suggest you to do that
you have to show you that you want that you really want that you’re really
available for it so if you put some you know rocks in the path you can decrease
your chances to get in but you said about the availability and about
choosing the spots you can choose the place you want to work but it doesn’t
mean that you’re going to get the one you chose so for example I’m always
working with media always choosing media but it doesn’t mean that I’m going to
get media so the first opportunity in Russia I got media which was really good
for me so my chances of getting media again because of my experience yeah but
if I never worked with media if I was not a journalism student and now I want
media just because I think it’s cool it’s not like a justification you have
to have a background so if you work with doping maybe you’re related to nursery
or doctor – they tried to make smart choices, they try to put the right people – yeah you like to work
with people you’ve been doing some events or other volunteer anything you do in
life can be good for, like anything your curriculum can be good for this chance
and this volunteering opportunity can also be good for your curriculum so it’s
something you know vice versa I’m good with people like I would like to work
with spectator services great and there are opportunities for you ah I work with
publicity there are opportunities for you I work with sensibility there are
opportunities for you so it’s not only about football can be any area related
with football that’s really a good part of about volunteering in the World Cup – thank you so if you have to grade the logistic about the Women’s World Cup
versus the men world cup which one do you think managed better volunteers like for example like making you work very early even late like, know how to shift
the schedule like making turns and making sure like you know only doing one
thing you cannot changing maybe you go today you’re gonna work the media center
or the next day it gonna be on the field how do you think about the logistics was
done in French versus Russia is it similar or what would you think – good question well in terms of logistics like in numbers in Russia we had around
19,000 volunteers and for the World Cup last year male a World Cup and this year
2019 for a FIFA Women’s World Cup we have 2000 volunteers so you can see the
difference and actually we if we compare the World Cups we are talking about
biggest football events I would say the biggest sport event ever like together
if Olympics so it doesn’t matter if it’s women’s or males we are talking about the World Cup right so in terms of World Cup I
think it’s good to have a lot volunteers working but in terms of we
can say like why do we have such disparity it comes a lot of things comes
together right history investment investment in… you said everything
in your video just check it out guys the differences between
Women’s World Cup and Male world Cup so you understand like because of
investment publicity so the role dies our own males World Cup so that’s why we
have more volunteers there because it’s a lot of work to do because the press
it’s going to cover that kind of event and the Women’s World Cup we have less
volunteers so we start with that so basically this is a lot of difference
you’re talking about nineteen thousand and two thousand – this is a big gap like
you’re in the media so you know about sport cover but can you be more specific
because you say you’re like media but what kind of media I don’t know if it’s
we don’t know true politics or I don’t know maybe sport yeah – so I’ve been
working with sports I’m sports commentator as a volunteer to in Brazil
I also do some recordings for radio but it’s also related with sports
so basically everything I’m doing is related with sports I used to play
football and handball. so I’m like sports lover and so my media is related
to sports journalism in general so that’s why I applied to to be a
volunteer last year in Russia World Cup and this year in Women’s World Cup both
places as a media assistant in sports and also in between these two events I
was in Canada for the Winter Games I also volunteer as a media assistant so
it’s what I love to do all volunteer sports but talking about these
differences and logistics of everything I think in Russia was a really like
challenge for them to try to engage everyone just like a lot of people and the media group especially were a lot of
people and they had to manage pretty well too you know organized like you are
you going to be responsible for this and that person’s going to be responsible
for that and they were not having rotations so that was a problem because
you have a lot of people and you cannot manage that amount of people so
basically you were working with something you’re going to be working
with that until the end and we cannot make changes in between it’s gonna be a
mess so that was a thing and a good thing about Paris and FIFA like Women’s
World Cup is that because we have less volunteers we can make more rotations so
you can get to know more of different areas of the of the World Cup but it’s
sad too because why can we have such rotations because we have less
volunteers why do we have less volunteers so we have to go you know
deep to understand why do we have this time do we have this availability to to
work in different areas and everything I feel great because I can understand more
of media Tribune or press conference of the pitch, different areas of the stadium
but at the same time I know that I have this chance I have this rotation thing
because we don’t have many volunteers and it’s not because of volunteers don’t
the ones who volunteer people don’t want to volunteer know many people applied
many people applied but the thing is they are not investing the same amount
of money in this World Cup as in the Male World Cup so they cannot have a lot of
volunteers because they’re going to have to pay for the uniform and uniform and
time management yeah yes and we have to have bosses to you know to organize
these volunteers and they are getting paid so it’s not only about volunteering
we also have some people who get paid for doing their jobs – but do you think
you may we may have a change a gap will be not as big for the next world cup
because if you think about when the Women’s World Cup was in French we
didn’t think about the approach of having a French team as a host and
publicity it can have because we had about 10 like million people watching in
front of their TV and him more talking about the one who looked the bar the fanzone
and being in the stadium and it was full and I don’t think they were expecting this
because when you realize we use the Parc des Princes which is the home for the
men’s PGG teams not for men players of the French team to play and I was by the
stade de France not too long ago and I see a lot of advertisement around the
stadium and on the stage I’m about the 2019 women football with the female
player and everything but they were not even having one game there I mean
maybe the ceremony could have been host there yes
but the final will be in Lyon and many great city that could have
host a couple of games didn’t because they didn’t even applied for it
that “oh we don’t want to be a candidate we’re going to have an
empty stadium but most of the stadium were full and which is great so maybe the next
2023 world Cup it would be different. will you be a volunteer again ? – hopefully or
maybe as a journalist covering and doing differently and representing women
football differently I hope so but you know this that you were talking about
like the advertisement and everything it’s a pity especially in when it comes
to FIFA fan fest because they do you recognize is usually they suppose people
who are not going to be interested but who is saying that maybe we
like in business we have to try new things and see how people are going to
react and then you start to invest more right so that’s why I think the the
perspective for the future is good because they are trying a new business
they’re trying a new market and journalism our if journalism our people
they are going to be like with eyes wide open for this because they want to see
how it’s going to be how the way it’s going to be and if they see that people
are actually watching it people are having fun watching women’s football in
the same way as they are having fun watching men’s football so they can
invest more money the organizers are going to invest more money in the
journalism the media in general is going to cover these games so we have will
have more visibility in those games so I think the perspective is good I have
good vision about this for the future which is really nice since we are a
woman and not only because of that maybe you’re a man you are watching this video
and you know you like football and that’s what matters right we are talking
about the sport if you like football doesn’t matter the gender you like
football that’s it and we want to support football and that’s why yeah
yeah that’s that’s the thing and it’s good to know that it’s good that’s
changing and they for example in the Women’s World Cup we are not having that
kind of advertisement right the FIFA fan fests are not that big compared to
the FIFA right Russia last year world cup we have won two screens and they are
not as big as this because yeah I haven’t been but if you do being said
yes because I I went to the FIfa Fan Fest in Moscow and Saranks also I
think you went to one in Nizhny Novgorod I’ve been in some petersburg nation in
Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow FIFA Fan Fest yeah so it was big like you see a lot of
screnn, it’s crazy yeah you don’t have to look for screen, the screen is right there. you can get to meet a lot of people but for the French fan zone the
FIFA fan fest it’s different so even the name they don’t call FIFA Fan Fest
they call fanzone and I think that’s maybe a thing
because it’s smaller and the screens are not as big and they didn’t choose a very
big place because they were not making like big advertisement about it
publicity about it so people people are not actually going a lot of people are
not going because – if the people don’t know yeah they are not going to go, if you don’t see a big sign that it’s there do you think they did the right pool
or maybe didn’t make any pool because they need to ask this French
citizen if they’re interested or not you know a research or going to the street
and make a census kind of thing just to to know like like to try to know if
people really want to go and maybe they would have done something
different I’m not sure about it if they they have
done I’m not sure but just just in case like you can tell that in terms of
advertisement was not the same because if you go to the metro station and like
in the center in the city center stuff like that you cannot see signs or any
sticker or anything and in russia It was crazy like anywhere you look anywhere you go you will find something related with
FIFA you can watch a game when you were taking the metro yeah yeah
so we yeah everyone is talking about it everyone knows that the city it’s
hosting and here if you go to the streets and if you ask people some
people don’t even know that the Women’s World Cup is happening right now right
here in France so it’s kind of sad and they were not aware of the
process and right now people are starting to know about the Women world cup because as we’re talking, tomorrow we have a very big game, I mean I have a
very big game we both will be in the stadium see you can see who i am supporting, she will cheer for france from the field yeah since Brazil
lost for France I am for France I will be there on Friday evening it’s tomorrow and actually it’s today because it’s a late Recording and
I’ll be cheering for France we’d be together in the stadium it’s gonna be
nice it’s gonna be awesome so we cover some different aspect of the
experience that you had in Russia for the word cup. but I
have a question because a lot of people talk about Russia that is dangerous and
everything do you feel safer in russia or do you feel safer in France or is
it about the same thing well depends a lot where are you living right but in
general I think stereotypes because Russia Russia Russia people were cold
Russian people were not helpful no they were really opened they were really
open-minded they knew that the World Cup was going to be there and they were
proud of it they were super proud of it and they
were expecting tourists so when I got there we didn’t
have many tourists in the beginning because I got there like two weeks
before the World Cup nothing was going on and yeah because I had training and
my flight was cheaper to go a little bit before so I was really earlier there
and people were like super friendly trying to help me out I felt super safe
and it’s totally the opposite like of everything I ever heard about Russia so
ah maybe it’s because of the World Cup they were super nice I’m not sure I
think people are nice and people like nice people can be anywhere and I had a
like very good experience in Russia no problem at all in terms of security in
terms of people everything was great and about Paris being a volunteer in Paris
I don’t have words to describe it like it’s awesome to be here Paris is amazing
amazing city I’ve been wandering around in my days off and also being as a
volunteer sometimes we like we we can finish by 2:00 a.m. 1 a.m. and you have
to get transportation the system transportation system really works it’s
really safe I don’t have to worry about anything I can work until late at night
and it’s fine the city is really amazing too so I know
have like anything to say in terms of security system or anything like that
just if I was going to compare the volunteer hours stuff like that in
Russia we had some buses from FIFA that would take us home because it was 2 a.m.
or something like that especially because the system the transportation
system there was not working by this time right and here in Paris I
understand that they are not giving us buses to take us home because the
transportation system really works until late at night so make sense but at the
same time I think would be really nice to have the option at least to have
buses to take you home in case you miss the last train to go to the place you
are living – it’s depending where you live in Paris . or if you live in Paris or in the suburb it’s not the same thing is a thing I think like there are many
things that will come through the process so I think they are trying as I
I said before they are trying new market so when it comes like when trying a new
business you will invest a little not everything not 100 percent of the
investment you can make but a little bit and see how it’s going to work and if
it’s good and you see the results you can invest more so I have very good
expectations for the next Women’s World Cup I think in terms of volunteering
organising the team, the committee’s the host country and the host cities I
think everything’s gonna be even better then already is so good things are about
to come I hope thank you ester but I have been living
in Paris so i know how Parisian some time could not be helpful but i had been
going to russia about every year for a couple times so I can compare: before
during and after the World Cup because I went back after it because they have
the extension for the fan ID, so I use it and there are very very helpful like I have a luggage
in the Metro and there is a stair don’t worry a guy will stop by and carry my luggage and help me taking the stair well
which is really great but in front of you really see that so I also think
version tried to be very very nice too and they’re very excited they asking us
for pictures all the time because they were so happy
it’s Charteris because they don’t have tourist coming because they have a
lot of préjugé and it’s a lot of stereotypes on them and I felt like
they were trying to show the world that hey we are not that that you were
thinking about as we are so much more than that I think that that’s one thing
that they were trying to show us it’s like French people always have a beret
and walk with a baguette the bread thing is true I love it . did you see me eating bread
every day well do you want me to answer… baguette is really really nice croissant and
everything but you are so much more than that and even when you like maybe Russia
in Paris people maybe will not speak in English doesn’t mean anything people
will try to help you out doesn’t matter what language you’re speaking
even if you don’t speak they don’t speak English but you know I have to tell you
we met on the train and I was running late for the trains, I just got into any places in the train so i was like let me get inside that cabin and then I’ll figure it out
so before you get into the Train there’s a checkpoint they take your ID
Fan ID for us, Plus passport and the tickets and they tell you where it’s
supposed to go and there was a lady she didn’t speak English and it was so cute
she helped me get to the right cabin and it was all the way because I was in the
luxury cabins but i was in the so not luxury one and by the time I get there…
they have cabins with 4 beds and there’s a closed door oh you have cabins
that don’t have the doors so when you’re passing by youhave to look at not
getting any feet in your face like literally it’s this and it was like 17 hours train
something like that yeah like 19 hours train for nizny novgorod to st petersbourg yes true and by the way in the World Cup in the Male World Cup
your already said that on your video people were having the chance to get for free tickets to one host city to another just to watch the games which is
really nice if you bought the ticket you can do . I hope for the next Women’s World
Cup will have that too yeah because we don’t have that in Paris. so if you
want to go to Lyon or Versailles or like what one other city Montpellier, reims, le havre, Rennes, nice, you have to pay by yourself, doesn’t matter if you have a ticket
yeah so yeah and in that train it was very it was good because when you cannot
get the FIFA trains you have affordable trains that you can use and this is how we
met on the train I football madness the lady that walks me through to my bed from a cabin to another one she saw that I
was in the upper bed and she was arguing with a guy and say oh you have to be in
gentleman, I didn’t understand everything she said because it was
Russian and my Russian is not very good but like she was trying to argue with
him that he needs to be a man and let me the lower bed so I can rest
peacefully i said not t’s okay, she was like no gentleman, it was very cute and the fact that I was in the
Upper bed and i needed to have a lower bed I end up being sitting on the bed of my neighbor’s because we were talking as he was
the only one who speak English pretty much in the train
and he was like hey you need to meet my friend she is a volunteer too she’s from
brazil. you are going to like her – and then I came all the way from the another cabin which
was the cheapest one and we were like seven people in one cabin and it was crazy and people were eating and I was oh seven people and their luggages including mine
so you can imagine how great was that uncomfortable so then I left that place
and got to know you and that was awesome so you see sometimes like ah you’re
volunteering you were working for free you’re paying or all the all the things
to go to run out of place that you don’t know and but you are opening an
opportunity and anything can happen anything can happen it’s like you can
meet people I met you some brazilian friends that live in true in Moscow and
and I meet a guy from Peru and Russian girl they were both in paris at the same
time so just crazy like oh by the way Hi Leo and Natalia and Leo yeah if we were calling him leonardo di caprio
poor kid but yeah they were in Paris in the same
times so right after the world cup it was in August so we keep in touch and then
before you know in November I went to Russia and the three of us were still
together having fun and going out so you
can make friends in any World Cups and tthey can stay in your life for good
yeah good because you have a very strong tight, we love footbal it’s
football madness sometimes you don’t have to
know everything and control everything that’s going to happen just let it go
and see what can happen ah you have to have money to do these
crazy things not really I’m a student I’m not coming from a rich place but you
can have awesome people on your way and they can help you well like Johanna and
also you have to try you have to work hard of course to make your money at
least to go right to do some stuff like this but if you work at any place you
just have to really want something if you really want something you can
achieve it and and just try it right just try it and I think it’s really fun
and it’s everything that I like the most which is travelling football media which
is really what my thing so anyways I don’t like media I’m pretty sure you
like something I like computers well you can be the item I teach him ah I like
medicine being the doping team I like food being the kitchen helper no just be
part of that emotion of that experience about the world cup anyone could be part of the football experience no matter where you work or what you like in life so it’s pretty
cool that you can share multiple working experience for one special events that
happens once every four years from mens and for women too just like different
times, just one more question alright so you’re here for a month right so what
you’re gonna do after the world cup volunteer again no so let’s go let’s volunteer so yeah I’m gonna volunteer in marketing in Rome and it’s gonna be
another project not very related with sports and football but you know if you
like volunteering if you like like to give it back and also receive it from
the road and through people volunteer right and so I’m going to volunteering
in a hostel in Rome with the marketing team and it is going to be awesome I’m pretty sure and it’s a chance for me to get to know
the city cheers oh I’m excited so free housing free housing free food and also
experience and also experiencing marketing and I’ve got a
certificate and everything so you made connections you make good good connections having good a nice portfolio you know you never know what can happen but thank
you very much for answering my question thank you very much for this opportunity
and try to volunteer you guys I see it can be awesome can be awesome and it’s
going to be awesome you can make this opportunity awesome so what we going to
remember that volunteer is a great experience and you’re telling people to
try to volunteers no matter what age you are yes yes we have volunteers like
they’re in their 60s even 70s like I’m serious and they’re volunteering so
there’s not a matter of age is not a matter of money’s not a matter of anything if you want something just go for it thank you very much oh and for france
what do you say france team is gonna win tomorrow yes it is
so probably you we have United States and France in the quarter-finals if
you’re watching this video probably already happened so let’s see I’m four
friends now since Brazil is out so but I love Brazil its always on my heart but
now I’m for France I like brazil maybe because I’m for Paris saint Germain and we have many brazilian in the
teams yeah probably so yeah thank you for watching and allez les bleus

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  1. Sweet! That was a nice interview. Fifa should be more generous with volunteers, though. They already are not paid, and the trips to those events are not cheap. And given that they choose their volunteers, they should at least pay for more than bus passes. Come on, Fifa, you have enough money to pay for your volunteers' stay and and trips at your events.

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